MyDrivers today shared images of what appear to be purported iPhone 8 dummy units that originally surfaced on Chinese microblogging service Weibo, depicting three possible colorways for the upcoming OLED-based iPhone: White, Black and Champagne Gold.

The latter option is “closer in copper” in its color and visually similar to Rose Gold devices.

UPDATE: Here are a few more images, via leak aggregator SlashLeaks.

We cannot vouch for the authenticity of these photographs, but they do seem to depict dummy units rather than actual devices so we’re re-posting them here for the discussion’s sake.

According to prolific smartphone leaker Benjamin Geskin, iPhone 8 could include a fourth, mirror-like reflective version which hasn’t been used for iPhones before. Seen below is a side-by-side comparison between that standard Black color option and the new Copper Gold.

The backside includes minimal bezels around the sides and a vertically aligned dual-camera system with what appears to be LED flash built into the bulge, between the two lenses.

As we said before, iPhone 8 is thought to come outfitted with 3D sensors on both its front and rear for features like enhanced augmented reality, laser autofocus and more.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the OLED iPhone would offer fewer casing colors than the LCD-based iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus models in order to “maintain its boutique image”.

What would be your preferred color option for iPhone 8?

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  • Jay

    I love how the ‘leaks’ usually only show either the back or the front. Rarely are both shown in the same leak. Hopefully the camera lens are color matching because the black doesn’t look that good.

    • Agreed, but these shots almost certainly depict dummy units someone in China created based on the rumors.

  • Jmmso

    Horrendous and I don’t understand why those rumors says that will be a radically different design for iPhone 8.

    • Well, for all we know these could be backplates for iPhone 7s Plus

      • Jmmso

        I hope so but every leaks we know show a iPhone 8 design identically to iPhone 6/6S/7.

      • How’s so? No Home button, almost entire front face is screen, that notch up the top, no chin whatsoever. Seems to be visibly different than existing design, no?

      • Jmmso

        The front, I agree with you, but not the back. Honestly, I don’t see so different form factor compared with iPhone 6/6S/7.

      • mickey

        What do you suppose they do with the back? It’s a clean slab with a camera and a logo. It’s 2017, how different can it be at this point other than internals/software?

  • Charlie

    That’s the thing, when the iPhone 6 first leaked many people were saying how ugly the phone was and Apple would never name their product called “Plus”. At the end everyone embraces the new design and Apple named the bigger one “Plus”… it’s going to be the same with the next generation

  • Jamessmooth

    Put a black face on the “copper” color and I might just bite!

  • ck125

    Well I hope a lot of people want the copper since it is new so I have no issues getting the black model. Would love them to make another red model but with a black front this time.

  • mickey

    White bezels look awful. They are also thicker than I hope they actually turn out to be but black will blend it much better if that’s the case.

  • bradmacpro

    It reminds me of the classic Mac beige, just a bit darker.

  • Mallouk Malek

    not totally sold to this, I liked the bezel-less galaxy but somehow this look odd on iphone