How to Set Up Hotmail on Your iPhone

It’s official, Microsoft has finally enabled Exchange ActiveSync for Hotmail, which means you’re finally going to be able to have Hotmail on your iPhone mail app without having to jump through hoops and loops.

UPDATE: Things have changed a lot since this post was originally published. Please click here for an updated version of how to set up Hotmail on iPhone.

Not only will this allow you to get push Hotmail emails on your iPhone, but you’ll also be able to sync your Hotmail contacts and calendars over the air.

It’s pretty easy to set up Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync on your iPhone and only takes a few seconds…

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > and create a  new Micorsoft Exchange account.

Step 2: Fill out the information as follow:

  • Email: your email address
  • Domain: leave empty
  • Username: your email address
  • Password: your password

Tap Next when you’re done entering this info.

Step 3: Hotmail will verify your account. Once it’s done verifying, enter for the server info and hit Next.

Step 4: Select what you want to sync from your Hotmail account (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and tap Save.

Done. You can now enjoy Hotmail on your iPhone.

I’m not sure if it works with Live email addresses. If you have an email address, please try it on and tell us how it goes.