Matter update makes Google’s Nest smart thermostat work in Apple’s Home app

An over-the-air Matter update lets you set up and control your Nest thermostat in Apple’s Home software without requiring a dedicated Nest hub.

The third-generation Nest thermostat from 2020
The “new” Nest thermostat, released in 2020 | Image: Google
  • Google is rolling out Matter support for its newest, third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat that it released in 2020.
  • With Matter, the smart thermostat can be controlled in Apple’s Home app on an iPhone, iPad or Mac without requiring additional hardware like a Nest home hub.
  • Additional Nest devices will gain Matter compatibility later in 2023.

The 2020 Nest thermostat now works in the Home app

After an over-the-air update has been automatically installed, you’ll be able to do things like adjust room temperature, change the device mode and control the fan using Apple’s Home app without requiring special hubs or other hardware.

That’s because Apple is among the supporters of the Matter protocol, which enables interoperability between different smart home accessories.

For example, with Apple’s Home app, you can control Matter-enabled lighting in your Amazon or Google smart home. You can use any Matter-certified smart home system for that, like Samsung SmartThings, not just Apple’s HomeKit.

It may take few weeks for your Nest to update

The update began rolling out on April 18 but may take a while to reach all users.

“If your Nest Thermostat hasn’t received this update just yet, don’t worry,” reads the Google Nest Community blog. “Matter compatibility will be rolling out to Nest Thermostat over the next few weeks, starting April 18.”

You’ll need to use iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4 or macOS Ventura 13.3 for Matter functionality. You’ll also need to upgrade the Home app to Apple’s new architecture.

Other Nest devices, including older versions of the Nest Thermostat, will be updated with Matter support later in 2023. Also, Google is currently evaluating bringing Matter support to the Learning Thermostat and Thermostat E.

The problem with Matter

Google’s own Home app on iOS does not work with Matter devices currently, but a future update will resolve that. You can add a Nest thermostat to Apple’s Home app by using the Matter pairing code that appears on the thermostat after the update has been installed. This will change in the future, says Google.

Soon, when setting up your Google Home app, you’ll be made aware of Matter devices that have been set up with the SmartThings App on your Android OS phone, and you will be given a choice to easily onboard those devices to Google Home, and vice-versa. This means that you won’t have to manually add each of your devices one at a time or worry about which ecosystem your device has been set up on first.

Amazon also lacks an iOS app that works with Matter.

For now, however, Matter remains an emerging standard that has yet to realize its full potential. And for that to happen, we’ll need more Matter-enabled devices and smart home appliances on the market.

Matter was previously known as Connected Home Over IP.

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