If you’re jailbroken on iOS 10 and yearn to make your device look like it’s running iOS 11, then you’re in luck because prominent developers are taking on a full-scale project to bring several iOS 11 features to the jailbreak community before the operating system update is released this Fall.

The project is being undertaken by iOS developers LaughingQuoll and Antique_Dev, and will be called Eleven. It will be a collection of multiple different jailbreak tweaks that each focus on specialized features of iOS.

Several of the jailbreak tweaks that make up this project are already completed, but LaughingQuoll says the current plan is to release all of these tweaks at once.

It’ll be possible to purchase each of the tweaks individually if you only want some of Eleven’s feature, but you can also opt to purchase the entire Eleven suite at a discounted price if you would prefer to have every feature covered by all the tweaks.

Among the packages you can expect in Eleven are:

  • Lock screen media controls: Mimics the redesigned Lock screen media control interface of iOS 11 on jailbroken devices. This will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • Video player: Brings an iOS 11-style video player to jailbroken devices, complete with the redesigned volume HUD and the works. This will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • Dynamic Dock: A jailbreak tweak inspired by the Dock on iOS 11 for iPads, but will work on all jailbroken iOS 10 devices. This will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • Control Center: Brings the redesigned iOS 11 modular Control Center to jailbroken devices. This will be available in Cydia for $1.50.
  • New widget UI: Makes accessing Siri, widgets, applications, and Spotlight easier from anywhere on jailbroken devices, just like in iOS 11. This tweak will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • Spotlight improvements: Brings iOS 11-esque Spotlight features to jailbroken devices. This tweak will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • Camera UI improvements: Adds new functions to the Camera app on jailbroken devices that are reminiscent to the updated experience in iOS 11. This tweak will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • iOS 11 Notification Center: Gives Notification Center an iOS 11-styled makeover on jailbroken devices. This tweak will be available in Cydia for $1.00.
  • iOS 11 passcode screen: Redesigns the passcode input screen on jailbroken devices to look and feel more like it does in iOS 11. This tweak will be available in Cydia for $1.00.

The price for buying Eleven as a complete package will be $4.50, which is $5.00 off of the price you’d pay if you bought all the tweaks above individually.

LaughingQuoll has been teasing his progress with the tweak suite since iOS 11 was initially released to beta testers. Here is a teaser of the iOS 11-inspired music controls on a jailbroken device:

You can also check out the following demo of the iOS 11-inspired Notification Center on a jailbroken device.

While many parts of Eleven are still under development at this point in time, you can track their progress by visiting the developer’s web page, which has indicators that illustrate which projects are done and which ones aren’t.

All of the tweaks will purportedly be released in one fell swoop after they’re completed. This means we shouldn’t see a rushed product, which is better for long-run stability and yields greater satisfaction from users.

Eleven will be a great release for anyone who wants the iOS 11-like experience without losing their jailbreak, but to complete the touch, we recommend downloading the iOS 11 wallpaper to compliment the tweaks.

There’s currently no ETA for Eleven’s launch just yet, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress and will cover the release as soon as its available. In the meantime, check out all the features iOS 11 comes standard with that the jailbreak community has offered for a while now.

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  • Blacklight: Retribution

    Will there ever be an iOS 11 jailbreak?

    • Iskren Donev

      I’m sure there will be. But we might have to wait quite a bit.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Jailbreak as we knew is gone forever, but who knows we might get a stable dope untethered jailbreak on future iOS.
      Jailbreaking since iOS 4.

      • Jack Plays

        Actually @AntiqueDev, a tweak dev is developing an iOS 11 jailbreak called Tirgris.

    • There could be. Every year someone seems to surprise us.

  • Iskren Donev

    Waiting for iOS 11-inspired drag and drop support.

  • So Young

    Sounds great to me. With this tweak coming, I’m definitively stay on my iOS 10.2 jailbreak. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Mu friend was showing off the CC on his iPhone 6s iOS 11 couple of days back and I told him that a tweak for this is definitely coming to iOS 10.
    I am not updating to iOS 11 as it will make my iphone 6 slower as it already is. Wish I had stayed on iOS 8, best last known jail breakable firmware.

  • sg1969

    lol it’s hilarious how people always complain that iOS steals from thew jailbreak community. But nobody complains that the jailbreak community also steals from iOS.

    • I’ve never complained, I just point it out. Better stock features are a good thing.

      • sg1969

        it wasn’t really aimed at you, just pointing out that whenever a new version of iOS comes out, people are quick to jump on the Apple hating bandwagon and point out all the tweaks they “stole” from the jailbreak community. But nobody ever seems to care when it’s done the other way around. I’m all for “stealing”, either way, as long as it makes the final product better

      • Jim Witte

        But a lot of the “reverse stealing” is because there isn’t a iOS 11 jailbreak. At least I assume there isn’t a zero-day exploit. Is it possible that Apple could manage to lock it down enough that a jailbreak *wouldn’t* be possible?

        I personally think they should “semi-officially” *endorse* a “jailbreak API”. Specifically a “semi-tethered” break – it must be physically connected a Mac/PC to do, but would survive a reboot. It would would require authentication and user interaction, probably have a delay of some kind (“now wait an hour..” and authenticate again), etc.

        That would (most likely) prevent malicious people from sneaking into your hotel room, jailbreaking your iPhone, and installing malware, and allow Apple to beef up security. But it would allow techies who want to expand the system “beyond the walled garden” to do so.

        Perhaps they already do this – they understand the strange symbiotic relationship between their UX improvements and the jailbreak community. So they “purposefully” leave in some obscure security holes somewhere.

        Of course, the danger (for them) of making it “official” is that then you could have a bunch of “interface wannabes” making all sorts of sh***y UX enhancements, which would “tarnish Apple’s UX brand”.

        But as I understand it, jailbreaking *now* is pretty damn simple – once it’s discovered. So the possibility of such “UX brand dilution” is *already* a “possible problem” for Apple. But apparently (I guess) it isn’t *that* big a problem, and hasn’t “diminished the brand”.

  • twd_2003

    I downloaded the iOS 11 developer beta (I had a back-up on iTunes on my PC) How do I go back to iOS 10.3.2

  • Susie

    I knew it was just a matter of time… I’ll happily pay the 5 bucks and keep my jailbreak on my 7 Plus. I’m still up in the air on my 12.9 iPad Pro however… there are so many features being added I might update that to iOS 11. My Mini will definitely get the update since it’s on 10.3.1 anyway and I’ll at least get to test it first.