Claimed photos of 4.7″ iPhone 6 front panel and batteries surface

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 15, 2014

Another day, another iPhone 6 leak. Two separate reports Tuesday claim to show what seem to be iPhone 6 components in a production setting. The first set shows off a genuine looking front panel part, depicting the size difference between the current four-inch form factor and the upcoming iPhone 6, said to come in 4.7 and 5.5-inch flavors.

The other purported leak depicts some sort of batteries on a production tray that appear to share more than a passing resemblance to other iPhone batteries.

I’ve included the photographs below the fold so give them a look and tell us what you think in the comments… Read More


How to replace your battery life indicator with Zelda-inspired hearts

By Jeff Benjamin on Apr 7, 2014

Do we have any Zelda fans in the building? If you’re a fan of Nintendo’s action-RPG series, then you will no doubt appreciate this new Alkaline jailbreak theme from designer alextmoore.

Aptly entitled Zelda Hearts for Alkaline, this recently released theme allows users to replace the stock battery indicator with hearts similar to those that appear in the Big N’s popular gaming classic.

Want to see how it works in action? Have a look inside for the video walkthrough. Read More


Apple apparently moving to fully automated iPhone battery production

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 24, 2014

DigiTimes, the hit and miss Taiwanese trade publication, is reporting this morning that Apple is moving from labor-intensive iPhone battery production to fully automated production lines in 2014. The move is said to stem from Apple’s desire to reduce its manpower demand and is expected to prompt other consumer electronics vendors to follow suit, as per supply chain chatter… Read More


How to add a battery level indicator to the status bar

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 16, 2014

BatteryStatusBar is a recently released tweak that allows you to add a battery indicator to the top of the iPhone’s screen. The indicator, which rests in the same location as the status bar, reflects your current battery status using a colored bar.

The color of the BatteryStatusBar changes depending on your battery level. A green bar means you have over 65% of battery life remaining, and the color changes to orange or red as the battery level decreases. BatteryStatusBar isn’t perfect, but it’s a different take on battery level awareness. Have a look at our full walkthrough inside for more details. Read More


BlackBerry CEO calls iPhone users ‘wall huggers’ due to poor battery life

By Cody Lee on Mar 9, 2014

BlackBerry’s newly appointed CEO John Chen isn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Last month he penned an open letter regarding T-Mobile’s ‘ill-conceived’ iPhone promotion, and this past week he went after the iPhone users themselves.

Speaking at the Oasis Montgomery conference, Chen was asked for his thoughts on the surging popularity of the iPhone. And his response was ‘I call you guys wall huggers,’ suggesting the handset is unable to last a full day on a single charge… Read More


Apple’s M7 motion coprocessor caught tracking movement after battery dies

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 5, 2014

Apple’s M7 motion tracking chip found inside the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display is apparently able to track a user’s motion activity even after the battery dies. According to a post by Reddit user Glarznak, his iPhone 5s was able to track his every movement even after the battery died on him. He was able to confirm this by using the Argus fitness app which showed a number of steps for the four days that his phone was dead… Read More


BattSaver for iOS 7: manage your iPhone’s radios to increase battery life

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 23, 2014

BattSaver, a battery saving jailbreak app that we reviewed in-depth a couple of years ago, has been updated for iOS 7 compatibility. It’s basically the same jailbreak release that we reviewed before, except this time around it works for iOS 7 and arm64 devices like the iPhone 5s.

As we explained in our initial review, BattSaver isn’t necessarily performing any magic, it just manages the radios on your device in such a way so that you can save battery life. Many of the same strategies are incorporated in this updated version of BattSaver, including Normal and Aggressive battery saving strategies. Have a look inside for more details. Read More


iWatch to tap LG Chem’s energy efficient stepped batteries, rumor has it

By Christian Zibreg on Feb 5, 2014

As Apple continues to build up its team of world-class sleep researchers, medical device experts and biosensing ace engineers for the iWatch team, the rumor-mill is in full swing with related chatter originating from the company’s vast network of Taiwanese suppliers and contract manufacturers.

