NowPlayingPandora Makes it That Much Easier to Share Your Barry Manilow Crush

NowPlayingPandora is an ActionMenu plugin that makes it easy to tell the world what you’re listening to. All that it takes is a quick copy and paste, and just like that, all of your twitter followers will know just how much you adore you know who.

It’s refreshing to see that one of the best jailbreak apps ever — ActionMenu — is still receiving support on the developer end. The latest plugin to arrive on the scene is appropriately entitled, NowPlayingPandora

This plugin allows you to paste the current song information streaming from Pandora directly into an application of your picking, but judging from the format of the output, the plugin was designed with Twitter in mind.

For those of you who like a little more choice, the plugin does offer some nice flexibility, as the output can be easily customized via the Along with that, there are several macros at your dispense such as Title, Album, and Artist macros.  These allow you to pull each of these entities from Pandora and into your clipboard.

As stated, NowPlayingPandora was designed as a plugin for the lauded ActionMenu, which means an option will appear in the ActionMenu settings to enable or disable the plugin’s functionality. When enabled, everything worked just as designed, and I was off to the races, pasting my now playing info like nobody’s business.

NowPlayingPandora can now be downloaded for free via Cydia, and if you don’t already have ActionMenu installed (shame on you), it comes as a dependency as well.

Of course you will need Pandora to actually be able to get any functionality out of this app, and it can be downloaded from the App Store for free.