Apple on Tuesday shared its most recent, and official, adoption rate figures for iOS 11 through its App Store dashboard webpage for developers.

According to the official stats, iOS 11 is now installed on 52 percent of compatible devices in the wild following its official release in September of this year, as measured by App Store on November 6. iOS 10 installations have dropped to 38 percent of compatible iOS devices while older iOS editions are still powering ten percent of compatible devices in the wild.

In other words, more than half of devices used iOS 11 a month and a half since its launch.

By comparison, iOS 9 reached 66 percent of devices in about the same time while iOS 10 managed to power about two-thirds of active devices less than a month following its launch.

iOS 11 released for public consumption 49 days ago on September 19.

iOS 10 peaked at 89 percent a few days before iOS 11 officially launched. Mixpanel said iOS 11 overtook iOS 10 on October 13 with the adoption rate pegged at 48 percent.

Meanwhile, Android 8.0 Oreo is currently powering about 0.2 percent of active devices.


  • Kevin Chen(陈凯文)

    Watch iOS 11 adoption jump to 80% when iOS 11 jailbreak lands

    • big Rafa

      when jailbreak used to be mainstream, only 1% of iphone users jailbreaked their devices..
      i dont see where you dream those numbers LOLOL

    • Icebox766

      When there’s an iOS 11 jb if it doesn’t support a then-currently signed version, then it will have no effect at all. I’m pretty pessimistic here, I don’t think we’re going to see a jb for IOS 11 any time soon.

  • AMB_07

    Ughh so far iOS 11 feels like the Windows Vista of iOS with all those bugs.

  • Benedict

    interesting development…

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I just MIGHT update to iOS 11 if WiFi and Bluetooth Control Center toggles worked like they were supposed to and if Notification Center defaulted to the widgets (page 1) view when invoked like it used to.

    Till then, I’m sticking to iOS 10.3.3.

  • this is because apple forces the issue, not because people actually choose of their own volition to upgrade

    • Raimis

      You can opt never to install new iOS… It will show you popups like once a day, but they will never install it for you (at some point they will show you the screen that looks exactly like passcode unlock screen that will have a text on the bottom saying “enter passcode to install iOS update between 02:00 and 06:00… this is little tricky, but yet, if you rpess cancel ios will never be updated). How do i know this? I develop for iOS, i have many devices that are intentionally left with older iOS versions that I use on daily basis.

      • that’s my point – apple annoys the hell out of you , *EVERY* – *SINGLE* – *DAY* with another reminder. reminders that are not simply dismissible with one tap. it takes at least 2. and God forbid you tap the wrong one, then you have several more taps

        so TECHNICALLY – yes, they’re not forcing you to install it. you are correct. but they make your life so annoying, and they pop those boxes up at the most inconvenient times, EVERy day, that users eventually go through such contact exhaustion that they give up

        furthermore, apple lets ZERO people downgrade

        so when fanboys talk about the adoption of iOS, it’s never the true number. when apple stops annoying the hell out of people, and allows downgrading (neither of which will ever happen) THEN you’ll see the numbers of people adopting turn downward in dramatic fashion.

  • I only update to fix the shit the current update messed up.