Eric Schmidt: Google Glass isn’t dead, being ‘made ready for users’

By Jake Smith on Mar 23, 2015

Following the shut down of the Google Glass Explorer program and the reorganization of the Google Glass team, some theorized Google Glass may be dead. However Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, says the Google Glass technology is too fundamental for Google to end the project.  Read More


Thermos lets you control your Nest from Notification Center on iPhone and iPad

By Sébastien Page on Jan 20, 2015

Thermos for iPhone and iPad is the first application to let you control your Nest thermostat directly from your iPhone or iPad’s Notification Center. Already available for Mac (read our review), Thermos has now made its way to iOS with a Notification Center widget that allows Nest user to adjust the temperature of the thermostat, as well as setting it to Away, or turning it off altogether. Read More


Smart driving assistant Automatic now connects your car and home with Nest

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 12, 2015

First preview at CES 2015 a week ago, Automatic, makers of the popular connected car adapter, today officially announced a new feature to connect your car and home with Nest, the smart thermostat from Google.

The integration enables communication between your car and home through intelligently chosen rules that give the Nest thermostat a more timely understanding of when heating or cooling is needed and more importantly, when it’s not. Read More


Nest Notification Center widget Thermos gets a warm update

By Sébastien Page on Dec 19, 2014

A couple weeks ago, I told you about Thermos, a widget for Notification Center on Mac that lets you adjust the temperature of your Nest thermostat. At the time, I was quite impressed with the widget, despite the fact that I felt it was a bit limited and contained a minor bug. This is now a thing of the past as Thermos was just updated with new features, and a fix for the pesky bug. Read More


Google’s iOS app picks up Nest integration

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 15, 2014

Following a recent refresh with Material Design, iPhone 6 support and Maps in search results, Google’s main search client for iOS and Android today gained the ability to interact with your Nest smart thermostat, along with other Nest-branded devices for the connected home, using Google Now voice commands.

Replicating some of the functionality provided by Nest’s own iPhone application, Google’s native search app for the iPhone and iPad takes advantage of voice input and Now cards to help control your Nest hardware.

Just fire up the app and either tap the mic or say “Ok Google” to get started. This is a silent feature upgrade on the backend so no download is required. Read More


Thermos lets you set your Nest thermostat temperature from OS X Notification Center

By Sébastien Page on Dec 3, 2014

Thermos is a recently released Mac application that works hand in hand with Nest to allow you to set the temperature of your thermostat right from Notification Center. Additionally, and if you also have Nest Protect smoke detectors in your home, the app will be able to send you push notifications in case smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected by the devices. Read More


Google-owned Nest takes on Apple’s HomeKit, opens up API for developers

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 24, 2014

Nest Labs, the Google-owned maker of the popular Nest thermostat and smoke detector, has signaled its intention to open up its technology to third-party developers by launching the Nest Developer Program last September.

Since then, Nest has been building a real-time web API for the Nest Learning Thermostat and today, ahead of Google I/O which starts tomorrow, the program has gone active.

The official API allows the Nest to work with all kinds of devices, from smart light bulbs to various home appliances to fitness bands and even cars. “Connect your Nest to things inside and outside of your home, and we’ll get even better at keeping you comfortable and safe,” says Google.

Contrary to previous assurances by Nest co-founder and former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, Nest devices will need to share some data with Google so the Internet giant could understand your daily habits and intelligently propose new ways of saving energy around the house… Read More


Google-owned Nest acquires Dropcam for $555 million

By Cody Lee on Jun 21, 2014

Smart thermostat-maker Nest announced on Friday that it has reached an agreement to acquire Dropcam. The company, which itself was purchased by Google earlier this year, says that the all-cash deal is worth a hefty $555 million.

For those unfamiliar with Dropcam, it’s behind the popular line of Internet-connected home monitoring cameras. Major selling points for the cameras include easy setup, 2-way audio and remote streaming via any PC or mobile device… Read More


Nest Protect smoke alarm returns on store shelves, now just $99

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 17, 2014

Nest Labs, which Google is acquiring for $3.2 billion in cash, has resumed sales of its Nest Protect after recalling about 40,000 units in April over a safety bug with the smoke and carbon monoxide detector’s Protect Wave feature potentially preventing the alarm from sounding.

