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While there’s still no public jailbreak for iOS 10 to date, there have been some very convincing demos of personal jailbreaks for it, most of which have come out of the woodwork from none other than well-known iOS hacker Luca Todesco.

Amid the current jailbreak situation, Todesco is now seen warning netizens that if they have any intention of jailbreaking iOS 10 in the future, they should stay on iOS 10.1.1 and refrain from updating to iOS 10.2 when it comes out.

iOS 10.2, more secure than ever

Although the details are scarce at this point in time, Todesco has been sharing a slew of tweets that seem to suggest iOS 10.2 has plugged up a ton of exploitable bugs in the mobile operating system.

Todesco iOS 10 2 Security Jailbreaking

iOS 10.2 is currently in its fifth beta as of this writing, which means the public release is imminent in the very near future. Apple could be preparing for a public release before 2017, perhaps around the same time frame as the launch of the wireless AirPods.

In some of his tweets, Todesco suggests that recent iOS betas are more secure than current public releases because they include relentless security updates that aren’t leaving much left for hackers to break into.

Although this kind of cat-and-mouse pattern has been happening for years, we are currently in a period where Apple has retained the upper hand and continues to fortify iOS with security updates regardless. Apple isn’t pulling any punches.

Is an iOS 10 jailbreak coming?

There has been no word of an official iOS 10 jailbreak dropping to the general public any time soon from the prominent hacking teams, such as Pangu and TaiG, and the news that iOS 10.2 patches a ton more exploitable bugs means iOS is simply getting harder and harder to crack.

What does this mean for jailbreakers? Honestly, it’s hard to say.

According to Todesco’s advice, if you ever want to jailbreak one of your iPhones or iPads again in the future, you should probably consider refraining from upgrading your device’s firmware for a while.

On the other hand, not having the latest iOS firmware also opens you up to security risks because you don’t have the latest patches, and you might even miss out on other various improvements to the operating system, so it’s a catch 22 situation depending on where you stand with jailbreaking.

Todesco isn’t saying a jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 is imminent, but he is saying that you’ll have to pick which is more important to you: the chance to have a jailbreak, or having the latest security and features as they come out.

Apple’s rapid software release tactic seems to have put jailbreaking in its place for now. Consequently, having the best of both worlds, a jailbreak and the latest firmware at the same time, just isn’t a thing today. iOS 9.3.3 remains the latest jailbreakable firmware, even as the latest stock version of iOS continues to move forward.

Will you be staying on iOS 10.1.1 for a little while even when iOS 10.2 drops in wait of a jailbreak? Share in the comments!

  • ready1take1

    Hmmmm tough decisions for those of us still on 9.3.3.

    • Research Rants

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

      That’s my case. Still on 9.3.3 waiting for a JB for iOS 10.

    • Afnan Ahmad

      I’m still waiting on 9.0.2 for an untethered jailbreak.

    • Aaron Hysell

      I said screw it and updated to iOS 10, and yea theres a couple tweaks I miss but man is iOS 10 great!

    • Same here! I’m thinking of giving up 9.3.3 and upgrading to iOS 10 in the hope that a new jailbreak pops out in the upcoming future.

  • Bjones331

    I’m still on iOS 8.4

    • Agneev Mukherjee
    • Noohar


  • Bob

    Well IMHO jailbreak is at it’s ending soon. Personally I can’t think of any reason to jailbreak ever again. I’m running 10.2 beta and it’s just fine. Jailbreak doesn’t add anything for me anymore, so …

    • Agreed, its been dead for a while now. Apple took the best of what jailbreaking had and put it into IOS 10 for the most part. Sure there’s some customization options people would love to see.. like themes.. but it’s Apple.. they aren’t going to allow it. Also.. Luca is a showman.. nothing more.. nothing less. He’s not top dog.. but people give him credit for his nonsense because he sensationalizes a so called “break” everytime a new release of an OS hits for the iPhone. Thing is.. I’ve shown several times how you can easily do what he does by just having a developer account and extremely basic coding skills. Oh but of course.. he’s always right about everything.. please!