The latest rumor: the company is tackling battery challenges said to plague the project by using so-called stepped batteries, a technology offering better longevity and enhanced energy density versus the traditional solutions.

Stepped batteries can be applied to different shapes and, as a bonus, boost capacity by as much as sixteen percent. Conveniently, Apple recently filed for a patent detailing a flexible battery design that specifically mentions wearable devices… Read More


Apple reportedly working on solar, motion charging for iWatch

By Cody Lee on Feb 2, 2014

The New York Times is out with a new report this evening, claiming that Apple is exploring a variety of different charging methods for its mobile devices in an effort to improve battery life. These methods include induction, solar and kinetic.

While patents and other evidence suggest that the company has been experimenting with these technologies for years now, the report cites sources within Apple saying that interest has been reinvigorated by the oft-rumored iWatch project… Read More


Good deal: 75% off this pocket-sized USB battery pack

By Cody Lee on Jan 29, 2014

One of the most popular tech gifts and/or stock stuffers, this past holiday season was the portable USB charger. I know I included one in my Holiday gift guide, simply because they’re small enough to take with you when you’re on the go and very convenient.

But for those of you who didn’t score a new portable USB charger this Christmas, you may be interested to know that Stack Social is running a deal on the Keychain Power Bank. For a limited time, you can grab the 2600mAh battery pack for less than $15… Read More


Incipio boasts multiple backup power options

By Jim Gresham on Jan 26, 2014

Right before leaving for CES, I received a survival pack from Incipio. CES survival is not necessarily about human survival, as much as it is about gadget survival. Opening the survival kit revealed an offGRID iPhone 5 Backup Battery Case and the offGRID Portable Backup Battery, both of which came in handy on my trip. An iPhone must eat too and at a large day-long event where signal is weak, battery juice drains like a leaking faucet. 

Having portable power is essential when traveling or even if your older iPhone battery is not fit. Long plane rides are murder on an iOS device when chain smoking videos and Infinity Blade III sessions. Save yourself a dead device and take along a backup battery that is light and powerful… Read More


Mophie introduces new ‘Space Pack’ iPhone case with built-in battery and storage

By Cody Lee on Jan 7, 2014

Mophie added a new edition to its family of popular Juice Pack iPhone cases today. It’s called the Space Pack, and just like Mophie’s other cases, it features a built-in battery that can essentially double your iPhone’s battery life.

But what really stands out about this new accessory is that it also features built-in storage. That’s right, the Space Pack supports a number of different file types and can increase the capacity of your iPhone 5/5s by 16 or 32 GB… Read More


22 hours of battery life from a laptop? Toshiba says so

By Jeff Benjamin on Nov 19, 2013

I’ve been tripping over my own words in order to find the right phrase to express my satisfaction with the new MacBook Air. At well over 10 hours of battery life from a single charge, it’s been an absolute game changer for me.

I have the 11″ variety of the MacBook Air, and while Apple’s officially stated battery life is 9 hours, I’ve always done a bit better than that. The 13″ variety officially gets 12 hours of battery life, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it get somewhere in the 13-14 hour range.

Apple is famously bearish when it comes to battery life predictions, which means users generally end up with the pleasant surprise of even higher numbers than Apple’s company line. But now, out of seemingly nowhere, Toshiba is claiming that its upcoming 2.5 pound ultra book will get an insane 22 hours of battery life.

Unless those estimates are egregiously overstated, this could be very good news for the next generation MacBook Air. Read More


Retina iPad mini teardown: LG Display Retina panel, larger battery, A7 and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 13, 2013

Yesterday, I wondered on Twitter what was taking the repair magicians over at iFixit so long to do their ritual teardown of Apple’s stealthily-released iPad mini with Retina display. My prayers have been listened to as iFixit has torn apart the device, revealing its guts and components for the whole world to see. As you could imagine, they found an Apple-designed A7 chip inside, slightly underclocked versus the iPad Air.

