Direct Shot is an intruiging app for immediately filing photos after taking them


Have you ever wanted to categorize photos into a folder on iOS as you take them? Direct Shot is an app for iPhone and iPad from Jeremy Conn that allows you to do just this. This may not be a feature many people require very often, but it may be a massive convenience when an opportunity presents itself.

How it works

Before we begin, it is important to note that two versions of this app are available: one for iCloud and one for Dropbox. For the purpose of this review, I tested the iCloud version.

The overall concept of Direct Shot is fairly simple. Before you get started taking photos within the app, you will need to either choose or create a folder to drop your photos in after capture. On the primary screen of the app, choose theĀ Drops icon to get started with this. Here, you can either create a new folder or choose one you have already created. These folders you create can be found within the Direct Shot folder within the Files app.

Once you have either created a folder or chosen the iCloud Root option, you can head over to the camera within the app to get started. This camera interface proves to be rarely bare bones, so do not expect the full experience available within the iOS Camera app proper. The only options available are standard photo, video, flash, folder selection, and a toggle to switch between the front and rear-facing cameras.

Once you snap a photo and approve it, the app files the photograph away in your chosen folder without ever cluttering your camera roll with a single image as shown above. It is straightforward and it has worked every time I have used it.

Who is this app for?

You may be wondering, who is this app for? This is a valid question, but this is a utility that you likely will not need to use regularly. However, in certain situations for certain users, Direct Shot is a very useful application. One common example pertains to personal finance. If you wish to keep a file of all of your paper receipts, there is no easier way to do this than with Direct Shot.

Additionally, if you are working on a project which requires photographs that do not require immediate editing, Direct Shot once again proves a useful utility. Practical situations like this are numerous and depend on the needs of the individual.

As with many utilities, Direct Shot serves a niche in the market that does not include the majority of users. However, do not be mistaken, this is a nice app for those who need it. If this sounds like something that could serve you in any number of diverse scenarios, I urge you to give it a try.

Direct Shot for iCloud is currently available for $0.99 while Direct Shot for Dropbox is currently available for free. The prices of both of these apps have a history of fluctuating, so consider going ahead and picking them up now while the prices are low.

Are you going to give Direct Shot a try? Let us know in the comments below.