Google yesterday pushed a small update to its Chrome browser in the App Store, bumping the app’s version number to 54.0.2840.66. In addition to the usual stability improvements and bug fixes, the latest version of Google’s mobile browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch packs in a charming side-scrolling mini game that you can play when without an Internet connection.

“No internet connection? Smile and tap the dinosaur,” tease release notes accompanying a 98.9-megabyte download.

To unwind this hidden perk, put your device in Airplane Mode and visit any webpage in Chrome. You’ll see a “You are Offline” message and a charming little dinosaur.

Tap the Dino to begin playing the retro-looking game.

And here it is in action.

Knowing Google, this was probably written in HTML5.

At any rate, Chrome’s built-in dinosaur game should help shorten the wait for Nintendo’s Super Mario Run, an endless runner that was designed for one-handed play.

Chrome is a free download from the App Store.

  • Samy060

    Huh… it’s been there for months (years?) now …
    On desktop versions as well.

    • Maybe the error page with Dino pic, but the game itself wasn’t there before

  • Scott Curry

    It’s cute. Had to use airplane mode to get to it, but cute nonetheless…

  • Samy060

    @Christian Zibreg
    You removed your comment but still, here is my reply :
    That easter-egg game appeared on iOS Chrome 41.0.2272.56 from March 16th, 2015 …
    BTW, it’s javascript on desktop versions.

  • Matt

    Don’t know how to tell you this, but it’s been there for years now. Weird they’re just saying that now

  • Rolf Bause

    wow, this post is even more retro looking than this game.