Multiple iCloud services experiencing downtime, App Store/iTunes purchases affected

iCloud issues web screenshot 002

Apple on Thursday morning reported a number of issues with various iCloud services. According to the iCloud Status webpage, these problems are preventing many users around the world from making purchases in Apple’s app and content stores.

In addition, “new and recently changed content may not have updated across devices for iCloud Drive, Backup, iCloud Notes, iWork for iCloud and Photos,” reads a notice on the webpage.

UPDATE: As of 9:10am PT, all of the affected iCloud services had been restored.

“Users may also have been unable to use multiple services at,” cautions Apple. At the time of this writing, the following iCloud services had been experiencing issues for at least an hour or so: App Store, Apple TV, iBooks Store, iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, iTunes Store, Mac App Store and Volume Purchase Program.

Here’s a snapshot of Apple’s iCloud Status webpage as of 4:54pm CET.

iCloud issues web screenshot 001

We will update this article as soon as these hiccups have been resolved.

Have you been affected by iCloud issues this morning? Are you able to purchase apps in the App Store and media in the iTunes Store?

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Source: Apple