Get Your Pesos Ready, The iPhone 4 is Available in Mexico

Mexican mobile provider, Telcel, announces that the iPhone 4 is now available for purchase for our (US) neighbors of the South. Apple stores and Sansborns shops are the retailers that will carry the device.

Both the 16 and 32 GB have been released and are powered by a 3.5G HDSPA internet connection. 3 different plans have been released by Telcel for those wishing to own a piece of smartphone history…

Maz Messenger shows us the details:

  • You can get the 16GB version free, if you sign up for Telcel’s Mas x Menos (more for less) plan for 24 months at a cost of 1,235 pesos per month, or
  • Take a prepaid plan for the 16GB iPhone 4 at a cost of 9,379 pesos, or
  • Opt for the 32 GB prepaid plan for 10,949 pesos.

The site states that the bloggers in Mexico have (predictably) started to complain about the prices that they say are exuberant. For those without their currency convertors handy, 2,500 pesos equals about $200.

If you ask me I think that getting a free iPhone for signing a $100 contract is a pretty sweet deal. Do you think these prices are fair?