MacBook Pro Touch Bar 007

The MacBook Pro controversy isn’t dying down yet so Apple dispatched Craig Federighi, its Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, who discussed the new Pro and thinking behind the Touch Bar feature in a short video interview with CNET in which he also defends no-touchscreen Mac stance.

He goes on to reveal that Apple had in fact built several touchscreen prototypes that however didn’t impress Apple executives enough to greenlight the project.

The video runs five minutes and twenty seconds long.

Federighi is clearly excited for the Touch Bar, the new MacBook Pro’s marquee feature.

Other Apple executives went on a PR offensive following the unexpected backlash over some of the controversial MacBook Pro features, like the removal of all ports in favor of USB-C, yesteryear’s Intel Skylake chips that don’t support 32GB RAM and more.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing boss, recently explained the reasoning behind the removal of an SD card slot while Chief Design Officer Jony Ive defended Apple’s stance on not releasing a touchscreen Mac.

I wouldn’t go as far as to call these interviews damage control on Apple’s part.

That’s because Apple’s been saying for years that a touchscreen Mac wouldn’t make much sense from a productivity standpoint due to the Gorilla arm syndrome.

According to Ive, Apple didn’t feel that the Mac was the right place for a multitouch touchscreen “for a bunch of practical reasons”.

Source: CNET on YouTube

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    If they made a Lenovo yoga type device then I could see the point in a touchscreen but the problem is laptops are still too heavy to make it comfortable to use and you’re left with a keyboard at the back that doesn’t feel nice to hold.

  • malhal

    saw that video over the weekend thought it was hilarious, glad you shared it here

  • Aqeel Ahmed

    Someone ask Craig, why Apple decided to remove USB-A ports? these USBs are not old.

  • Rolf Bause

    I have to say: I share Spanish guys view on that matter way more than Craigs 🙂

  • Jayy

    Can any spanish speakers tell me the context of that subbed video? I’m curious to know what’s so funny! Lol

  • FFF84

    Even so I still think that the touch bar is so gimmicky (and I might be wrong). Because your eyes normally concentrate on the the screen and due to the fact that the touch bar has a dynamic content and you can’t feel it like keys you need to look each time you want to used. I think every one how has a Nintendo 3DS knows what I means. you (or at least I) can never use both screens at the same time or use one while looking at the other.

    • askep3

      At the same time, look at the pages/word touch bar usage, it takes the entire tool bar at the top and puts it on the touch bar. Either way you would have looked away from your writing, and moved the mouse to click on something like bold or italics, but now instead you can just tap

      • FFF84

        But in my opinion (and personal experience with the 3DS) looking elsewhere on the screen is not as bad as looking on the keyboard. Anyway I might be wrong and testing the bar is the only way to find out. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to as I decided not to upgrade my mid 2012 mac pro because of the pricing. In Europe base model 13″ with touch bar starts at 1999Euro. 1699 for the one without a bar.

  • Guy

    Lmao that second video