Apple TV new Aerial screen saver cities

tvOS packs in Apple’s attractive new Aerial screen saver which plays eye-candy high-definition drone footage of various landmarks and places from around the globe in gorgeous slow motion. Apple has now added 21 new videos to the Aerial screen saver, as first discovered by our own Jim Gresham.

The latest arrivals include birds-eye imagery from Dubai, Greenland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and United Arab Emirates. Plus, there are now three new videos of Chinese landmarks for a total of 21 new drone clips.

The Aerial screen saver on the fourth-generation Apple TV picks the videos at random from the list maintained on Apple’s server at this location. We’ve parsed the data in the refreshed file to identify the newly added clips.

Click any link to stream the video directly from Apple’s servers:




Hong Kong

Liwa (UAE)

Los Angeles

You can enjoy these Apple TV-exclusive screen savers on your Mac thanks to well-known jailbreak developer John Coate who developed a Mac screen saver which streams or downloads aerial footage directly from Apple’s servers. We have full step-by-step instructions explaining how to install the Apple TV’s Aerial screen saver on Mac.

Aerial Mac screen saver new cities

If you like, you can even set one of these screen savers as a moving wallpaper on your Mac with a simple Terminal command, as explained in another tutorial.

The video crew that operates Apple’s drones has obviously done a great job capturing landmarks’ intricacies so don’t hesitate to click the above links and marvel at attention to detail.

And don’t forget to give a shoutout to Jim for this original discovery.

How do you like the new screen savers?

Which one is your favorite and why?

  • Brad C Hanson

    How’d they get permission to fly a drone over LAX?

    • Oscar

      It’s Apple, man!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        So? Does that exempt them from flying in a no-fly zone?

      • Oscar


      • The Aerial screen saver on the fourth-generation Apple TV picks the videos at random from the list maintained on Apple’s server at this location. We’ve parsed the data in the refreshed file to identify the newly added clips.

      • And don’t forget to give a shoutout to Jim for this original discovery.

    • David Stewart

      The same way movie companies do, permits and red-tape.

      Most of these are helicopter shots shot at high speed and then slowed down.

  • askep3

    Dang they already had 35, and now 21 more!

    I installed the mac thing about a week ago and it’s amazing! One problem I’ve had is that it shows about 5 or 6 of them over and over again, and some of the others are rare, any way to fix this?

  • Nate

    We’ve turned these off in favor of a curated collection of photos of our kids. I would leave it on, but they’re so repetitive, and you can’t pick one or force it to go to the next one. Plus they start over at the beginning of the loop each time.

    For this to have more than demo value, they would need to be constantly adding new videos and, ideally, give users more control. I understand it’s expensive and time-consuming to make these (gorgeous!) videos, but still. I can’t watch the same ones over and over continuously. First-world problem, yeah.

    • GlennC777

      I agree. It would be nice if it could be customized. And it seems to repeat a few, which then get old.

  • Ahmed Albaqshi

    The Mac screen saver doesn’t work with latest update of Sierra 🙁

  • Somebody please make hd wallpapers for iDevices from these!

  • mplsdude

    Is there any way to get these on Apple TV version 2?

  • SoonerSource

    Indeed, I loaded it up and it works fine for me.

  • Jesse Smith


    Can someone explain how you add them to the Apple TV?

    • mplsdude

      Only available on the newest Apple TV device

      • Jesse Smith

        I have the 4th gen Apple TV. Nothing shows up after update.

  • I always get a chuckle out of the “as first discovered by” bit.

  • Marcvs Antonivs

    Not working on Sierra, but if you have an app like “Backgrounds” that can run videos as living backgrounds these videos look great on your Desktop.

  • Chapps

    Amazing that I don’t even get a quarter of these videos – I still have nothing but NYC and SF flyovers. Although today, I have a beautiful daytime flyover of what looks like Antarctica. I have auto download set, so maybe they’re only available in other countries?

  • Artiste212

    For those who said it didn’t, I downloaded from the link above and it runs fine on Sierra – once I stopped Little Snitch from blocking the videos. But running this screensaver doesn’t let my Mac sleep, so it’s only good to use for show when people will see it. But so awesome.

  • marketer

    Bug? I have been waking up to the same image for the past week. The Greenland #2 flying to the icebergs has been frozen on the screen (like a desktop), and Ariel only starts when I activate the Mac and have the drone images start again.

    • marketer

      I reinstalled Aerial and it seems to be working. I’ll update if things change.

  • Nathaniel

    Could you please post the new tvOS 11 wallpapers? They’re awesome too!

  • Federico

    So weird those screensavers are not in 4k HDR! They are in Full HD!