Catalyst Waterproof case protects your iPhone 6 up to 16 feet under water

By Lory Gil on May 22, 2015

When I go camping, I tend to leave my iPhone behind. Not because I’m trying to be closer to nature, or unplug from the world, but because I tend to worry about getting dirt, marshmallow goo, ash, or beer on my device. Even if I’m brave enough to bring it to the campsite, I still won’t take it anywhere near a body of water.

The Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case eases my fears by having a waterproof rating up to 16.4 feet deep. Plus the lanyard connector means I can secure my iPhone to my body for even more security and protection. Read More


Maxboost Liquid Skin: an ultrathin case for iPhone 6

By Lory Gil on May 21, 2015

The iPhone 6 may have the largest screen of any past model, but it is also the thinnest so far. If you prefer keeping your device as thin as possible, while still providing scratch resistance on the back, ultrathin cases are just what you need.

The Maxboost Liquid Skin is an ultrathin case for iPhone 6. It is so slim that the company claims it is the “World’s thinnest” iPhone case, but Spigen makes the same claim. What is sure, is that Liquid Skin is practically as thin as paper. Read More


The Halo Hybrid iPhone 6 case is practically invisible

By Lory Gil on May 19, 2015

Nothing says “minimalist” more than nothing at all. However, most people don’t want to risk scratching up their beautiful iPhone 6 by leaving it completely unprotected.

iBlason’s Halo Hybrid case is a mix between a cover and a bumper for the iPhone 6. It is thin, simple, and comes in clear, making it hard to tell that you have a case on your iPhone 6 at all. Read More


OtterBox Defender for iPad Air 2 offers rugged protection

By Lory Gil on May 15, 2015

I’ve been known to take my tablet with me camping. When I do, I want to make sure it is completely protected from the messy outdoors. Without proper coverage, dust, campfire ash, sticky marshmallows, and sunscreen, might end up all over your expensive mobile gadget.

The OtterBox Defender protects against such elements while providing durable shock resistance so you can play hard with your iPad Air 2 in hand and not worry about what might happen to it. Read More


Lifeproof NÜÜD for iPad Air 2 is waterproof up to six feet deep for an hour

By Lory Gil on May 13, 2015

It is more likely that you will accidentally drop your iPhone into a body of water than your iPad, but it is not entirely impossible. If you are hanging out by the pool with your tablet and accidentally fling it into the water, you would be out of luck.

That is, unless it is protected by Lifeproof’s NÜÜD case. This completely sealed off covering keeps out dust, snow, and even water at six-feet deep. Plus, thanks to the thin display covering, you can still use your iPad Air 2 as if it were uncovered. Read More


Apple Watch cases: a look at the Spigen lineup

By Sébastien Page on May 12, 2015

Using a case on iPhone or iPad is a no brainer for many people because they are devices that are subject to accidental damages, including slipping out of your hand and hitting the concrete floor, or getting scratched while in your pocket. If using a case on these devices makes lots of sense, there is, at first look, less incentive to use a case on Apple Watch.

But that’s just at first look though, because after talking to a few of my friends that do have a more active lifestyle than I do, most seemed to agree that, should they own an Apple Watch, they would likely use a case on it to not only protect the device from the elements, but also to protect it from their own inflicted damages.

My friend Guy, for example, works with his hands and handles tools all day. Using an Apple Watch without a case is not even an option if he wants to keep it intact. So is the case for my friend Kelsey who works out a lot and is worried she might accidentally hit the watch and scratch it on one of the many workout equipments she uses. Whatever your use case might be, if you have a need for extra protection, you might want to take a look at this selection of Apple Watch cases by Spigen. Read More


Lunatik launches Kickstarter for rugged ‘Epik’ Apple Watch kit

By Cody Lee on May 12, 2015

Lunatik, the company who in many ways sparked the Apple-wearable frenzy with its TikTok watch kits for the iPod Nano, has launched a new Kickstarter. Returning to its roots, the team has developed a rugged case/strap kit for 42mm Apple Watch models.

Dubbed the ‘Epik,’ the kit features a case forged from aluminum alloy and premium performance materials. It fits around a strapless Apple Watch, and can be paired with either a silicon sport strap or a premium aluminum link bracelet with a butterfly clasp. Read More


Fintie iPad Air 2 Case offers 360 degrees of versatility at a great price

By Lory Gil on May 12, 2015

One of my biggest gripes about folio cases for the iPad is the fact that most of the stand features, whether it is a fold-over cover or a kickstand, only provide the ability to display the tablet in landscape mode, which reduces your viewing options by 50 percent.

Fintie makes a rotating folio case for the iPad Air 2 that flips from portrait to landscape with a simple twist. No more standing your case upright like a book, hoping your iPad won’t fall over. Read More


GMYLE Book Case for iPhone 6 Plus review: fake it ’til you make it

By Jeff Benjamin on May 10, 2015

The original BookBook case for the iPhone 4 was a trendsetter and one of my favorite iPhone accessories ever. Unfortunately, the version for the iPhone 5 didn’t hold up nearly as well for me, and started coming apart at the seams after just a few months. With the BookBook case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Twelve South appears to be back at their winning ways with some innovative new features.

Due to the company’s success, it’s not surprising that several copycat cases have surfaced online. One such case, the GMYLE Book Case, is a shameless copy of Twelve South’s popular case line. In fact, it’s so shameless that my curiosity got the best of me, and I had to order one. Read More


Mophie introduces new waterproof battery case for iPhone 6

By Cody Lee on May 5, 2015

On Tuesday, California-based accessory maker Mophie announced its first ever waterproof battery cased called the “Juice Pack H2PROTM.” The case is made for the iPhone 6, and features a durable design to protect against drops, dust, dirt and of course, water damage.