The company has now disabled Protect Wave on existing devices via a software update while re-releasing a slightly tweaked device at a discounted price of $99 each, down from the previous price of $129… Read More


Nest and Google clarify: recalled smoke detectors returning soon, no ads on thermostats

By Christian Zibreg on May 22, 2014

Contrary to a flurry of reports yesterday, Google was never going to put ads on the Nest Thermostat. Moreover, Nest co-founder and the iPod Godfather, Tony Fadell, has confirmed that recalled thermostats will be returning to store shelves sooner than you think.

Allow me to refresh your memory: soon after it was discovered that a safety bug with a Protect Wave feature could prevent the alarm from sounding, Google’s Nest unit has responded by preemptively recalling about 40,000 faulty units.

This should set the record straight and put to rest the ridiculous notion that recalling smoke detectors and not doing ads in thermostats is somehow evil… Read More


Google could serve ads to your Nest in the future

By Christian Zibreg on May 21, 2014

Google has hinted in a filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it’s envisioning the future in which ads could be served to a dizzying range of devices such as thermostats, refrigerators, cars and more.

Based on a letter Google sent to the SEC in December, which was disclosed Tuesday and picked up by the Wall Street Journal, its advertising content could in the not-so-distant future appear on “refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities.”

Google shocked watchers after announcing its $3.2 billion acquisition of smart thermostat maker Nest Labs back in January. Immediately, watchers expressed concern over the repercussions of the buy. Nest co-founder Tony Fadell responded by assuring customers in a blog post that Nest won’t share their data with Google… Read More


Tony Fadell on Nest deal, relationship with Apple, Google data sharing, home automation and more

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 24, 2014

The iPod Godfather and Nest Labs co-founder and CEO, Tony Fadell, sat down with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to talk specifics of the recently announced $3.2 billion Google deal, why he sold to the search monster, Nest’s relationship with Apple, the future of controlling household products and a few other topics of interests, here are your soundbites… Read More


Some theories on why Apple didn’t buy Nest…

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 14, 2014

Google’s acquisition of the smart thermostat and smoke detector maker Nest Labs, which came out of the blue yesterday, has certainly set tongues wagging. And when you think of it, the shock and awe didn’t stem from the business side of things – it came from buying users of a lovable service in a non-physical space, but whose relationship with the service is part physical.

And to think it all began like a fairy-tale…

Here’s a cutesy little startup led by Tony Fadell, a former Apple engineer who used to lead the iPod’s development over seventeen generations before leaving Cupertino amid feud with design guru Jony Ive and iPhone software head Scott Forstall to co-found Nest Labs, along with fellow Apple staffer Matt Rogers.

“Starting a business focused on the lowly thermostat seemed like a crazy idea at the time,” Fadell wrote yesterday in a blog post. Turned out a lot of people fell in love with his smart thermostat. Just as Nest was about to complete another round of funding, Google swept in and bought the company outright for $3.2 billion in cash.

Sources claim Google was the only serious bidder and Apple was not in the mix. Heck, the iPhone maker didn’t even bother to put up a fight. But why? Here are some of the more popular theories floating around (feel free to add your own in the comments)… Read More


And just like that, Google buys smart thermostat and smoke detector maker Nest Labs

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 13, 2014

The Internet giant Google has announced that it has bought Nest Labs, the maker of a family of iPhone-controlled smart thermostat and smoke and carbon monoxide detector devices for connected homes. Nest will continue to operate independently of Google and won’t share customer data with them. Nest was founded by the brilliant engineer Tony Fadell who used to work at Apple where he was charged with the iPod music player project.

Yes, the iPod Godfather now works for Google! The transaction is valued at a whopping $3.2 billion in cash. Google paid quite handsomely to buy Nest, didn’t they? Considering Nest raised about $80 million in venture funding, the acquisition qualifies as one of the most profitable exit strategies among Silicon Valley startups.

iDownloadBlog’s Jeff Benjamin reviewed the Nest learning thermostat and was impressed with its sleekness and functionality, the $249 price point be damned… Read More


Nest founder Tony Faddell spotted with Jony Ive’s (RED) Mac Pro

By Cody Lee on Dec 11, 2013

Remember last month when we told you that Jony Ive’s one-of-a-kind Mac Pro sold for nearly $1 million at his Product (RED) auction? And do you remember thinking who in the world would pay that much money for a computer? Well it looks like the answer is Tony Faddell.

