iPhone 3GS 3.1 Jailbreak Coming Soon

It seems that the Dev Team finally managed to jailbreak OS 3.1 for the iPhone 3GS! Dev Team member cpich3g tweeted the following info earlier today:

3gs 3.0 pwned->3.1 pwned. Props to Musclenerd, Wizdaz and thanks Bumble-Bee & ToddJG for testing. tinyurl.com/y8sr4p3 tinyurl.com/y8z277l

The 2 links take you to screenshots (see image above) showing firmware 3.1 running along with baseband 04.26.08. In other words, it means that they managed to jailbreak 3.1 without updating the baseband, which means that the iPhone 3GS can also be unlocked using UltraSn0w.

So what’s next? I guess the Dev Team will write an official post on their blog soon to announce the iPhone 3GS jailbreak for OS 3.1. Then they will most likely release an update of PwnageTool and UltraSn0w.

Of course, I will post more info as it becomes available.