Apple today released a fourth beta of iOS 11 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to its registered developers and members of the Apple Developer Program.

The new beta should release shortly to public beta testers, likely within the next 24 hours.

To install iOS 11 beta 4 (build number 15A5327g), use the Software Update mechanism in the Settings app on your iOS device. Your iPhone or iPad must be running an appropriate configuration profile, which is available through Apple’s Dev Center portal for developers.

ROUNDUP: Everything new in iOS 11 beta 4

Here’s our hands-on walkthrough of the changes in iOS 11 beta 4.

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The full list of changes includes the following items:

Notifications & Lock screen

  • Lock screen notifications can be swiped right to Open
  • Lock screen notifications can be swiped left to View or Clear
  • Full swipe to the left clears the notification
  • Tapping a Lock screen notification brings up a new Touch ID interface

App switcher

  • App switcher automatically closes when all apps have been cleared
  • App switcher won’t open if there are no recent apps

Visual tweaks

  • Slightly redesigned app icons for the Contacts, Reminders, Notes and Safari apps
  • New splash screens in the Photos and Notes apps
  • Updated Timer icon in Control Center
  • Revamped Contacts icon in the Settings app
  • Thicker Wi-Fi bars in the iOS status bar
  • Cleaner icon for cellular data in the iOS status bar
  • Icons for Web, App Store and Maps search options in Spotlight
  • “Broadcasting” for Screen Recording in Control Center renamed to “Start Recording”
  • Subtle Maps design changes on iPad
  • Tweaked photo drawer in the Messages app
  • New gray bar to scroll through photos in the Messages app


  • New animation for Low Power Mode toggle in Control Center
  • New Mute animation on Control Center on iPad
  • Faster animations on Plus iPhone models
  • Screen Recording in Control Center has 3-second countdown animation


  • New Capacity section in Settings → General → About shows total amount of storage
  • Pull-to-refresh for the Updates tab on App Store
  • Airdrop settings are now under Settings → General
  • 32-bit apps (unsupported by iOS 11) are now greyed out in App Store
  • Fewer crashes and unexpected quits
  • Icons can be moved around the Home screen more easily
  • Vertically oriented key icon in Settings → Accounts & Passwords
  • Message sync settings now appear in iCloud preferences
  • Bluetooth toggle in Control Center now stops devices from connecting
  • Siri settings moved from the General section to its own section within Settings
  • New male/female Siri voices for Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Dutch and Swedish
  • New female Siri voices for English and Mexican Spanish
  • Upgraded Siri voice for both genders of Japanese and Chinese
  • “On my iPhone/iPad” location has been removed from the Files app
  • Updated settings in the Camera app on iPad
  • New Arabic keyboard for the Najdi dialect

Originally released as a developer-only preview at WWDC in June, iOS 11 includes all-new iPad multitasking features with the Dock and drag and drop, a customizable Control Center, a redesigned App Store, a new Files app, AirPlay 2 with multi-room audio, additional Siri capabilities, visual refinements with Apple Music-like bolder headings across stock apps, an improved Messages app with a redesigned app drawer and more.

TUTORIAL: How to switch from iOS 11 beta to official iOS release

iOS 11 will release for public consumption this fall across supported iOS device models.

If you have identified new outward-facing user features in iOS 11 beta 4, tell us on Twitter, shoot us an email at or post your findings in the comments section and we’ll make sure to update the article with new information as it becomes available.

  • Shadowelite123

    Oh gosh yes its real lol. Anyways, thanks for the update guys!

  • In the current public iOS 11 beta, the apps don’t download sometimes and the homescreen is super slow, I mean editing the home screen or adding/removing apps from folders is very slow. Anyone has any fix? Also is there an option to bring back labels to icons in the dock, and how to hide all music in the music app, only show the downloaded music, does anyone know?

    • Y2J: Keeper of the List

      As far as Music, there is a “Downloaded Music” section on the main page of the Library tab. The other things are expected from an early beta.

  • Jay

    I heard that dev beta 3 and public beta 2 were

    • Jay Dee

      I can confirm public beta 2 is indeed

      • Wee Ymm

        Lol yea this beta 2 is no joke.

    • Shadowelite123

      Ive had issues with beta 1 and 2. Beta 3 seems to have fixed all my most concerning issues.

    • Ds

      I downgraded to iOS 10.3.3 because of how many issues I was having with iOS 11 beta 2. I probably will not install anymore beta’s from iOS 11 until the final build is released.

      • Shadowelite123

        What issues were you having?

      • Ds

        App store not updating even after power cycle, weather widgets not updating for hour or just showing no info at all, ringtone/text tones continuing even after answering call or viewing text, notification not responding to anything I tried, keyboard constantly refreshing (blinking) while in Messages but fine everywhere else. Location banner constantly showing up for a app that I need to run location services for “always” cause if I have it set to “while using” iOS kills the app in the background and it disconnects from my watch (Nixon Mission). screen rotation glitching and not returning to normal until multiple power cycles. that was just a few. and all of them were on a fresh restore before updating to iOS 11 on a iPhone 7+.

      • Shadowelite123

        Maybe I missed where you said it, but did you do a fresh restore on iOS 11? Or was the restore before an OTA update to iOS 11? I had major wifi issues on beta 1 and 2 but beta 3 fixed it. I have an iPhone 7 Plus as well and beta 3 and 4 seem to be working quite well. I have no issues with the app store. I haven’t experienced any of those issues except the rotation thing but I didn’t need to reboot or respring my iPhone to fix it.

  • New icons, new app launch UI from LS.

  • [RECON1]

    Swiping to view/open/clear has been brought back to the Cover Sheet.

    Saw this posted on another forum and Sebastien on Twitter.

    • Eric Ortiz

      Bout time!

  • techfreak23

    Hopefully they fixed the issue with App Shortcuts using 3D Touch on the home screen… it’s been really annoying trying to use them on the Settings icon. It lags for a second and then takes the home screen into edit mode

  • Nush Firoz

    Safari seems snappier!

  • Anthony

    This beta release is a vast improvement over the previous betas. Definitely felt beta 2 was even worse than the first; beta 3 was an improvement over those, and like I said, this is one far and away better. Has exceeded expectations thus far, I know it’s only a few hours old, but based on previous betas and this being still some time out from public release, very pleased with the progress made in this beta release.