Go Radar update adds better Pokémon scanner and improvements to zoom

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 29, 2016

Ever since the removal of the footsteps feature from Pokémon GO, the crowdsource-based Go Radar app from the App Store has quickly become one of the most popular ways to help with Pokémon tracking.

The latest update (version 2.0) brings Pokémon scanning functionality that users have been requesting for some time, as well as improvements to the app’s workflow that helps users get more out of it. Read More


Bonk!, tldarling, Jam Looper, and other apps to check out this weekend

By Cody Lee on Aug 27, 2016

We’ll keep things short and sweet this week. The latest edition of our Apps of the Week roundup includes a fun new photo editor from Jimmy Fallon, an app that auto-summarizes long web articles, a minimal music-maker, and of course two new games for you to check out. Read More


This just made my day: Oceanhorn 2 is in development—and it looks awesome!

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 23, 2016

Inspired by Nintendo’s wildly popular Legend of Zelda console game series, Oceanhorn by Cornfox & Bros is one of the best-looking, most satisfying RPG-based action adventure games “for the rest of us” that I’ve had a blast playing on my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Ever since completing the game, I’ve been rooting for Oceanhorn’s developers to make a sequel and now, GameMob points us to the official confirmation that it’s indeed being worked on as we speak.

Titled Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, the game’s mechanics are based on a third-person camera angle versus the original game’s isometric view. The storyline revolves around a new hero—a grown-up boy who is training to become a Knight of Arcadia. Read More


Canvas, Spark Pro, Mimo and other apps to check out this weekend

By Cody Lee on Aug 20, 2016

It’s the weekend again, and you know what that means! It’s time for another edition of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some awesome selections for you including a new realtime collaboration app, a minimal video capturing app, a new app that makes learning to code fun and easy, and of course two games that we think are worth checking out. Read More


Apple’s free app of the week: Pixel Cup Soccer 16

By Cody Lee on Aug 18, 2016

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game Pixel Cup Soccer 16. This means from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the retro-style football title for free on both iPhone and iPad—saving you $3.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a retro-style, dynamic arcade game. It features fast-pace gameplay, nostalgic graphics and soundtrack that will take you back to the 90’s, and 3 game modes: Friendly, competition and PKs. Read More


3D Touch controls have come to Jetpack Joyride

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 18, 2016

Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios, one of the few games I still play and always keep on my phone thanks to regular content updates, has been refreshed on the App Store with support for 3D Touch, letting you press the display on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus to control the character.

Thanks to 3D Touch’s ability to sense multiple degrees of pressure, the harder you press, the faster you’ll jetpack.

In addition, the game introduces a new Hardwood costume whilst ditching the rolling inventory, which means you can now buy any extra item whenever you want. Read More


Deus Ex GO for iPhone and iPad now available

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 18, 2016

Thursday, Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO [review] creators Square Enix Montréal released their latest premium game on the App Store, Deus Ex GO. A turn-based puzzle infiltration game set in a stylized interpretation of the Deus Ex Universe, it puts you in the shoes of covert agent Adam Jensen. You’ll use hacking, combat and augmentations to solve “the most intricate puzzles of the entire GO series”, according to developers. Read More


The best tips for saving battery power while playing Pokémon GO

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 15, 2016

Without a doubt, many who are reading this post right now are huge Pokémon GO fans. The game took the mobile device market by storm and it became an instant hit, topping the application stores on two of the largest competitors on the market today: iOS and Android.

One of the things that can’t be avoided while playing Pokémon GO is the battery drain you’re going to suffer, and this is because it’s a GPS-based game, but there are still some pointers you can follow to help reduce battery drain so you can play as long as possible. Read More


Laugh.ly, Yearly, Habitify and other apps to check out this weekend

By Cody Lee on Aug 13, 2016

The Apps of the Week post is iDB’s weekly roundup of apps and games we feel are worth checking out over the weekend. This week’s edition features some great selections such as a new streaming service for stand-up comedy, a beautiful calendar app, a habit-tracking app with an interesting twist, and as usual, we’ve included two awesome new games for you to try. Read More


Go Radar tracks Pokémon locations in real time

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 12, 2016

Pokémon GO is all the hype right now, and lots of people are enjoying playing it, but there is a substantially high number of people who are upset with the removal of the Footsteps feature in the game, and even more-so game developer Niantic’s decision to start shutting down real-time Pokémon trackers.