On top of that, there are usual suspects in terms of wireless and supporting chips. As for the titular update to this iPad mini – the Retina display – the teardown analysis has identified an LG Display-supplied 7.9-inch in-plane switching LCD with a 2,048-by-1,536 screen resolution.

While the resolution is the same as the iPad 3/4/Air, the images are crisper at 326 pixels per inch (264 ppi on the iPad Air) due to a shrunken form factor, as noted MacStories editor Federico Viticci noted in his hands-on article.

Other tidbits follow… Read More


Despite smaller battery, iPad Air still lasts 24-hours as LTE hotspot

By Cody Lee on Nov 4, 2013

As noted by iFixit in its recent teardown, the iPad Air’s battery is noticeably smaller than its predecessor (32.9 Whr vs. 43 Whr). But thanks to the efficiency of the A7 chip and other internal mods, it still gets great battery life.

In addition to Apple’s usual claim of 10-hours of web-browsing, moving-watching, etc, a weekend test by the folks over at AnandTech shows that the newly-released tablet can still last for more than 24 hours as an LTE hotspot… Read More


Apple admits some iPhone 5s units exhibit battery woes due to ‘manufacturing issue’

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 29, 2013

In a rare but not entirely unprecedented response, Apple’s gone on the record Tuesday with The New York Times (of all publications) to admit that a fairly limited number of iPhone 5s units may be plagued with lower than expected battery life and slow charging issues due to what the company attributed to an unspecified “manufacturing issue”.

This isn’t your typical teething problem fixable in software: Apple has said it will provide owners of the affected phones with a replacement unit. Here’s Apple’s full statement on the matter… Read More


iPad rumors: redesigned Smart Covers, Retina iPad mini could bulk up slightly

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 14, 2013

In today’s roundup of the somewhat obvious Apple rumors, a new report has suggested that the upcoming iPad mini 2 will be a tad thicker than its predecessor, presumably in order to accommodate a bigger battery needed to drive Apple’s power-hungry Retina display. This is newsworthy as none of the leaks to date has pointed to added bulk.

The thicker iPad mini meme isn’t unexpected: watchful readers will remember that Apple’s third-generation iPad with Retina display turned out to be slightly thicker than the previous iPads, due to the larger battery inside… Read More


Is iOS 7 battery life getting you down? These tips may just help

By Oliver Haslam on Sep 22, 2013

It’s a situation we seem to find ourselves in with each iOS update, yet we always seem to be surprised when it happens. Alas, it seems that iOS 7 has left many of us with the same battery problems that plagued almost every other big point-0 release of the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad.

Anyone with a long memory will remember that we had your back when iOS 5 was causing chaos with iPhone 4S batteries a couple of years ago, and with iPhones the world over seemingly unable to hold a charge as long as they used to, we thought it might be time to offer one or two tips on trying to eek as many hours out of a charge as possible.

So, without further ado, let’s get started turning things off… Read More


Stronger battery inside iPhone 5s/5c detailed

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 12, 2013

Apple’s marketing honcho Phil Schiller noted during Tuesday’s iPhone 5s/5c keynote that both new iPhones feature a slightly bigger battery though he stopped short of giving us specifics. Now, Apple’s specs page would have us believe that both new iPhones feature essentially the same battery, though that’s not true.

Per Apple’s stats, both devices provide ten hours of talk time on 3G, 250 hours standby time, 8 hours of Internet use on 3G (10 hours on LTE or Wi-Fi), 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback.

What Apple didn’t tell us is how it’s managed to boost the iPhone 5s battery capacity by as much as ten percent. The iPhone 5c battery life gains are more modest at a respectable five percent compared to the iPhone 5… Read More


New Apple invention detects usage patterns to save iPhone battery life

By Cody Lee on Jul 25, 2013

Longer battery life is one of those things that’s usually at the top of people’s smartphone feature wish list. I know it is mine. But unfortunately, there hasn’t been any major new developments in mobile battery tech over the last few years.

Companies like Motorola are figuring it out though. The Google-owned maker just introduced a new handset with a staggering 48-hour battery life. And according to this patent application just published by the USPTO, Apple is too… Read More

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