Photographer Kevin Abosch posted a handful of tweets this afternoon with photos of the ‘father of the iPod’ and Nest founder posing next to the (RED) Mac Pro, as well as the solid gold EarPods from the same auction. The two items combined sold for close to $1.5 million… Read More


How to control your Nest thermostat from the menu bar

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 4, 2013

I wouldn’t call myself a Nest Learning Thermostat early adopter, but I did acquire one fairly early in the game, and I haven’t looked back. The Nest, as you’re likely well aware of, is the new-aged thermostat from iPod designer Tony Fadell. The Nest allows users to control the thermostat from anywhere in the world using a web browser, or by using an iOS app for the iPad or iPhone.

Mac users have sort of been left out in the cold; pun intended. Desktop users have basically been relegated to using the web browser in order to control the Nest, as there is no official Nest app available for OS X. The good news is that developer Joseph Workman has taken the initiative to wrap the Nest’s web interface into a handy utility called Climate, and it runs in the Mac’s menu bar. This makes it so that you can quickly access the Nest’s temperature controls and other features from anywhere on your Mac.

We’ve taken the initiative to create a video walkthrough in order to showcase to you how Climate works, and why it’s so beneficial to Mac users. Jump past the break to see all the details. Read More


Nest app overhauled top to bottom, now with full support for Protector smoke detector

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 15, 2013

Nest, a startup run by the iPod Godfather and brilliant engineer Tony Fadell, made a name for itself with a sleek, intelligent thermostat (check out Jeff’s hands-on) and the beautiful smoke and carbon monoxide detector dubbed Nest Protect. Today, the company has announced a big update coming soon to its companion application for the iPhone and iPad to allow for easier and, well, eye-candy management and robust remote control of your app-enabled Nest devices.

For starters, the app’s been redesigned from the ground up and now supports both landscape and portrait orientation and includes gorgeous animated weather and more detailed Where location settings for Nest devices.

The headline new feature is support for both the Nest Thermostat and the upcoming Nest Protect smoke-detector, making it a one-stop solution for Nest device management, from the palm of your hand… Read More


Nest launches Protect, jaw-dropping smoke and carbon monoxide detector

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 8, 2013

Former Apple hardware engineer Tony Fadell needs no introduction. After leading iPod development and helping build the iPhone, he left Apple for his own startup, Nest.

There, the brilliant engineer banded together with a talented team comprised of former Apple wizards to create the Nest learning thermostat (Jeff had to say a bunch of nice things about it).

That was just the beginning of Nest’s journey to the app-enabled, connected home. Today, the startup unveiled its second major product, a smart and gorgeous smoke and carbon monoxide alarm dubbed Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide. Like the Nest thermostat, the Protect takes everything that we hate about existing smoke detectors and re-imagines what those life-saving appliances should be and how they should function… Read More


Corporate coach alludes to Apple’s next breakthrough: wearable

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 12, 2013

Bill Campbell, Chairman of the Intuit board, has been a member of Apple’s board of directors since Steve Jobs’s return in 1997. Simply known as the “coach,” Campbell sat down with the Intuit CEO and dropped a few notable hints regarding Apple’s direction in the post-Jobs Tim Cook era. Although he wouldn’t discuss specifics of Apple’s pipeline, reading between the lines subtly suggests that something incorporating wearable technology might soon become Apple’s latest and greatest creation. We have a vide right past the fold… Read More


Tales of a connected home: how iOS is changing modern living

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 23, 2012

I’m a huge proponent of using technology to make my life easier, especially around the home. Technology for the home has been around for quite some time in the form of home automation systems, lighting, and so forth. Unfortunately, such systems have been extremely pricey in the past, or overly confusing to setup and maintain.

Enter the smartphone.

Smartphones, and in particular the iPhone, have served as a great equalizer over the past few years. I can do things with my phone that I never would have dreamed of just a few years ago, and it gets better with each passing year.

Inside, I’ll reflect on some of the cool things that I’ve been able to accomplish lately with my iPhone, along with videos and links to articles that cover the subjects more in-depth. Have a look… Read More

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