Before iOS 10, the only way you could see lyrics from your Music app on your iPhone or iPad was to manually add the lyrics with iTunes.

iOS 10’s redesigned Apple Music app, on the other hand, is much more intuitive and lets you view the lyrics of songs you play with the tap of a button.

There are two separate ways to view the lyrics of a song from the app depending on your needs. We’ll show you both ways below.

Method one: full-screen

The first method lets you view the lyrics in fullscreen mode for a distraction-free lyric viewing experience. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Music app and play any song from Apple Music.

2) Tap on the Now Playing bar that appears in the app when the music starts:


3) Once you’re in the Now Playing interface, tap on the “” button at the bottom right:


4) From the menu that pops up, tap on the Lyrics option.

The lyrics for the song you’re listening to will now be displayed for you in full screen mode so you can go along with the song.

Method two: within the Now Playing interface

The second method shows the lyrics right inside of the Now Playing interface so you can still perform other actions in the app while the lyrics are displayed. To do this, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Music app and begin playing any song from Apple Music.

2) Tap on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the app:


3) Once you’re in the Now Playing music interface, scroll down slightly and then tap on the Show button.


4) Scroll down a little more and you’ll see the lyrics to the song you’re playing.

And that’s all there is to it!

The ability to see the lyrics to the music you’re playing is a nice touch for anyone who really likes to interact with their songs. Whether you need help singing along, or just want to check back to see what was said because you didn’t understand a verse, it’s going to be there for you.

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  • Hussain Alsanona

    Lovely article. Have question about the discovery feature. Apple Music updated the playlist frequently and I like the previous playlist a lot. Is there any way that I can get access to the old playlist?

    • I don’t know if you can but I know you can add new playlists to your music when they become available

  • Jake Platt

    Excellent feature. I hope it works well for the lesser recognised mainstream musical genres such as heavy metal.

  • Fede777

    Is this only for Apple Music songs, or my own songs that I load with iTunes, becasue I don’t see any lyrics available.

    Maybe I have to reload my music again?

    • DrQuack32

      Same with me

    • Bersus

      i can see lyrics for like half the songs on my phone, but all lyrics are there in iTunes. Good job, Apple!!!

    • vinoth

      same problem….

  • Hi, thanks for the info but I have one question. Before IOS10, if the songs that are downloaded are from my Mac, and I’ve edited the lyrics, I could view the lyrics just by tapping the picture(?).
    But after I updated, I couldn’t find the lyrics I’ve edited. Could you show how to add/view the lyrics?
    (I don’t use Apple Music, I just listen to songs that are synced from my Mac)
    I’m sorry if you don’t understand the question. Thank you.

    • GadgetQueenn

      My exact issue. I don’t use Apple music either and my lyrics are not showing up. Very select lyrics show up. I don’t know what causes it.

      • Adrian Lobo Santacruz

        add a space on the end of each of the lyrics of my manually added lyrics and they will show up?

      • GadgetQueenn


      • Ryoko Ri

        I had the same issue , I have all the lyrics on my mac but after I upgraded the ipod to the 10.3 version they disappeared from the music app on the ipod, so I solved it deleting all the music from my ipod and adding it it works, I have the lyrics 🙂

  • Rondog

    Lyrics not working on my ipad. No good.

    • Arliecha

      Don’t work on my iPhone 7plus either!… wth!!

  • Evie Andrews

    I’d love to know how to view lyrics I’ve added manually too. My kids love having lyrics and I have done so many for them. I watched them all disappear with this update. I’m glad I trial ran this update on an old phone instead of the one I use all the time.

  • JJJ J

    Can’t view any of the manually loaded lyrics with this new ios10 update. Apple again updates something and makes it worse. Bravo. Well done.

    • 194roc

      It looks like, having contacted the apple support, that the option to see the lyrics, had been made available only to those who purchase the apple music subscription, nearly 10€/$ month. So basically all the music I purchased from iTunes Store, for which I manually inserted all the lyrics, now I can’t see them anymore because I did not subscribe AppleMusic. Really a shame….

  • Annisa Ardiyanti

    yesterday I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 10 and I still can see the lyrics by clicking show button from the lyrics option, but today I hide it and now I can’t find the lyrics option. anyone can help me to return it?

  • Сар Дор

    It can’t find in Now Playing music interface the lyrics even if I already uploaded lyrics into the song. The feature works for some songs but for all them. What’s problem here?

    • PhilBoogie

      Apple has completely screwed it up. It used to work, lyrics added to your songs on OSX iTunes and then syncing over to your iOS device. With iOS10 and the desktop iTunes 12.SomeVersion.0 they now only let you see the lyrics that are available in songs on Apple Music. You know, their new music renting model.

      The fact that we cannot see the lyrics we’ve added ourselves to songs is just more promotion of ‘Apple Music’. I don’t like it, but YMMV.

  • Annisa Ardiyanti

    if we click the home button often, does it make the home button broke? sorry out of topic but i think i dont actually like the ios10 feature

  • Mei Mei

    Too good to be true!