Prolific leakster Benjamin Geskin today shared some new images on Twitter that appear to show CNC-milled manufacturing molds along with a technical diagram for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8. The images were obtained through SlashLeaks and, assuming genuine, probably taken by a factory worker. If anything, they serve as yet another indication that iPhone 8 will have vertically-stacked cameras and no Touch ID on the back.

As can be seen on the photos top of post, the claimed manufacturing molds appear to match the schematics sheet, pictured below. You can clearly see the cutouts for the vertical cameras, the power button and the Lightning port.

What you don’t see on the backside is a cutout for Touch ID that we saw on some earlier leaks. Has Apple really managed to integrate Touch ID into the display assembly? Only time will tell. If the claimed diagram is anything to go by, however, there will be no Touch ID on the back.

Am I mistaken or does this technical drawing depict a slightly thicker and larger device?

At any rate, we’re looking at three possible scenarios here.

A) Apple has found a way to build an in-screen fingerprint reader on mass scale; B) iPhone 8 will have a fingerprint reader built into its elongated power button on the right side; and C) there will be no Touch ID on iPhone 8 because rumored 3D sensors along with vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser technology from Lumentum will enable advanced and accurate biometric authentication, even in low-light situations.

Your thoughts and predictions?

Source: Benjamin Geskin on Twitter via SlashLeaks

  • Boaz van Veen

    announce and delay it apple. We can wait 2 extra months for a product that resembles apple’s quality standards. Dont let those standards fall deeper then they already are.

  • hell yes! no back fingerprint

  • David Bannerman

    Whatever the mold is, it’s a pretty rough CNC job. Most likely a case manufacturer, covering their bases with an initial best guess of final design.

    • SohrabR

      You’re probably right. But case manufacturers buy info on the actual measurement.

  • techfreak23

    No Touch ID? That’s super sketchy speculation. I highly doubt Apple would ditch Touch ID completely for facial recognition, especially since they’ve integrated it so well across their product line at this point.

    • Juschan

      its not about ditching it but integrating it in the frontpanel so u only need to put ur finger on the screen

      • techfreak23

        I’m talking about option C that was listed man… great if it’s in the screen, but anywhere else is not going to live up to my expectations. I would rather they delay it and get that functionality rather than relocating Touch ID.

    • jameskatt

      No Touch ID = No Apple Pay. Not going to happen.

  • Abhijeet Gupta
  • Jaimee Allen

    What about scenario 4? A Touch ID physical home button front and center like every previous iPhone? Everyone is assuming it to be fact that Apple will follow suit with Samsung and release an all screen phone. This hasn’t been confirmed by any means. All we have are rumors. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Apple sticks with a more traditional design similar to the iPhone 7. Not what I’m hoping at all but like I said, wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Rowan09

      Then that wouldn’t make sense because they are suppose to release a 7S/7S+ as well with the 8 (or whatever it will be called).

    • Donato Bearint

      Yea your right Apple will probably just release another iPhone 7 with a faster processor. And then Samsung will 100% take over the market share. Apple hasn’t done anything worth mentioning in years. Not even close. So if they can at least even try to keep up with the current giant and they’re going to fall even further behind than they already have so if you don’t think they’re going to radically change the phone and make improvements then you do not understand how things work, specially not he’ll Apple dozen new don’t even need to be part of this discussion because you have no concept of what’s going on at all

  • Urname

    Why would you need a mold for a glass backed and fronted device? Glass panels are not molded. You might need a mold for the metal rim, but seeing as Apple loves to mill their parts, that’s also unlikely. So either what you’ve got here is the mold (once again, since they like to mill, so still unlikely) for the iPhone 7s or I call major bullshit on the leak.

  • Md Asadujjaman

    I think that is for iPad

  • Jay Phillips

    My theory is the new iPhone 8 will have no touch sensitive surface. It will use mind control and you can log in with just a thought. 😉

    • Shinonuke

      Love the idea