Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, is leaving the company at year-end. Christie Smith, who spent 17 years as a principal at Deloitte, will be assuming Young Smith’s role, TechCrunch learned Friday.

Christie leads the Deloitte University Leadership Centers for Inclusion and Community Impact and is their Managing Principal for Consulting in the western region of the United States, overseeing more than 2,400 consulting practitioners and 250 principals and directors.

“We deeply believe that diversity drives innovation,” said an Apple spokesperson. “We’re thrilled to welcome an accomplished leader like Christie Smith to help us continue the progress we’ve made toward a more diverse workplace.”

Young Smith has only been Apple’s boss of diversity and inclusion, a position created just for her, since May of this year. Before that, she ran Apple’s global human resources for three years.

TechCrunch has learned that Christie Smith will report to Deidre O’Brien, Apple’s Vice President of People (another odd-sounding job title created just for her) since July 2017.

According to a source, Young Smith had been talking with Tim Cook about the next phase of her career since about a year ago, so this is a planned departure.

Apple’s diversity report shows the company is still predominantly run by white men.

Specifically, males make up 71% percent of the leaders at the company worldwide. 61% of Apple’s executives under 30 are men, too. White people make up 66% of Apple leaders in the United Staes. Only 3% of Apple’s US executives are black.

You can learn more about Apple’s inclusion and diversity policies and efforts at the official website, including data from the last four years.

  • czbird

    Road to hell is paved with good intentions..

  • Docpresley

    Apple dorsn’t believe diversity leads to innovation, why, beachside they innovated with a bunch of white guys who believed in hard work and excellence.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    I wonder how long it’ll be before the comment section gets disabled from toxic comments.

  • Byambaa

    I find it stupid to write here that xxx (which more than 50 is) percent are male etc, apple is a tech company, and how many women are interested in engineering? go to the university and see, male students are dominant in the programming classes.

    • Urname

      I think the idea is that it doesn’t make much sense for male students to be dominate in programming classes. So there must be external factors that are skewing the population.

  • M_Hawke

    Silly job titles and functions…

  • big Rafa

    boo.. everyone is supposed to like diversity?
    i dont

    • Urname

      You don’t have to like it, you also shouldn’t dislike it. You are allowed to be neutral on things…

      • big Rafa

        i dont get approvals from you, chill.. I DONT LIKE DIVERSITY. point

      • big Rafa

        your allowed to talk just and only for your single self okay?

  • Iskren Donev

    I’m all for having diversity but first and foremost I am for hiring competent professionals. So what if you appoint a white male in a leadership role? If he knows what he is doing and is genuinely the right fit for the job, then I’m all for it.

    • Urname

      Pretty sure most diversity policies are comparing between equally qualified candidates. And also saying that diversity is also one factor in the many factors that make a person qualified for a role.