      • mickey

        May not be as useful anymore for some but far from dead. Tell that to /r/jailbreak.

        Btw, you have the same exploits as Luca or are you saying he’s faking it?

      • Shadowelite123

        Lol you’re delusional. Creating a working Jailbreak isn’t as simple as you claim. It requires time and careful analysis and not to mention dedication. It requires more than “basic” skills. Also, calm down with those exclamation points. You’re making a fool of yourself with those.

      • Incorrect on all accounts!

      • Shadowelite123

        Lol right. You say that so confidently but in reality, it’s empty words. It’s easy to say one thing but to actually do it is another. You say that you can have basic skills to create a jailbreak and yet I don’t see you talking about your homemade jailbreaks and you spend your time complaining about someone not releasing one to the public as if it were a crime. So yea, you’re TOTALLY right lol

    • Same here. I had my iPhone 6s jailbroken for a while but I never knew what to install. And Cydia still has no way of actually discovering tweaks without watching YouTube videos.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Not exactly true. There is the Changes tab which shows recently updated/released apps/tweaks…

      • 7000rpm

        He needs another tweak to see all updates through Cydia, even this not installed already.

    • Aviorrok

      Cercube,CCToggles,Slide2kill,iFile,Playtopia,Display recorder,TypeStatus plus.
      You need more reasons to jallbreak?

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Ha ha! True! Can’t live without jailbreaking!!!

      • YaBoyLilMayo

        Exactly there’s always a reason to jb

      • mjoecups


      • Wesh

        this! first thing i install when jailbreaking.
        but i also think of abandoning my jb now that he said 10.2 will be very hard to jb. (alluding that 10.1 might get jb)

    • White Michael Jackson

      I agree. While my iPhone 6 is still jailbroken this will be my last time jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is now boring and iOS 10 on my other devices works fine. I don’t even use as many tweaks as I use too. Jailbreaking is certainly dead. I’m updating all my devices to 10.2. I might hold off on my iPhone though.

    • n0ahcruz3

      Last time i jailbreak was Evasions.. ever since the chinese took over. I stopped jailbreaking.

    • Endriu Andrei

      Good luck with that intrusive volume box in the middle of your screen every time you use volume buttons or toggle mute :)))) YouTube has it right at least … why is it so hard for apple ? Why are doing theirs like only idiots are using iPhones ….

      • Bob

        It doesn’t bother me the ‘soundbox’. For me iOS is great. I had a jailbreak for several years but since iOS9, I dropped it because the few tweaks I used didn’t justify the lack of security because I stuck to old iOS versions. And like I said iOS10 offers more than enough without the need for a jailbreak. If you really want to stay in full control than better switch to Android IMHO.

    • Jayy

      I’ve been jailbreaking since iOS 4, and I can’t live without a jailbreak! I can’t do stock iOS.

    • mersc

      Stock iOS is for basic/grandma users.

  • Cerberus The Wise

    It’s crucial that they release the jailbreak for the latest available public release, 10.2 included. The last time they released a jailbreak for a firmware that was no longer being signed (9.1), it was a disaster. The tool bricked many devices and they couldn’t be restored to 9.1, not to mention not many jailbreak devs supported it either. Same thing would probably happen again and those already jailbroken on iOS 9 have no chance really.

    • mjoecups

      Nonsense. This is not true at all. You sir are spreading FUD.

  • zebonaut

    I still want to jailbreak; but its only for 3 or 4 “critical” tweaks

    • mjoecups


  • YaBoyLilMayo

    It’s not like this loser would release a jb anyway he really loves talking just to talk

    • ranova

      yup. He loves to “tease” us that he has jailbroke a phone but nothing ever comes of it. He just loves the attention

      • Shadowelite123

        Or he is just showing the possibilities are still there but salty people like you love to hate. Sure, id love for him to release a jailbreak but if he doesn’t, why cry about it? It’s not like the average person pays for jailbreaks.

    • mjoecups

      Really? go look in the mirror.

  • 7000rpm

    I want to know if updating to one of the iOS 10.1 versions is satisfactory in being jailbreak eligible…

    There’s currently 3 iOS 10.1 versions currently signed right now for others who’s also interested in this matter.

