Super Kitty will trick you until you can’t take it anymore

By Lory Gil on Sep 16, 2014

As a kid, Super Mario Bros was my go-to game after school. I spent many hours jumping, brick breaking, and spitting fireballs while my thumbs cramped up from too much gaming. So, platformers have a special place in my heart, especially when they have a similar look and feel to my favorite childhood game.

Super Kitty is a sort of platformer that has plenty of iconic imagery from Nintendo’s flagship game. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the mechanics of jumping, brick breaking, or spitting fireballs because you’ll be too busy getting tricked into dying. Read More


The Nightmare Cooperative is a roguelike and puzzle game combined

By Lory Gil on Sep 16, 2014

There is this type of puzzle game that requires players to move characters around on the board in unison in order to get everyone to the correct end point. PAC-MAN Friends uses this type of puzzle movement. It’s fairly complex and interesting, to say the least.

The Nightmare Cooperative is a roguelike game that uses that puzzle movement aspect to keep your party on their toes. You can use your mage to pick up that potion, but watch where your warrior is going or he may fall into the lava pit at the same time. We’ve got a full game review of The Nightmare Cooperative for you today. Read More


Destroy your enemy with a match of three in MUJO

By Lory Gil on Sep 15, 2014

Match-three games have come a long way since the days of Bejeweled. Now, matching objects can yield all manner of fun. Take Tsum-Tsum, for example. Objects actually move around on the screen completely altering your ability to match them.

MUJO is another match-three game that is unique in what it has to offer. Sure, you’ll be matching up a series of tiles with similar icons, but if you match the patterns correctly, you’ll make the gods stronger and destroy your enemy all at the same time. Read More


Web-sling your way to saving the world with Spider-Man Unlimited

By Lory Gil on Sep 14, 2014

Gameloft and Marvel have teamed up again to bring us another web-slinging adventure from the quick-witted Spider-Man. As if we haven’t had enough fun with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Total Mayhem.

Spider-Man Unlimited is the first free-to-play Spidey game on iOS. The hand-drawn episodic runner is set in the Marvel Universe where you will hang out with the likes of Nick Fury and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as fight the Green Goblin, Vulture, and more. It is also this week’s Editor’s Choice in the App Store. Read More


ALONE… review: you may be alone, but you can still save the universe

By Lory Gil on Sep 14, 2014

Just when you thought the endless runner genre had done all it could possibly do, Laser Dog comes along and makes it into a sci-fi side-scrolling arcade game. ALONE… is a fast-paced arcade style game that focuses on your ability to react fast to oncoming dangers while maintaining composure in the face of insurmountable odds. We’ve got a game review of ALONE… for you today. Read More


Back to Bed is a dreamy puzzle adventure

By Lory Gil on Sep 13, 2014

A few months back, Ustwo launched a unique, surreal puzzle game that was impressive to look at and challenging to play. Monument Valley quickly gained notoriety and gave us all something to swoon. It might have started a new trend in puzzle gaming.

Back to Bed has a similar look and feel, but offers a different type of adventure. In this Salvador Dali-inspired journey, players must guide Bob safely back to his sleeping quarters through control of his apple-toting subconscious. Read More


Etherlords lets you rebuild worlds while battling enemies

By Lory Gil on Sep 13, 2014

There are plenty of games out there that allow players to build cities, farm land, and battle against enemy forces. There is even a genre, called 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate), which uses similar tactics.

What if you don’t want to be contained in just a city or empire? What if you want to build a whole world, instead?

Etherlords is a battle game that allows players to fight groups of enemies, collect warriors, and rebuild a dying world using tiles that are earned in battle. Read More


Bicolor goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

By Cody Lee on Sep 11, 2014

Folks who missed the opportunity to grab Bicolor when it was offered for free in the Apple Store app will be happy to hear that it’s gone on sale again. Apple is offering the popular game for free from now through next Thursday as part of its App of the Week promotion.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Bicolor is a deceptively-complex puzzler that tasks players with solving 240 handmade puzzles. In each level you must figure out how to draw a path with one color, and then cover it up with another using the right amount of moves. Read More


EA confirms SimCity BuildIt coming to iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 11, 2014

Electronic Arts, the world’s top games publisher, announced yesterday that it’s readying SimCity BuildIt, the latest installment in the popular city-building franchise, for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Once again, the game will task you with building a city of your dreams, with the choices you make evolving your city in a variety of ways.

“Meet your citizens’ needs to keep them happy, or make questionable choices and feel your citizens’ wrath,” the company wrote. Pricing and availability information will be publicized in due time. Read More


IGN names ‘Hitman Go’ its Free Game of the Month

By Cody Lee on Sep 6, 2014

Heads up gamers, IGN has named Square Enix’s ‘Hitman Go′ its Free Game of the Month for September. We named the game one of our ‘Apps of the Week’ for the iPhone and iPad back in April, and it normally retails for $4.99.

For those unfamiliar with the title, Hitman Go is a turn-based strategy game based on the hit console franchise. Players must navigate fixed spaces on a beautiful diorama-style grid to avoid enemies and complete their missions. Read More


Sony’s side-scrolling CounterSpy stealth game now available on iOS

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 5, 2014

After releasing on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita last month, Sony’s CounterSpy is now available on Apple’s iOS platform.

Developed by Dynamighty and published on the App Store by Sony Computer Entertainment America as a premium $4.99 download, CounterSpy is set in an alternate history Cold War era and puts you in the shoes of a budding agent for C.O.U.N.T.E.R.

Your goal in this action stealth side-scrolling game: stop a crazed superpower from unleashing a devastating nuclear missile attack unto the entire world. Read More


Rovio releases Angry Birds Stella

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 4, 2014

Rovio, the Finnish games maker which made a name for itself with the Angry Birds physics-based puzzler series, on Thursday released a brand new game set in the Angry Birds universe.

Called Angry Birds Stella and available as a freemium download in the App Store, it puts you in the shoes of the lead character Stella who joins five of her bird friends on a quest to protect Golden Island from the piggies and the greedy Bad Princess.

There are more than 120 playable levels in this initial release of Angry Birds Stella, with more to come by way of future content updates. Jump past the fold for the full reveal. Read More


Infinity Blade III ‘Kingdom Come’ update is out with new maps, enemies and more

By Cody Lee on Sep 4, 2014

The highly anticipated Infinity Blade III ‘Kingdom Come’ update is now available in the App Store. This is not only the final content update for the popular game, but ChAIR says that it includes everything needed to bring the entire Infinity Blade trilogy to an end.

Among the additions in today’s release are 6 new treasure maps, 5 new enemies to battle, and over 25 new items for both Isa and Siris to collect and sell. It also features new goals and achievements, and unlock-ability for Master Items has been raised to level 100. Read More


Iconic brings minimalist pictograms to the iPhone in this fun puzzle game

By Lory Gil on Sep 3, 2014

If you are over the age of 21, or maybe even under, you have probably seen those entertaining beer bottle caps with pictograms. My friends and I love trying to figure out what they are. The hardest part is identifying the illustration. Is that a horse, or a dog?

Iconic is a fun pictogram puzzle game that uses minimalist graphics so it isn’t hard to figure out what the illustration is. However, the puzzles might give you a run for your money. We’ve got a hands-on game review of Iconic for you today. Read More

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