Mailbox 2.0 is out with Dropbox syncing for preferences and Auto-swipe

By Cody Lee on Apr 21, 2014

Mailbox users will be happy to hear that the iOS email client received an update today. The release, which brings the app to version 2.0, brings about ‘lots of bug fixes and improvements’ as well as 2 new features: Dropbox syncing for preferences and Auto-swipe.

While Dropbox syncing for preferences is fairly self-explanatory, Auto-swipe takes some explaining. The feature was first announced by the Mailbox team earlier this month, and its purpose is to learn your in-app behavior in an effort to automate processes…

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Dropbox acquires cloud-based photo management service Loom

By Cody Lee on Apr 17, 2014

Following the debut of its new Carousel photo and video management app last week, Dropbox announced today that it has acquired Loom, a cloud-based service for storing your photos. The move should surprise no one, as both companies have very similar goals, but it will affect end users.

Starting today, Loom is no longer accepting new users, and the service will officially shut down on May 16. Current users have until then to act if they wish to save any of their photos/videos by either exporting them to Dropbox, with no interruption in service, or downloading them via a zip file… Read More


Mailbox lands on Android, coming soon to OS X

By Cody Lee on Apr 9, 2014

Mailbox, the popular Dropbox-owned email client, announced this morning that it would be bringing its app to two new platforms: Android and OS X. The Android version will be available later today in the Google Play store, and the team says that the OS X version is “coming soon.”

First launched on iPhone in February 2013, Mailbox is an email client that syncs up with Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud. It’s not feature-rich, but it stands out thanks to its gesture-based navigation and procrastination features, which let you delay various email actions to a later time… Read More


Dropbox unveils new iPhone app: Carousel, the gallery for all your photos and videos

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2014

Cloud storage startup Dropbox today hosted a press event to update the press on its business, announce a few new initiatives and show off its new product: a dedicated photo and video management app called Carousel.

Though Dropbox has had basic photo management features in place in the web interface for some time now, these very very basic: you can browse photo thumbnails, rename individual snaps, move them between folders and more.

Unfortunately, Dropbox never adopted the concept of albums and events, which is how most people organize their snaps. Enter Carousel, a brand new iPhone application that lets you store and manage all your photos and videos… Read More


Dropbox for iOS updated with new illustrations, improved photo sync and more

By Cody Lee on Mar 17, 2014

Dropbox posted an update to its iOS client this afternoon, bringing the app to version 3.1. The update features a number of improvements, such as new illustrations, several bug fixes, and some SSO enhancements for Dropbox for Business users.

Users will be happy to hear that a few major bugs have been addressed in version 3.1 including the sync issue that would often cause some photos to fail to load, and the sorting problem that wouldn’t group items properly when you sorted by date… Read More


Google cuts prices for Drive storage, putting pressure on Dropbox and others

By Cody Lee on Mar 13, 2014

Google announced some drastic price cuts for its Drive cloud storage today, dropping its 100GB plan down to just $1.99 per month. The service now significantly undercuts rivals like Dropbox, which charges $10 per month for 100GB, and iCloud, which doesn’t even offer a 100GB option.

To be fair, Google’s Drive pricing was already lower than Dropbox, with a 100GB plan costing $4.99 per month vs. $9.99. But that extra $3 per-month savings equates out to $36 per year, making it even more attractive. Don’t mind paying $9.99 monthly? Drive now offers 1TB at that price… Read More


How to get 3GB of free OneDrive storage (and how to fix it if it doesn’t work)

By Oliver Haslam on Feb 24, 2014

As part of Microsoft’s rebranding of its SkyDrive cloud storage solution to the arguably much better “OneDrive,” the Redmond firm has set about something of a charm offensive. In an attempt to try and take users away from the hugely awesome Dropbox, Microsoft has already given away 100GB of free storage to the first 100,000 people to sign into the new OneDrive, but if you weren’t in on that action then fear not, because you can also snag 3GB of space for absolutely nothing. And that’s on top of the 7GB that they offer up right out of the gate.

In order to get your slice of the free cloud-based pie, all you need to do is install one of Microsoft’s OneDrive mobile apps – the iOS one, preferably – and enable one little feature. In all honesty it’s a feature you’re going to want to enable anyway, because Microsoft is giving away 3GB of free storage to anyone that turns on automatic uploading of their Camera Roll.

