Apple today published four new ads on its YouTube channel that continue to position its iPad Pro tablet as being better than a computer. The four new commercials, running sixteen seconds each, use the tagline “Real Problems… Answered” and appear to be based on typical PC user tweets.

The videos promote the tablet as a device that’s free of wires, immune to viruses, faster than most laptops and able to run Microsoft Office apps and connect to fast LTE cellular networks.

Give the new ads a quick watch, then meet us in comments.

Yes, these videos use real tweets from real people.

Watch the commercials below and let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Better than a computer

“Your computer could be better than a computer, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

Don’t hunt for Wi-Fi

“Your computer could get internet without Wi-Fi, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

Do more with Word

“You could do more with Word, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

No PC viruses

“You wouldn’t get PC viruses, if your computer was an iPad Pro.”

Tim Cook, of course, insists that iPad Pro is a real computer.

“I think if you’re looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one? Yes, the iPad Pro is a replacement for a notebook or a desktop for many, many people. They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones,” he said recently.

Are these ads corny or memorable, do you think?

Source: Apple on YouTube

  • Joey_Z

    Can it run Crysis?

    • iPad Pro doesn’t run clunky old PC software

      • Connecting Mac User 

        I love the way you firing this guys still living on stone age

      • Joey_Z

        lol, up voting yourself?

    • AMB_07

      It can run Angry Birds!

  • Denver Morgan

    Without mouse support the iPad pro is not better than a laptop period.

    • Pencil?

      • Blip dude


      • The King

        Can a pencil double click? An iPad Pro can not beat any computer. At the price they are selling it, I can build a computer with more specs and run it to do anything. When a pro can run Windows, Mac OS, and Linux at the same time, let me know. When it can run computer games, or can actually let me drop and drag files from one computer to another, let me run torrents and than download the files or see, then we can talk.

      • The Pool Man

        This stubborn @$$ stance on the trackpad made me —

        1. Give up on iPads
        2. Give up on iPhones
        3. Explore Android and Windows 10

        The result? In a home that owned two iPhones, an iMac, an iPad and a Macbook — we now have that same iMac, two Asus Zenbook flips, two OnePlus 3s, and a silly little Voyo Mini PC connected to our Samsung TV.

        To prove I’m not a troll but an annoyed (nearly former) Apple user —

        1. The OnePlus phones are %94 as satisfying as the iPhones. In some circumstances more so — like already having Amoled, already having 64GBs of storage, already having a WHOPPING 6GBs of RAM — and a plenty fast processor. Camera could be better but doesn’t suck. Everywhere text isn’t here yet but is looming. If you’re an iPhone user who has a life outside of your phone you’ll be stunned at how perfectly acceptable these phones are. The catch is you must get familiar with Nova Launcher if you want your droid to feel more iOSish in some ways. It helped me.

        2. The Asus Zenbook Flips are say %88 as satisfying as MacBooks and %65 as satisfying as an iPad. These 2 in 1s can play the tablet game but really you won’t be using it as a tablet so often. But I find I wasn’t using the iPad as much as I thought I would and really it’s main feature was a portable home TV — which this Zenbook handles fine. As for the PC and Windows 10 again it’s no macOS but it doesn’t suck. If macOS is a straight A grade, Windows is a B. But iOS is a B- in my mind because of how limited and restrictive it is. My ‘iPad’ does come with a trackpad. My Zenbooks, by the by, are most similar to the MacBook’s with Core M processors.

        Here’s the painful part. Not for me but for folks a little stuck on Apple and it’s exaggerated talking points. “Greater resale value.’ “Can’t compare apples to Apples.” “Android and Windows are a cesspool of viruses.” “If it’s not an Apple it breaks in ten minutes.” All exaggerated nonsense.

        Two MacBooks like my Zenbooks and two iPhones like my OnePlus phones would cost you $4436. My two Zenbooks (266 SSD model and 512SSD model) and my OnePlus 3 and 3T cost 1986.

        And remember — I get two half-@$$’d iPads out of this equation.

    • Jurassic

      A mouse is needed for cursor based operating systems (to move the cursor around, obviously).

      Do you see any cursor in iOS? Nope!

      In iOS you have a direct multitouch interface. No mouse needed for that!

      • Jack Wong

        It is always someone complain about something is missing…

        EDIT: oh yea remember the stylus?! lol

        I always wonder why my boss is making much more than me when we both are using the iPhone 7…

  • Denver Morgan

    it can’t even run flash better lol.

    • Roberto Sanchez

      does flash still exists?

  • Byambaa

    Can iPad be used to jailbreak an iPhone? Every computer can do it, if jailbreak exists.

    • Blip dude

      You know, I’d say it could if the software actually matched the power of the hardware.

  • Srv Rungta

    These are so good!

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    I F**KIN LOVE EM’!

  • Jamessmooth

    Jeremy in the ad spells his name with a backwards e. Edgy af. The iPad Pro is cool.

  • GUY

    For the same form factor a Surface Pro is a more real PC without any compromises.
    I still use my iPad as consumption device, it does that better than any other device as for getting work done a real PC is better than this “real” PC.
    I admit that the iPad pro is a great device with perhaps the best stylus for the average user and I can see how it can replace many people’s laptop be it a Mac or a Windows machine , heck even a smartphone could replace my sister’s laptop…. The key word here is the user’s need. Period.

