Tweaks of the week

Despite the Apple event that took place this week, the jailbreak community didn’t stop releasing tweaks in Cydia to improve upon the bland, stock installation of iOS.

In this roundup, we’ll talk about all of the jailbreak tweaks that were released since last weekend, starting with our favorites.

Our favorite releases this week

Auki 2 – $3.99

auki 2 quick compose

I couldn’t produce this roundup without talking about Auki 2. This tweak is a completely re-thought quick reply and quick compose jailbreak tweak for iOS 9.

Although iOS 9 already has quick reply built into it, the improvements to the interface, as well as the addition of quick compose, make the tweak well worth it.

Created by veteran graphic designer Surenix, and coded by veteran jailbreak developer pimskeks, you know you’re getting a quality jailbreak tweak when you download Auki 2.

Check out our full review to learn more about how Auki 2 works.

Glances – $2.99

Glances 2

Glances is an amazing new Apple Watch-inspired Glance interface for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The tweak provides a customizable interface that replaces Control Center’s swipe-up gesture with a much more useful panel with more features and information.

Among the things you can do with it are monitor battery performance, keep track of calendar events, manage your currently playing media, access app shortcuts, visit Control Panel, and even see what the weather is like outside.

To learn more about Glances and what you can do with it, I highly recommend checking out our full review.

Other releases this week

Callypso 2: A Springtomize knockoff without a price tag (free – review)

CellularMonitor: Monitor your data usage and disable it when you reach your cap (free – review)

DayNightSwitch: Adds a day/night theme to toggle switches in iOS (free – review)

Exchangent: Lets you spoof Exchange/ActiveSync user agent (free)

Horn for Mirrordrin: Lets you mirror notifications from the Mirrordrin app (free)

Instant Caller ID for Whoscall: Enables full Whoscall functionality in the Whoscall app for iOS ($1.99)

IRANTaghvim: Allows Persian calendar format in iOS (free)

NoBlackFlicker: Stops the black flicker from Lock screen to Home screen with different wallpapers (free – review)

OPW Clear: Hides the Home screen page dots, dock, and disables rotation (free)

ReachCalendar: Adds the date to the Reachability interface (free)

SafariFullScreenScrolling: Lets you scroll Safari in full-screen (free – review)

SendPercentage: Displays a sending percentage in the Messages app (free)

While that wraps up this week’s jailbreak tweak releases, we’ve got a whole new week coming up where Cydia is expected to host a slew of new surprises. Stay tuned to iDB to read about all of the latest jailbreak tweaks as they’re released.

If you’re itching for more jailbreak tweaks, be sure to check out last week’s roundup.

  • Malan Raja

    Glances is a decent tweak! The developer is also very responsive. If the $3 tag doesn’t scare you off then defo go for it!

    • Chris Ryan

      i tried glances on my iPad air 2, looks child like, the icons are huge and the control centre section looks terrible, you can adjust the height of the glances but not the spacing or size of the icons…also i didn’t like how if u had media playing and if u pull up control centre u didn’t get the media controls anymore…i think it also needs a back button..meaning, if u pull of the shortcuts glance first, then go to a glance of something else, there should be a back button to go to the shortcuts view again instead of having to swipe thru everything …just my 2 cents, it wasn’t worth it.

  • Nathan

    Auki 2 should be a little cheaper considering iOS 9’s quick reply system is pretty good. From the looks of it, Auki 2 just adds the option to view more of your conversation and add an activator action for quick compose.. I loved auki 1, but auki 2 being $4 is a bit steep.

    • tunutsaigon

      Try “Messages for iOS 8 & 9” from Ma Jun, it’s only $1.99, half of Auki’s price but it’s really good…

    • Chris Ryan

      how does auki compare to couria…a free tweak ?

  • jOn Garrett

    Does apple pay still work if you jailbreak?

    • Timothy