Apple released iOS 11.2 to the public in the middle of the night Friday evening. The software updates brings support for Apple Pay Cash, and faster wireless charging speeds, but this unusual release time indicates that iOS 11.2 has more likely been pushed to fix an issue with a bug that just started appearing for iOS 11.1.2 users.

For the full list of fixes and new features in iOS 11.2, check out official release notes. For detailed information on the security content of iOS 11.2, read Apple’s support document.

Fix for a new date bug

The bug in question made some iPhones running iOS 11.1.2 crash when receiving local notifications from third-party applications. This bug strangely started happening on December 2nd.

Because this bug was already fixed in iOS 11.2 beta released Friday to testers, it seems Apple decided to release the software update to the public immediately rather than seeding another point update.

Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 also brings support for Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer mobile payment system that lets Apple users request and send money between each other. We have already published a pretty detailed overview and hands on demo of Apple Pay Cash, for those interested to learn more.

Faster wireless charging

iOS 11.2 also comes with support for faster 7.5W wireless charging for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. While it theoretically makes wireless charging faster, the jump from 5W to 7.5W support actually offers negligible improvements, as we’ve seen before.

Other bug fixes

Of course, iOS 11.2 also contains the usual bug fixes and stability improvements. If you see anything noticeable in this release, please make sure to let us know in the comments section.

You can download iOS 11.2 directly from our Downloads section.

  • Amit

    Does it have iMessages on iCloud?

    • Andrew Showmaker


      • Amit

        Annoying, is this one of their infamous secretly-disregarded promises?

  • Jose Rivera

    I knew iOS 11 was going to be the worst release of iOS to date. Even worse than iOS 8. It feels like a repeat of that time. iOS 8 felt unfinished and bloated. This is how I feel for iOS 11. A lot of the simplicity that was once there, is now gone because of “power use”. I’d rather have a nice looking OS that actually works than one that new bugs pop up on left an right. First it was a horrible stability mess from Beta 1-5, then the whole letter I to A [?], then I had an issue with the word “it” changing to “I.t” last week, and now this.

    • Nirvana

      A little redeeming stuff of iOS 11, it supports older hardware pretty well, especially 11.2. Albeit still a long way to being finished.

      • Jose Rivera

        I’m really glad the way iOS 11 handles the A9 and later. Can’t really say much good about the A8 and earlier with 1GB of RAM. The iPad Air sure as hell lags with the A7. Haven’t really seen the iPad Air 2 in action but the iPad 2017 (Air 3 as I like to call it), has great performance thanks to the A9. Apart from great speed, they need to fix the rest of the OS.

    • AMB_07

      I’m just calling it iOS Vista, a well-deserved title.

  • PhilBoogie

    Apple Pay Cash available in The Netherlands. Finally.

    • Bacillus

      I’m afraid you’ve got a new iOS11 bug (in dat geval)

      • PhilBoogie

        Toeval bestaat blijkbaar idd niet…

  • Juan Genao

    Im not seeing Apple Cash in my wallet after the update?

    • Gregory D Foster

      Neither am I.

      • Frankie Bloise

        Not available for me either. UK using carrier EE.

      • burge

        US only at present

    • Martin

      It’s ONLY in the US mate.

      • Juan Genao

        Im in the US…

      • Vinnie Bones

        Then you’re in the wrong state lol jk

      • @juangenao:disqus @disqus_29NJgdzNA5:disqus It hasn’t launched as yet. The release notes were misleading.

  • Martin

    Has anyone noticed that iOS 11.2 beta 6 has the same identifier as the final iOS 11.2 (15C114)? Would it mean that beta 6 = final release?

    • roygelbart


      • Martin

        Cheers mate

  • Juan Genao

    I just spoke with applecare. If you were not part of the beta, apple pay cash is still not available even with the new update. The person on the phone is saying they are getting flooded with calls about apple pay cash because the announcement was misleading.

    • nova12

      thanks. was wondering why I wasn’t seeing it. article should def be updated with this info.

    • Jim Hart

      I wonder when Apple Pay Cash will be working… has it not been activated at Apple yet, or are we going to have to wait for iOS 11.2.1 or 11.3 for it for the Apple Pay Cash Card to appear in Wallet for us to activate.

      • Martin

        Are you in the US mate?

      • Jim Hart

        Yes. I guess Apple rushed out 11.2 to squash a bug and Pay Cash wasn’t ready yet.

      • anonymous

        Damm it was hopping for to be ready so I can collect my bets

      • VITICO

        Mine has been ready since beta 5. You just have to go into settings and go under the wallet section and activate it..

      • anonymous

        It says service unavailable try later 🙁

  • Benedict

    That’s the disadvantage of all iPhones running the latest version – if there is a serious but, billions of phones are screwed at once.
    The long and partial rollout plus the diversity of Android phones are an advantage when it comes to this reliability.

    • burge

      That’s mainly because the networks need to add their crap it. And as for the diversity of it that a whole different issue altogether, as what works on one device might have issues on another.

      Apple control iOS and if a issue is found that issue is fixed on all devices that run that iOS at once and no waiting just because it has a different size display.

      • Benedict

        The point is that you can’t just take another device if you experience a critical bug which makes using it impossible. All devices are affected in the same way at the same time. That’s highly insecure.
        Display size is not a problem.

  • Geo

    Every time i try to add money to the apple pay cash the app crashes.

  • Up Stream

    There’s no new wallpapers like in the videos of 11.2

  • MMA Rules

    I’m in the U.S and iOS 11.2 and I can’t find Pay Cash anywhere, not in the wallet app, anywhere!!

  • Zack Morris

    Is there anyway to tell if the iPhone X is “fast charging”? I have the Belkin qi charger from the apple store.

    • No. No difference really.

      • Zack Morris

        Thanks. I was hoping for some indication like Samsung has on theirs. Oh well.

  • KR

    Has anyone got pixel discoloration on the iPhone X? Mine is quite noticible if the pixels are dark gray, they turn into a dark green, in my case is easy to observe in the “Invert Colors” section. I was told that maybe the update will fix but it didn’t, looks like Im gonna return it

    • burge

      Go book an Apple appointment.

    • bscaine

      Welcome to OLED display my friend

  • edwilk55

    Battery life is in the toilet. Even w a hard boot. Wish they would focus on that every time, but esp in a final release. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • anonymous

    So how do I active Apple Pay I’m on 11.2 don’t see that Apple Pay card in my wallet

  • André Le Comte

    I had to disable notifications for the BUY ME A PIE app to avoid this bug on iOS 11.0.1 (iPhone X).