Apple issues new diversity report: 54% of its US new hires are now minorities

Apple on Wednesday issued an updated diversity report, showing progress in its efforts to beef up the hiring of women and minorities. The iPhone-maker is one of many Silicon Valley firms that has been criticized for having a mostly white, male workforce—particularly at the executive level.

According to the latest numbers, 56% of its US employees are white and 69% of its global staffers are male, but there has been a boost in new-hires. Apple says 54% of the US new hires added within the last year are minorities, meaning their new hires are more diverse than current workers.

Apple adds more diversity to its Executive Profiles web page

Just three days after releasing its diversity report in which it was revealed that its employees are 55% of white and 70% male, Apple made an interesting move by adding five Vice Presidents to the Executive Profiles page on its website.

Of course, it could be the cynic in me believing that adding two women is just pure coincidence, but it’s definitely a timely addition.