Prolific smartphone leaker Benjamin Geskin on Monday tweeted possible OLED iPhone pricing.

Citing a friend of a friend who works at Apple as his source, he said the entry-level iPhone 8 (or iPhone X, iPhone Edition or whatever Apple names the device) with 64 gigabytes of storage would start at $999, with other storage SKUs adding an extra $100 to the base price.

The iPhone 8 pricing should be as follows:

  • 64GB iPhone 8—$999
  • 256GB iPhone 8—$1,099
  • 512GB iPhone 8—$1,199

For context, this is what the iPhone 7 Plus models retail for in the US:

  • 32GB iPhone 7 Plus—$769
  • 128GB iPhone 7 Plus—$869
  • 256GB iPhone 7 Plus—$969

Prior reports have suggested that Apple’s next iPhone could be its most expensive yet.

Fast Company, citing “a source with knowledge of Apple’s plans,” made claims back in February that the OLED iPhone would be priced at more than $1,000 due to advanced technologies, including the OLED display panel which is estimated to cost the company roughly twice as much as the LCD panels used in current iPhones.

Last week, The New York Times said the baseline OLED iPhone could start at $999.

According to a pair of reports this month, Apple could skip the S-branding entirely for the first time in eight years and call the OLED iPhone “iPhone X” while updates to the iPhone 7 series would be marketed as “iPhone 8” and “iPhone 8 Plus”.

What are your predictions in terms of iPhone 8 pricing?

Sound off in the comment section below.

iPhone 8 mockup by Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek

  • Jerry

    You’ll be an idiot to need that much space space unless your and photographer

    • Juan Genao

      Exactly, unless you have tons of movies or something, I have my phone loaded with aps and still at 32gb used of 128. 64gb is plenty for most. I think that 64gb model will probably be out of stock pretty quickly though, and people will buy the higher storage just to get it first.

      • Lit

        Although wasn’t there a speed/memory difference between the 32gb vs 128gb/256gb?
        I could’ve sworn there were videos on that issue. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t pull that stunt again..

      • websyndicate

        Long story but I have a 32gb iPhone 7+ I have to rely on the cloud for everything. My photos and video are uploaded to Google and iCloud. I just pay a couple of bucks to each to get tons of more storage. I will try to get a bigger model this time around. 256 sound great to me. As much as the cloud is great I still need local storage 64gb will not be enough. I really want at least 128gb.

    • Benedict

      You’ll be an idiot if you won’t buy the 512 GB option but instead 64 GB for already 1000$…

      • Courtney Macfarlane

        Hahaha exactly! Not many people use their brains on this topic.

    • askep3

      *unless you need it.

      Why even comment lol, people will buy what they need, or can afford

    • Changineer

      Apple is in a memory selling business, you know…

    • WhenYouSeeAWildStreetBat

      For real and if you need that much space for pictures and you’re a photographer you’re better off just buying a legit DSLR a camera for way cheaper and getting a few quality lenses

    • websyndicate

      You’d be an idiot photographer if you’re using the iPhone to shoot pictures with instead of the a D/SLR.

  • mahe

    What is that “advanced technology”?

  • Benedict

    Compared to the small version, the 512 GB model is cheap. Impressive.

    • pnh

      Agreed but who really needs 512 GB? I have a 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus and it’s showing 92 GB available.

  • Vinnie Bones

    *inserts meme* “The price is too damn high!!*

  • I’d like to say those prices are on point for the 8.. however the X edition will probably be higher than those prices. Which is just one of the many reasons why I’m put off by any new Apple device this year. Not enough of an advancement to warrant such a change. Not to mention the X is super small compared to the plus models. Granted its bezel free but dang is it ever so small. I know I’d hate it if I were to get it. I want a large phone, my hands cant deal with the small equipment… ladies?? Lol But in all seriousness, the 512 price point is quite amazing if that is the true price. I take tons of photos/videos and design programs so that wouldn’t even fill if I got it.. so I’d probably still go 256.

  • Rowan09

    No surprise I gave these prices about a month ago. I think however that Apple is making a greedy mistake by starting at 64GB instead of 128GB. I have a 128GB phone now and been spoiled with that much space. I’ll see if I can go back to 64GB, but it seems like I’ll be getting the 256Gb.

  • Blacklight: Retribution

    jesus christ

  • With 4K on the front and back…
    512 it is.

  • iByron

    Why do you give only cursory (and easily misread) notice of the other phone expected to be released at the same time? You and your colleagues seem intent on perpetuating the idea that the only new phone expected on September 12 will be the higher end “X” when the same leakosphere suggests that there will be a standard update to the 7 (either “7s” or “8”) at the standard prices announced as well. We expect that from the non-Apple press, but the Apple press has been playing right along.

  • Jimmy Pomerleau

    The thing is the 512gb version flash memory will be considerably faster then the other variants, it’s not about the space, the more channels the faster the phone reads/write on this memory.

    iPhone 7 256gb up to 40% faster then 32gb

  • JulianZH

    Going to pass this year.

  • jaimem17

    $1000 for a phone? what have we become? I’m sure it’s awesome but the only product that justifies a $1000+ price is a computer

  • Xavi Bravo Giménez

    How much is going to drop the price of the iPhone 7 then? What do you guys think?