Apple starts rolling out iTunes Match with audio fingerprinting to Apple Music subscribers

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 18, 2016

When it debuted more than a year ago, Apple Music originally lacked support for iTunes Match, instead relying on a less accurate metadata matching system. That feature, however, has been inconveniencing many Apple Music subscribers who couldn’t properly match songs they already had in their iTunes libraries.

As first reported by The Loop, iTunes Match with audio fingerprinting is now being rolled out to all Apple Music subscribers and it works like a charm. Read More


Multiple iCloud services experiencing downtime, App Store/iTunes purchases affected

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 4, 2016

Apple on Thursday morning reported a number of issues with various iCloud services. According to the iCloud Status webpage, these problems are preventing many users around the world from making purchases in Apple’s app and content stores.

In addition, “new and recently changed content may not have updated across devices for iCloud Drive, Backup, iCloud Notes, iWork for iCloud and Photos,” reads a notice on the webpage.

UPDATE: As of 9:10am PT, all of the affected iCloud services had been restored. Read More


Apple appears to have upped the iTunes Match track limit

By Jeff Benjamin on Dec 5, 2015

According to a report by blogger Kirk McElhearn, Apple has increased iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library track limits above the original 25,000 track threshold. This increase, while yet to be officially acknowledged by Apple, has been in the cards since at least summer.

Although Eddy Cue, who serves as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, said that the limit would rise to 100,000 around the iOS 9 release, the increase hit an apparent delay, and has just now begun to roll out to users. Read More


Apple Music and iTunes Match scan-and-match quadrupling to 100,000 songs by year end

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 14, 2015

Following last month’s iOS 9 release, Apple’s failed to raise the song-matching limit to 100,000 tracks.

Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, said back in the summer that Apple was “working to” quadruple the scan-and-match song limit by iOS 9’s release.

In an effort to clarify the situation, MacRumors reached out to Cue and got the definitive confirmation that the limit for matched Apple Music and iTunes Match libraries will raise from the current 25,000 tracks to 100,000 songs “before the end of the year.” Read More


Apple pushes iTunes 12.2.1 update fixing iTunes Match and Beats 1 issues

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 13, 2015

Apple on Monday issued a bug-fix update to iTunes for Mac and Windows. iTunes 12.2.1, available through the Software Update mechanism or standalone via, fixes a pair of issues with iTunes Match, Apple’s $25 per year song identification service. In addition, it contains minor bug fixes and improvements for Beats 1, Apple’s free of charge 24/7 global Internet radio broadcasting in more than a hundred countries. Read More


Find out if Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, Beats 1 and iTunes Match are available in your country

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 2, 2015

Apple’s new music package, available across 115 countries around the world, packs in Apple Music Radio, Beats 1 Radio, iTunes Match and Apple Music on-demand streaming. But not all of these services are available in each and every country.

For example, people in Romania can only enjoy iTunes Match. Beats 1 Radio is currently off-limits in nearly two dozen countries. In addition, eight countries currently lack access to Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Beats 1 Radio.

This article helps you find out in which countries you can join Apple Music, listen to Apple Music Radio (formerly iTunes Radio) and Beats 1 Radio or subscribe to iTunes Match. Read More


iOS 8.4 launching at 8am Tuesday, iTunes Match song limit increasing to 100,000 with iOS 9

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 28, 2015

Former Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers wrote in a blog post yesterday that iOS 8.4 with Apple Music will release for public consumption on Tuesday, June 30, at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern. A few hours later, however, Rogers has updated his post removing mention of the specific timing.

“Tuesday morning we’ll be unveiling the next chapter,” reads the post. “Please make a note to upgrade to iOS 8.4 Tuesday, June 30 and listen to our first day of broadcasting.”

Rogers is now a Senior Director of Apple Music. Read More


How to transfer your music to a new computer using iTunes Match

By Sébastien Page on May 8, 2015

iTunes Match is a paid service from Apple that allows you to store all your music in iCloud, regardless of where it originated from. For example, it could be music imported from CDs, downloaded from online music stores, or even music that was downloaded in ways that go against copyright laws. In short, iTunes Match matches or uploads all your music to iCloud so you can stream or download it from any of your Apple devices, including Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV.

With that said, iTunes Match offers an easy way to move your iTunes library to a new computer without having to deal with transferring files from one hard drive to the other. In this post, I will show you how to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer using iTunes Match. Read More


iTunes Match now available in Japan

By Cody Lee on May 1, 2014

Apple continues its international expansion of iTunes services this afternoon, with the launch of iTunes Match in Japan. iOS users in the country can now access the service, which first launched in the United States back in 2011.

For those unfamiliar with the service, iTunes Match allows users to ‘mirror’ their music libraries to the cloud. This enables them to access their songs from any compatible device, without having to spend hours uploading them… Read More


Apple expands iTunes Match to Finland, Norway and other countries

By Cody Lee on Dec 10, 2013

Apple has expanded its iTunes Match service to several new European countries this week. Users in Finland, Denmark, Sweden and other areas are reporting that they have been granted access to the music-mirroring service.

