Facebook last week rolled out a Snapchat-esque Stories feature to all users of its mobile app. So far, most users seem to be ignoring these glorified auto-vanishing slideshows so the company is introducing some visual tweaks, possibly in an effort to boost usage of the feature.

As first noticed by The Verge, friends who aren’t using Stories now appeared ghosted at the app’s top as a bit of encouragement for the new feature.

Originally, circular profile images of your friends who have posted a Story appeared at the top of the interface. If none of your friends used the feature, all you saw was white space along with a Your Story button for posting your own Story.

The app now fills out this space with both your friends’ Stories and grayed-out profile pictures of friends who have yet to post one. Tapping a ghosted picture yields a message informing you that this person hasn’t added to their Story recently.

This behavior is different than Instagram Stories, where friends’ Stories are greyed out after you have viewed them but the Stories section at the top never gets populated with profiles that haven’t posted a Story of their own.

Just like Snapchat Stories, Facebook’s version lets you post photographs and videos spiced up with doodles, effects, text, smileys, stickers and so forth. Your Stories are shown on your Timeline and may appear in your friends’ News Feed.

Like with Snapchat, they automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Do you use Facebook Stories at all?

If so, how often do you post to your Story?

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Source: The Verge

  • Zebhela

    Facebook lost their mind, Seriously!

    • BlackPantherK

      Forcing people to use stuff or to download separate apps… They are desperate no doubt.

      • Maybe, but their Messenger strategy has paid off substantially. I was actually a very early supporter of separating Messenger and Facebook apps. And look how Messenger has evolved. It wouldn’t have been able to within the flagship Facebook app.

      • Zebhela

        I like the separation too.. but all this crappy stuff they’re adding trying to become Snapchat is a joke in my opinion.

  • What’s odd to me is that Facebook, out of all of the other places they tried to implement stories, seemed to be the best fit for it. After all, it is where ALL of your friends have accounts. I thought it would fit best there. I’ve seen maybe 2 stories after a full week. It’s really strange.

    • Christopher Morris

      I think that maybe the people that use Snapchat and instagram aren’t really as active on Facebook like they are in the other sites.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      I thought the same thing! I was excited to finally get more than 30 views on my stories like I do on snapchat. Lol but sadly that hasn’t happened. Im very surprised.

  • Mike M. Powell

    Inb4 iOS native iMessage has Stories implemented in iOS 11. I’m calling it now! Watch it happen!

  • @joshbauer303

    Facebook is a joke nowadays. Fighting yourself for your own piece of the pie. Just going to be another failed attempt at copying a company that’s already held the entire market. Just like… what was that failed snapchat app… Slingshot?

    • Why is competition a bad thing? Why should users only have one option to decide to use? I’d rather not live in a world where I HAVE to use something.

  • techfreak23

    Stories started on Snapchat and that’s the only place I’ll ever use it. To me, this bs is just cluttering instagram and now Facebook… smdh… it’s funny that Facebook decided to remove the messaging part of the main app, which is a crucial part, because they didn’t want their main app to be “bloated” yet they’re adding all of this garbage to it now…

    • That’s is actually not why they removed Messenger from the main app. They removed it because the wanted to build Messenger into a platform, which they have. A billion Messenger users, second only to Facebook. And now you don’t even need a Facebook account to use Messenger. That’s yet another outlet for them to capitalize on.

  • Eric Mason

    No interest in this “feature” at all.

  • Picapollo

    As soon as I saw the Facebook story feature I automatically deleted my account…. smh

  • AlphaPoppy

    I have 100s of friends on Facebook and only one of them has used this feature. Useless!

  • Andrieux Querido

    Useles Crap