Dropbox unveils a brand new desktop app

Dropbox unveils its new desktop app

Dropbox has been around for ages, offering up a simple cloud storage option for your important information, but also growing into a powerful workplace tool for collaboration as well.

That trend continues with a brand new desktop application the company has just unveiled. It is available only in an early access program for now, but it brings with it various new features, performance enhancements, and new tools to make working with other people even better.

It’s worth noting here that some of the features listed below are actually rolling out early within Dropbox’s current desktop app. However, the new visual experience, and the majority of the new features, will be gated off for the new app. If you want to try it out now, you can sign up through the early access program link.

The new desktop app is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all the things you might need on a daily basis. That includes your local files (including .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx files), as well as your files stored in cloud storage. It will even store web shortcuts, like to a website or management boards.

The new Dropbox desktop application will also sync with other services, like Zoom and Slack, to make working with others even easier.

Here’s how Dropbox describes working with Slack:

And meeting with Zoom:

There is a new team activity feed, which will show all the changes made to a document or other item within Dropbox. Users will also be able to add folder descriptions, pin files, add to-dos, and even include @ mentions for users.

Dropbox's new desktop app improves collaboration

As mentioned above, this is an early access app right now, but considering the changes Dropbox is making one can hope it will have a broader launch in the near future.

Do you think you’ll check this new app out?