First introduced in late 2011, iTunes Match allows users to match songs from their iTunes libraries to tracks in Apple’s cloud. This way they can access their music from any device, without having to spend hours uploading it… Read More


It seems iTunes Match subscribers will get unlimited iTunes Radio skipping

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 29, 2013

The song-skipping feature that long stalled Apple’s iTunes Radio talks with record labels could get a boost when iTunes Radio, which was announced at June’s WWDC, launches this Fall as part of the iOS 7 refresh and iPhone 5S/5C launch.

Apple on its part hasn’t definitely confirmed whether the free ad-driven service will in fact impose a ceiling on the number of song skips akin to Pandora and other digital radio services.

For what it’s worth, iOS 7 Beta users currently can’t bypass the song-skipping limit. In my testing, for example, iTunes Radio wouldn’t allow me to skip more than six songs each hour per a specific station. But according to a new report, things could change come this Fall as Apple could enable unlimited song skipping for iTunes Match subscribers… Read More


Strategy Analytics: iCloud and iTunes Match are top cloud media services in US

By Cody Lee on Mar 21, 2013

This is kind of interesting. According to a new report from market research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Match are the top cloud media services in the United States.

The firm asked 2,300 Americans which online digital locker storage services they used to store music, video or games online. And believe it or not, iCloud/iTunes Match took the field… Read More


Apple exploring ways of letting users loan and resell “used” iTunes purchases

By Ed Sutherland on Mar 7, 2013

In a world of digital media, ranging from e-books to movies and music, consumers have often questioned the difficulty of loaning or selling their originally purchased items. In an exciting development, Apple has now developed a way to transfer digital content while also protecting the rights of the publisher.

In three patent applications filed in 2011 and 2012, Apple outlines a method similar to selling a house by transferring ownership of the front door keys, only for iTunes purchases. Driven by digital rights management (DRM), the process gives owners of apps, e-books, music and other digital items rights to loan and resell “used” items to other people… Read More


Google Music rolls out iTunes Match-like scan and match feature to US

By Cody Lee on Dec 18, 2012

Google rolled out a new scan-and-match feature for Google Music, the search giant’s cloud-based music store and storage service, to the US today. The feature, which was been available in Europe for a while now, will scan a user’s music collection on their computer, and quickly rebuild it in the cloud for cross-device streaming. It’s a lot like iTunes Match actually, except Google isn’t charging for it… Read More


iTunes Music Store goes live in Russia, Turkey and other countries

By Cody Lee on Dec 3, 2012

Earlier today, we passed along a report that Apple was going to be holding an iTunes event in Moscow tomorrow to celebrate the launch of its music store in Russia. Rumors have been circulating for some months now that iTunes Music was on its way to the country, and it appears they were dead on. Ahead of tomorrow’s event, users in Russia are seeing the iTunes Music Store populate… Read More


iTunes Match rolls out in Hungary, Poland and other markets

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 19, 2012

iTunes Match, Apple’s scan-and-match music service (also doubling as a streaming service of sorts), is being rolled out in Hungary, Poland and several other markets, it’s been revealed today. This is in addition to an expansion in late April that saw iTunes Match roll out in Greece, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other markets… Read More


Amazon could soon match iCloud music features

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 13, 2012

According to “numerous industry sources”, online retailer Amazon is negotiating deals that will soon enable it to match most of the music features offered by Apple’s iCloud.

Amazon shocked the industry by launching its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player last year without necessary licenses from the top labels.

They are now reportedly close to striking license deals that will let them offer a scan-and-match service akin to iTunes Match… Read More


New in iOS 6: iTunes Match now lets you either stream or download songs

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 13, 2012

One of the markedly little improvements in iOS 6 that many people originally missed is the ability to stream songs stored in your music locker in the cloud. When Apple introduced iTunes Match last August, much of the debate centered around the question whether or not it streams songs.

Though it appeared as if it did, Apple denied iTunes Match streaming. Semantics aside, iTunes Match in iOS 5 used to exclusively download and store songs on your device. With iOS 6, you can now choose to either stream a song as many times as you’d like or download it for offline listening… Read More


iTunes Match goes live in new markets across the globe

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 30, 2012

iTunes Match, Apple’s $25 a year cloud locker and scan-and-match music service, is being rolled out in additional countries, according to web reports. Last time we heard, Apple expanded iTunes Match to 19 countries, with a focus on the Baltic states, Latin America and the Netherlands.

Macstories first spotted that the iTunes terms and conditions for Italy have been updated with new terms suggesting an imminent launch in the country. Other web reports confirmed a similar changes to iTunes terms and conditions for Greece, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria and other markets… Read More


Groove 2: the best universal music app for iOS

By Guest Author on Apr 24, 2012

Groove 2 by Zikera is a perfect blend of beautiful design and enhanced music playback functionality. The developers describe it as “a music player that studies your listening habits and creates a wide variety of instant mixes like your own personal DJ.” I have found this claim to be highly accurate and I haven’t had to manually create an iTunes playlist since.

This universal app brings both a gorgeous visual design and an impressive set of features for listening to synced music on your device. If streaming radio isn’t your thing, then you will be very satisfied by the Groove 2 experience. It’s definitely worth downloading. Read on to discover why… Read More

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