The battery pack included in the case is of the 2,750mAh lithium-ion variety, which will allow users to enjoy up to 14 hours of additional talk time, 10 hours of web browsing and 50 hours of music. Mophie says overall, the H2PROTM more than doubles iPhone battery life. Read More


Hands-on video compares size of alleged iPad Pro cases with iPad Air 2

By Cody Lee on May 1, 2015

Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy on Friday posted a hands-on video with 2 alleged iPad Pro cases, comparing them in size and design with the iPad Air 2. The clip gives you a good idea of how much bigger the rumored 12-inch iPad would be than the current 9.7-inch model.

Additionally, the cases add weight to the accuracy of previous industrial renderings and case leaks. Despite the fact that they come from different manufacturers, and are made up of different materials, they’re identical to both each other and many past cases in terms of size and features. Read More


Caseology leather Bumper Frame Case looks classy while protecting your iPhone 6

By Lory Gil on Apr 27, 2015

The iPhone 6 looks good right out of the box. Some would even say that a case only hides its sleek design. However, cases serve to protect your device from unfortunate accidents. So why not protect it in style?

Caseology makes a Bumper Frame case that is covered in leather. Not only does it keep your iPhone 6 from unsightly scratches, but it also has a classy look to make fashion forward users happy. Read More


Tune Belt sports armband will fit an iPhone 6 with or without a case

By Lory Gil on Apr 17, 2015

While some of us will be using our new Apple Watch to listen to tunes and record our health data when we exercise, there are still a lot of people that need another means to keep their devices from flopping round in their pockets while they run.

The Tune Belt sports armband straps your iPhone 6 to your arm so you can have it nearby without having to carry a fanny pack around with you. The protective case is large enough to fit your iPhone in a thick case, as well. Read More


This iPhone case protects you from wireless radiations

By Jim Gresham on Apr 14, 2015

Pong approached me to write a review of the new Pong iPhone 6 cases with the bold claim the case will prevent cell phone radiation from damaging the user. Of course, I have no way to judge this for myself. Consequently, the information in this article, not so much of a review, is from the information found on the Pong website.

Naturally, I was extremely curious to take a look. While I can account for the build quality, which appears to be very rugged and well formed, the remainder of the radiation conversation will reside on a summary of the details from Pong. With four US patents, why not put on my tin hat and take a look. Read More


OtterBox Defender for iPhone 6: for the rugged type

By Lory Gil on Apr 13, 2015

I have a friend that always drops his iPhone. He has cracked his screen so many times that he finally decided to invest in the thickest, most durable case he could find.

He settled on the OtterBox Defender because it is one tough case. It has three layers for serious protection. Plus, it comes with a handy belt holster so you can don’t have to try to fit it in your pocket. Read More


i-Blason UnityPower for iPhone 6 charges while protecting

By Lory Gil on Apr 9, 2015

One thing I always have to remember when heading out for a day trip is to bring an external battery pack. I take a lot of pictures and videos, which always negatively affects the length of time my battery lasts.

The i-Blason UnityPower is a case that houses an external battery, so you can always have an extra charge with you, wherever you go. It is also MFi certified, so it is guaranteed to work with your iPhone 6, even after software updates. Read More


Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 holds the essentials without adding bulk

By Lory Gil on Apr 7, 2015

These days, people don’t need wallets as much as they just need a pocket or two to hold a couple of credit cards and an ID. Even if you need to bring cash with you somewhere, chances are, you don’t need much.

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Case for the iPhone 6 is designed with a back pocket so you can carry just the essentials and leave the bulky wallet mess at home. Read More


Frē series from LifeProof is a waterproof iPhone 6 case

By Lory Gil on Mar 26, 2015

These days, when you hear the word “waterproof” in reference to a smartphone case, chances are it is actually more likely water-resistant, not waterproof. There is a very important distinction between the two. Water-resistant means it can get rained on, while waterproof means it meets the universal standard for still working after being submerged to a certain depth of water for a certain length of time.

LifeProof’s Frē series iPhone 6 case is as waterproof as a case can get and still provides access to the screen and all usable ports. Whether you are diving into the Caspian Sea, skiing down the Alps, or attending an outdoor wedding in November, this case has you covered. Read More


Review: Twelve South SurfacePad, a stylish jacket for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 23, 2015

In the market for a smartphone case that offers reasonable protection and doesn’t bulk up your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Look no further than the SurfacePad, a stylish, ultra-slim protection for your precious pocket computer by Twelve South, the premium maker of Apple-exclusive accessories.

Unveiled in November 2014, the SurfacePad is a leather jacket that doesn’t conceal key design elements of Apple’s gorgeous new iPhones. It’s going to appeal to fashion conscious types like yours truly who like their iPhones naked.

But how does it hold up in everyday life and, more crucially, over longer periods of use? Having used the SurfacePad exclusively as my iPhone 6 Plus case for the past four months, here’s what I was able to gather from my hands-on experience with it. Read More


Spigen’s Air Skin Soft is an ultrathin case for iPhone 6

By Lory Gil on Mar 20, 2015

Now that the iPhone screen size is so much larger, a thick case is out of the question for most people. Protecting your iPhone 6 while maintaining the slim feel is not that easy, considering even a quarter of an inch makes a huge difference.

Spigen’s Air Skin Soft Clear case is thin enough to cover your case with the thickness of a piece of cloth, so the added coat is practically unnoticeable. Read More

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