iPhone 7 prototype sticker teaser 001

Various leaks published over the past few months by solid sources have strongly indicated that the iPhone 7 would at long last ditch its oft-criticized 16-gigabyte tier, replacing it with a 32-gigabyte SKU as the new entry-level option for buyers. Based on the image of an info sticker of an alleged iPhone 7 prototype obtained from Foxconn, that smartphone leakster The Malignant tweeted out this morning, it would seem that the next iPhone might indeed start out at 32GB.

The “D10” label tells us the sticker is most likely for an iPhone 7 prototype, based on the previously reported D10 iPhone 7 code-name. The Wall Street Journal and other outlets previously corroborated that upcoming iPhones would come outfitted with a minimum of 32 gigabytes of storage on base models.

iPhone 7 prototype sticker image 001

The sticker identifies the prototype as “1902 of 3000,” with a return date of August 29.

The Malignant commented that Apple had at least three iPhone 7 prototypes—D10, D11 and D12—one of which could be the elusive iPhone 7 Pro that may have been ditched.

According to supply chain sources and Apple analysts, the iPhone 7 will also come in a 256-gigabyte flavor, or double the storage of the current 128GB iPhones.

In another tweet, The Malignant said iPhone 7 would have full native support for GIFs.

As for the pictured sticker, you shouldn’t take it as a sign that the iPhone 7 will indeed start out at 32 gigabytes of storage because Apple is known for prototyping multiple versions of devices, some of which never see the light of day.

The company is set to announce new iPhones on September 7.

Source: The Malignant

  • Bugs Bunnay

    What does it mean when the iphone 7 will recieve full native gif support?? Is this hardware wise or software wise?

    • Sohail Wahab

      I think software wise, no no hardware wise. You shoooot it’s for sure software wise.

  • 5723alex .

    Not good enough. Entry level should be 128GB.

    • Troy

      Or at least 64GB

    • Bill

      1TB, minimum.

      • Sohail Wahab


      • John Smith

        My full 2TB hard drive would like a word with you.

      • Bill

        Ok. No local storage, and all media is stored on the cloud. Phone comes with infiniteG speed capability, no sim needed, all carriers pay YOU…scratch that…no carrier needed, internet just IS, but you still get paid because this is 2016 and it’s time we moved on up. Also free BJ’s for guys and an infinite amount of free chocolate for women (only the best chocolate that won’t cause them to get fat)

        Is that good enough? LOL

      • John Smith

        What and no battery life? Prick. #firstworldproblems

    • ticky13

      Look at you Mr. Fancy Pants and being able to afford nearly $1000 for an entry-level phone.

  • HamptonWalley

    That is good, finally I do not need to spend more than $650 for my new Iphone 🙂