If you’re having trouble finding the Pokémon you want after the update that removed Footsteps, you might consider trying a crowdsourced Pokémon tracker app instead of one that relies on Niantic’s servers to feed information. Read More


How to change your player name in Pokémon GO

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 12, 2016

One of the new features that shipped with the Pokémon GO 1.3.0 update this week was the ability to change your player name in the game. This is the name that everybody sees when you compete in gyms, so if you accidentally chose a name you didn’t want, now is your chance to switch it out.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the steps to take to change your name in Pokémon GO. Read More


Apple’s free app of the week: Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck

By Cody Lee on Aug 11, 2016

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck. This means from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the hit children’s title for free—a solid savings of $2.

Dr. Panda’s Ice Cream Truck was developed for ages 6-8, but anyone can have fun making ice cream. Choose from several flavors and toppings, pile your scoops as high as you can, and then serve your creation to hungry customers. Read More


Pokémon GO update fixes Pokéball throws, re-adds battery saver, and more

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 9, 2016

Game developer Niantic has launched an updated version of Pokémon GO for iOS and Android users on Monday that resolves a lot of bugs that were introduced in the previous update and improves the game in various aspects.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pokémon GO update without adding something tedious, as it would seem. Read More


SketchPlus, Foresee, VOX Free Music, and other apps to check out this weekend

By Cody Lee on Aug 6, 2016

In this week’s edition of iDB’s Apps of the Week roundup, we have selected some great apps for you to check out this weekend. We have a new photo editor with some great sketch filters, a weather app that can help you schedule outdoor activities, an app for discovering music, and two great new games you won’t want to miss. Read More


Apple’s free app of the week: hocus

By Cody Lee on Aug 4, 2016

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game hocus. This means from now through next Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up the minimal puzzler for both iPhone and iPad for free—saving you $1.

Hocus is described as a perspective illusion puzzle game. Players are tasked with moving a red cube through a maze of gray beams—very similar to Monument Valley. There are 85+ levels, and you can even design your own. Read More


Square Enix releases free-to-play Mobius Final Fantasy on App Store

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 4, 2016

Developer Square Enix yesterday announced availability of Mobius Final Fantasy, its new free-to-play role-playing game set in the Final Fantasy universe and created by producer Yoshinori Kitase and writer Kazushige Kojima, who are both known for their work on the Final Fantasy VII and the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch game is available on a free-to-play basis with optional In-App Purchases and can be played with just one hand as it was “custom-tailored for mobile platforms”. Read More


All-new Apple TV Remote app with Siri and tilt gaming support hits the App Store

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 1, 2016

The new Apple TV Remote app with Siri features and support for controlling games on the fourth-generation Apple TV via tilt controls on your iPhone is now available for download on the App Store. Formally announced at WWDC in June 2016, the app used to be available as a developer-only preview, but now everyone can download it from the App Store. The new app doesn’t replace the old one, which is still available on the App Store.

Both apps support the second, third and fourth-generation Apple TV, but only the new one packs in full support for Siri and tilt-based gaming on the new Apple TV. Read More


Were you “forced” to start over after this weekend’s Pokémon GO update? Here’s the fix

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 1, 2016

Following this weekend’s Pokémon GO game update from Niantic, many players who used their Google accounts to play have claimed that the update deleted their account data and forced them to start over by making a new account to play with.

If you were one of these people, this is a troubleshooting tutorial you’ll want to read, as your account data is probably still there and you may have made a new account by mistake after following the on-screen instructions. Read More


Many Pokémon-tracking apps shutting down following Pokémon GO update

By Anthony Bouchard on Aug 1, 2016

Pokémon GO, the popular new GPS-based Pokémon-catching app for mobile devices, received an update over the weekend that made many changes in the game, both big and small.

One of the biggest changes was the removal of the Footsteps feature, which made tracking Pokémon easier. But in addition to the removal of Footsteps, it seems that Niantic is working to end real-time Pokémon tracking tools to prevent cheating. Read More


Pokémon GO update adds avatar customization, UI tweaks, & performance improvements

By Anthony Bouchard on Jul 30, 2016

Pokémon GO is one of the most popular free apps in the App Store today, and it has received a free app update on Saturday for both the iOS and Android platforms.

The iOS version has been brought up to version 1.1.0 and packs a decent list of changes that will appeal to all players. In this piece, we’ll talk about the new changes you’ll find in the latest version of the game. Read More

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