Apple in March 2017 purchased the powerful iOS automation app Workflow. Even though Workflow is now free and the company has refunded some of the users who have paid for the app, it seems that no new features will be coming to Workflow going forward. That’s according to French blog iGeneration, which reported Thursday that the Workflow team’s confirmed that the software will no longer be updated with new features.

Any future updates will strictly focus on resolving bugs and compatibility issues. The information was corroborated in the latest episode of the Accidental Tech Podcast featuring Marco Arment, Casey Liss and John Siracusa.

Workflow was last updated on March 22, 2017 with compatibility requirements, integration updates and bug fixes. Following the acquisition, the app has gone free but some services have since been removed, including several Google services.

If the reports are to be trusted, Apple may be planning to implement Workflow functionality across iOS and possibly even macOS were it to augment or completely replace Automator and scripting technologies with Workflow technology.

At any rate, we should learn more about the company’s plans for the app at Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Grab Workflow for free on App Store.

Source: iGeneration (Google Translate)

  • iBanks

    Still a proud purchaser.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I really want to use this app more and have tried to create some workflows but can’t seem to get them to work properly. For instance I’m trying to get the “Play a playlist” workflow to work properly, it’ll always play the first song of the playlist and then just stop after that without continuing on to the next track. Creating PDFs from a website and then saving it in the Photos app or Scanbot works a treat though.

    • Dave Kurt

      “Get playlist > play music” doesn’t work? Might be a bug? Try Quick Look in replacement of play music maybe.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Quick Look is a good substitute, though it only opens the files, I still have to press play again. Thanks for the tip though.

        Also, yes, you have a good memory. That was what I discussed a while back. Well done!

      • Dave Kurt

        Yeah, although not as seamless, it should get the job done. I’ve recently got into app URL schemes and perhaps with that you can achieve a more seamless workflow? Basically unload the request through a third party application that supports URL scheme and can access your playlists on the music application. I don’t know of any… There’s similar and useful workflows, such as; Safari to Puffin, YouTube to Spotify and Open in ProTube. Idk. Good luck though and happy workflowin’! 😀

  • WildWolf

    I didn’t like seeing they are removing things