Now you may be saying the same thing that we said. Why would you want to do that if you already use Dropbox? Well, here’s why… Read More


VLC’s iOS 7 makeover: now with Google Drive integration, Dropbox streaming and more

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 20, 2014

The popular cross-platform desktop media player, VLC by VideoLan, has finally received its iOS 7 makeover in Monday’s version 2.2 update. Launching later today in the App Store, VLC for iOS 2.2 includes a number of new features and refinements, and a long list of bug fixes.

Perhaps most notably, you can now stream media stored in your Google Drive and Dropbox. As you’d expect from any iOS 7 app refresh, there are some new multitouch gestures for easier navigation.

VLC has always had a very robust support for non-iOS friendly audio and video file types and today’s update is no exception: matter of fact, VLC 2.2 expands on that with support for some new streaming formats and protocols… Read More


Mailbox app updated with support for iCloud, Yahoo Mail and more

By Cody Lee on Dec 17, 2013

The Dropbox-owned Mailbox app received a major update today, bringing the email client to version 1.7. The update adds a highly-anticipated feature: support for other email services like Yahoo, iCloud, and others.

Up until now, the popular Mailbox app only supported Gmail accounts. But with today’s release, users can now use the app to access and manage their Inboxes from Yahoo Mail, and various Apple email extensions… Read More


Boxie goes free: everyone can now prettify their Dropbox

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 29, 2013

As a Dropbox power user on a daily basis, I am very dissatisfied with their mobile app because it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of advanced capabilities, so much so that I’ve recently become a Boxie convert and never looked back.

This awesome Dropbox client for the iPhone and iPad used to cost two bucks so I imagine the price tag must have put off a lot of would-be users, especially give Dropbox’s own official iPhone and iPad client is free in the App Store and good enough for most of casual Dropbox users.

Those who depend on Dropbox will be happy learning that developer Tapwings has now completely removed barrier to entry because starting today, you can download Boxie free from the App Store (the price cut is permanent).

Dropbox fans would be wise to immediately treat themselves to this awesome app which will soup up your Dropbox experience with the elegant user interface while allowing for some advanced features not supported by Dropbox’s own app.

I’m talking stuff like moving an item in a folder via drag-and-drop, per-folder sorting, ZIP archive extraction, direct Dropbox-to-Dropbox transfer and lots more… Read More


Dropbox iOS 7 update: AirDrop, video uploads, full-screen iPad viewer and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 21, 2013

The popular cloud-storage startup Dropbox recently teased an image that gave us a glimpse into its iOS 7 makeover and we were pretty ecstatic about the new look. The good news is, the app is now live on the App Store – and it looks even better than we were hoping for!

Dropbox 3.0, now available for download on the iPhone and iPad, is a major redesign that feels right at home in iOS 7 because it honors Apple’s guidelines.

It’s not just the looks – Dropbox packs in some interesting and much welcomed new features like an improved PDF viewer, wireless AirDrop sharing (finally!) on iOS 7 devices, enhanced exporting and video importing, speed improvements and more.

As a bonus, full-screen viewer for photos and files is now but a tap away. Do give me a favor and jump past the fold to check out release notes and some really nice iPhone and iPad screenies… Read More


Screenshots of Dropbox’s upcoming iOS 7 app redesign

By Cody Lee on Nov 13, 2013

Good news today for all of you Dropbox users. The long-awaited iOS 7 redesign for the storage service’s iPhone and iPad client appears to be nearing completion. The company snuck the above screenshots into a new blog post today.

Apparently, there are some big things brewing at Dropbox, including some big upcoming changes for its ‘Dropbox for Business’ enterprise offering. The service has been completely rebuilt for business. But anyway, about this redesign… Read More


Boxie Dropbox client gets passcode protection, per-folder sorting and more

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 25, 2013

A new Dropbox client, Boxie by Gianluca Divisi and Matteo Lallone, has quickly earned our attention with its gorgeous user interface and a comprehensive set of effective features that make navigating and managing Dropbox files and folders a breeze.

Following on its mid-October release, the app which “prettifies your whole Dropbox experience” has received its first point update bringing a couple new features such as passcode protection, folder-by-folder sorting options, smart text auto selection and “tons of under-the-hood improvements and optimizations”Read More


New Boxie app promises to ‘prettify your Dropbox’

By Cody Lee on Oct 16, 2013

I’ve never thought that there was anything wrong with Dropbox’s iPhone client. It works well enough for me. But there are some folks who think the app lacks features, is tough to use, and isn’t visually appealing.