  • Inseltraeumer

    When’s the next time Sébastien goes on holiday? Because that’s when the next jb drops.

    • Rahimo

      Hey @Sébastien !! go out for holiday!! XD We are waiting for th jb and you’re blocking it !! XD

  • MMA Rules

    Now he said it!!!

    • No worries, iOS 10.1.1 is still being signed, so you can always downgrade if you updated by accident and want to reconsider.

  • Ron

    The only reason I still jailbreak is for Remote Messages and PDANet. Those are essential to me. I also like MuteIcon and CarDate, but they aren’t deal breakers.

    • Fortunately, the Remote Messages developers seem pretty on top of things whenever new jailbreaks comes out.

  • Smegmatron

    Yes!! I’m taking advise from a guy who brags about having a jb and not releasing it.
    Where do I sign?

  • JF

    My guess, Lucas as it own JB exploit and it’s the same he had for ios 8,9,10… And it was never patch, but it is now on ios 10.2, so no need for him to keep it!

    And another thing, Cydia (Saurik) make a lot of money out of tweaks… If no jb come out… He’s loosing money… He should invest some money to keep his business going…. Money drive the world, why should everything be free, I would pay for a ios 10.2 JB …

    • Shadowelite123

      That’s a side thing, it’s not his primary source of income.

  • Mark S

    Jailbreaking has only been put in its place by a select few people who can jailbreak iOS10 and just CHOOSE not to release it.

  • Rigs101

    I just want to be able to get phantom for snapchat to save some nudes on the low low

  • Jayy

    I don’t think my phone will ever experience iOS 10 unless an untethered JB comes out. I’m on 9.0.2 and have no reason to update!

  • Blip dude

    iOS 10 is definitely not offering anything I want or need. Sure, stock iOS is definitely not as bad as it used to be, and I made through 9 months of stock iOS 9 before Jailbreaking, but I definitely miss have my iPhone the way I WANT IT!! And not the way Apple is telling I should have or use it. iPad is still jailbroken though.

  • Shadowelite123

    To those claiming jail breaking is overrated and dead, you’re not the center of the world, stop acting like it. Simply because you have no need for a jailbreak, doesn’t mean that others don’t as well. To some, one tweak is enough to Jailbreak and others, more is never enough. People have different tastes and different desires. Jail breaking isn’t dead, it just doesn’t appeal to you. Get over it.

  • John Smith

    It’s not that jailbreaking is dead, it’s that the original developers are moving on and aren’t being replaced. Less people are inclined to develop anything, and those who do are inclined to make it a paid purchase, which many stray away from. In my opinion developing tweaks is a good way to build my own portfolio for future job opportunities, that way if they want to see proof of my abilities I can literally showcase my ideas on my phone. Just as the creativity is dwindling down in Apple, it’s also disappearing from the jailbreak community.

  • Furrnace

    I used to be an avid jailbreaker, but it seems to be dying. Why don’t we have a JB for iOS 10 yet? What’s taking so long? Apple must be making it much harder than before. I really don’t miss many tweaks other than icon and font customization. That’s about it. iOS 10 is great, and I’ll be going to 10.2 because it’s too late for me. I just hope 10.2 fixes the battery issues I’ve been having. I can’t imagine still being on iOS 8 or 9 at this point. There’s a lot of built-in features those guys are missing out on, especially if you have Force Touch. I feel sad in a way that JB’ing is dying. I miss the good ol’ days with MuscleNerd and the gang playing cat and mouse. It was more exciting then. Seems so stale now. Like most people who used to JB just don’t care anymore.

    • Ron

      The jailbreaks that do come to life are sold to companies like Zerodium, who pays $1.5M for a jailbreak. Developers make a lot more money doing that than relying on $1 donations from the scant few who contribute to the cause.

  • Kelly Millette

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  • JDB

    Betas 6 and 7 of iOS 10.2 have definitely improved battery life on my 6S. That is alone is worth it. The jailbreak scene is becoming stale.