  • tunutsaigon

    iPad Pro tablet as being better than a computer… so they say…

    And I still use my Macbook Pro for my daily basis!

  • Iskren Donev


  • Pat Miller

    That’s the new Apple. Out of touch with reality. Only a fool would believe an iPad is a replacement for a computer. Not that it is a bad device, and in some use cases perhaps a better alternative. But, really, Apple? Stop with the nonsense. The Mac with its macOS is your crown jewel and you are destroying the platform. Please let me take the reins and show you what to do with it; though, quite frankly, I’m sure that plenty of your employees understand the importance of the Mac platform and why it gathered such a loyal following even when it was fashionable to dismiss the Mac altogether. Apple, You.have.lost.your.way.

  • n0ahcruz3

    They should just do the “mac vs pc” again ads those were the best commercials from apple imo

  • ProllyWild

    Of course it depends on your use needs, but for me, in the music biz, the iPad is my new laptop and the MacBook is my new desktop. Quite reasonable and doable solution.

  • Omar Al-Bazergan

    Here are some flaws about the iPad Pro that makes it not better than a PC 1.Cant change screen resolution 2. Its not upgradable unless you buy the newer generation 3. Cant run any triple a title at 1080p 60fps plus the fact with the money you spend on the ipad you can buy a laptop around the same price range and itll dominate the iPad Pro in performance and gpu power 5. You cant run Program Developer Programs on a PC 6. No USB Ports 7. No basic task manager or something eqivalent in detail and finally its all a gimic Apple tries to pursuade people to buy their products and make you pay a nice price tag for it and make you feel like well its apple they should be trusted and im not saying theyre bad products but for regular people who are trying to use a ipad as a pc alternative I guarantee you the price to product ratio is terribly low compared to a standard well built pc

    • Omar Al-Bazergan

      Their products are good Ive been using iphones for years now but ultimatly people need to realize say you buy a phone full price off contract or a ipad no financing there are so many alternatives that will genuinly make you feel like your purchase is worth it like if im going to spend 1k on a phone is it really worth it for me

  • Mark S

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Mallouk Malek

    Provide Autocad and 3DsudioMax with Vray on iPad pro then we can start a conversation of comparing 😀 ! It is great replacement for an average user or for graphic designers & artists (who can afford it), but can’t see it filling engineers desks any time soon.

    • siddique

      agreed 🙂

  • siddique

    No Apple !! sorry Ipad is only = 30% of computer

  • :D

    If it had HDMI support to connect to a large monitor/TV and could use a mouse and run the same programmes as a Mac then yeah, it would be a great replacement for a laptop. But otherwise, it definitely isn’t a proper laptop replacement imo – a convenient companion, perhaps, but not a replacement.

    Also, I think they over-glorified the LTE ability. You can always tether an LTE connection from your phone to a laptop without even having to buy an additional network plan.

  • Julio César

    This is what Apple would call an alternative fact

  • Bob Forsberg

    Apple’s hand held devices have been trend setting, nothing short of exceptional. These same people, however are lost on anything not fitting in one hand….just look at the silly new MacBook Pros, the ancient iMac and the soon to be discontinued MacPro. Design engineers made the iMac so thin it can’t cool the high end parts available today in other desktops. Maybe that’s why they are saying iPadPros are better than their other computers.

  • Ryan Villanueva

    Cant even run full Photoshop on an ipad pro.

  • joncstep

    Its not a PC replacement for everyone, but for a lot of users, mainly home users it just might be. I’ve been using an iPad pro at home for months and its taken care of everything I need (browsing, email, social, word and even excel files, photo management, etc.) and I don’t miss using a PC. For many it cant do what they need a PC to do, but also for many it absolutely does.

  • Storm Rockwell

    apple = overpriced garbage for noobs

  • Ricky Williams

    I am so tired of this “I’m so fed up with Apple I bought a Windows device or am considering a Windows device” line I keep hearing. An ad is an ad it is supposed to show people things they might not know. Look back at the I’m a PC ads they were memorable and funny. They might not have been completely true but they had some truth to it. The iPad might not be a computer or laptop replacement for everyone. However just because it’s not for one person doesn’t mean it’s not a replacement for anyone. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad. A month ago I was lazy and decided to try doing my usual 1 hour routine of updating spreadsheets, Onenote entries and site details from the iPad Pro. I used splitscreen and to my surprise I was able to do it without breaking out my MacBook Pro. I’m also able to do it while I’m sitting on the train becasue of LTE. Something I could do on my laptop by tethering but it’s a much longer more cumbersome ordeal. The point is that in some cases it will do the work and at those times it will be easier and faster. I use both Mac and Windows on a daily basis but to the people who say they are considering it I say go ahead. Just don’t forget when there are hardware issues there is no genius bar, when you try to sell it a year later don’t think you’ll get ½ of what you paid. There are pros and cons to everything.

  • iPad =/ not a laptop replacement

    Jailbroken iPad ~ kinda a laptop replacement