Well if you happen to fall into that category, you may be interested in Boxie. The app, which launched today, promises to ‘prettify’ your Dropbox with a clean, easy-to-use user interface and several handy features… Read More


Dropbox for Mac update adds auto screenshot uploads, iPhoto integration

By Cody Lee on Sep 30, 2013

Dropbox has released an update for its Mac client this afternoon, bringing it to version 2.4. The update brings about a number of improvements for the app, including the ability to auto-import photos from iPhoto directly to Dropbox.

The release also brings about automatic screenshot uploading—a feature users have long been asking for. Dropbox will now upload any and all screenshots you take on your Mac (or Windows PC) to the cloud for immediate sharing… Read More


Four simple ways to back up your iPhone photos

By Lory Gil on Aug 15, 2013

I have a friend who recently nearly lost all of his photos of his daughter. He had his iPhone for just about two years. He took tons of pictures of her. She wasn’t even two years old yet, so basically her whole life was on his iPhone. One day, his phone crashed and he couldn’t figure out what happened to it. His pictures were lost.

He was eventually able to recover his photos, but not without hours of work and days of anxiety. When I asked him why he didn’t just back his photos up, he had no good response. Always back up your photos. Seriously. Always back up your photos. We’ve got a tutorial on a few different ways you can back up your photos so you’ll never have to face the dreaded lost memories again… Read More


1Password 4 for iOS discounted by more than 50 percent ahead of Dropbox API changes

By Christian Zibreg on Aug 8, 2013

Dropbox retiring its legacy API in favor of a next-generation one on September 1 is inevitably going to break apps which plan to continue syncing data through the popular cloud storage service using the legacy API.

Among them: AgileBits’ 1Password 3 for iOS and Mac. Now, this rather useful password management utility has been using Dropbox to sync its secure database across devices for ages.

Users on 1Password 4 are on the safe side because the app already uses the latest version of the Dropbox API so it’ll continue to sync with Dropbox just fine. If you’re on 1Password version 3.x and sync with Dropbox, however, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version to prevent syncing issues come September 1, or switch to Wi-Fi sync.

So, if you’ve been thinking about upgrading to the latest version, now’s a good time because AgileBits has just sweetened the deal by discounting 1Password 4 by more than 50 percent, for a limited time… Read More


FindIt: a simple iPhone app for searching Gmail, Dropbox and more

By Cody Lee on Jul 29, 2013

Folks with Gmail, Dropbox and/or Google Drive accounts will be happy to hear that there is a new app available that allows you to search through them with a single tap. It’s called FindIt, and it can locate emails and files for you on all three services.

Need to pull up an old email? No problem. Just type in the name of the person who sent it to you, or part of its subject line, and FindIt will track it down. And the same goes with media and other file types. Think Spotlight search for your cloud apps… Read More


Instagram’s head designer Tim Van Damme is leaving for DropBox

By Cody Lee on Jul 16, 2013

Since January of last year, Tim Van Damme has been responsible for the look and feel of Instagram, one of the hottest mobile apps on the planet. But today, the 28-year-old designer announced that he would be leaving the Facebook-owned company to take on a new position.

That position is on the design team at Dropbox, the hot cloud storage startup that recently acquired Mailbox and is now building a platform for apps to sync various amounts of data. In a blog post, Van Damme said it was “time to move on, to solve a different set of problems.” Read More


Dropbox-owned Mailbox gets Dropbox attachment integration

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 9, 2013

Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage startup, kicked off DBX today, its first-ever developer conference. Dropbox is now 175 million users strong, way up from the 75 million users registered just last November.

The new APIs the team introduced today at DBX promise to make it easier for app developers to integrate Dropbox data synch. Now, iOS developers are expected to take advantage of these new frameworks pretty soon.

Yahoo, for example, has immediately added support for Dropbox attachments to its Android client (it is coming soon to the iOS  edition of Yahoo Mail). As Dropbox acquired Mailbox in March, we’re not surprised the team just pushed a Mailbox update which lets you send attachments from Dropbox, even if the files don’t physically reside on your device.

Better yet, you can now attach any file type you can think of, regardless of whether or not your device understands it. This has got to be the awesome news for fans of cloud productivity (count me excited!) and regular users who could only attach Camera roll images prior to this update… Read More

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