iPhone 7 may implement fast-charge technology

By , Aug 16, 2016

iPhone 7 fast charge circuitry

Many Android devices, like Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, can go from zero to fifty percent charge in about thirty minutes, and Apple’s next iPhone could be able to offer a similar fast-charge technology of its own, according to a sketchy post attributed to an unverified Chinese source.

Smartphone leakster The Malignant tweeted out an image of a supposed circuitry which the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus should utilize to support at least 5-volt, 2-amp fast-charging, a major improvement over current iPhone chargers rated at one amp.

The image top of post shows an iPhone 6s logic board next to what is supposedly an iPhone 7 logic board  featuring an improved circuitry to support fast-charge technology.

iPhones currently implement some sort of basic fast-charge technology, but nothing like that in the Galaxy S7, for example. It should be noted that iPhones can be charged using significantly more powerful 2.1A/12W iPad adapters. For instance, using an iPad adapter your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s can reach 90 percent charge in about two hours.

The Malignant is a smartphone leakster who recently posted images of alleged iPhone 7 parts in Space Black and a purported iPhone 7 logic board. Since he doesn’t have a long track record in leaking out unannounced Apple products, you should take today’s news—you guessed right—with a proverbial pinch of salt.

Source: The Malignant

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  • iBanks

    I’ll be satisfied with or without fast charging.

    • Mike

      Fast charging is better.

      • jOn Garrett

        Fast charging with wireless charging is better.

  • Rowan09

    The little cube that comes with the Plus devices is useless. They need to at least give the iPad cube or a more powerful and redesigned smaller cube if not the iPad cube. I use my iPad cube to charge my 6S Plus, otherwise it would be like watching paint dry.

  • edwilk55

    As crappy as the battery life remains with Apple’s obsession with making the thinnest phone every time, would be really nice to finally have fast charging tech. Wouldn’t mind the battery life so much then.

    • Rowan09

      The 6 plus battery life is fine. Every company makes a thinner and sleeker device not just Apple.

      • Benedict

        Samsung made the S7 1 mm thicker than the S6 and put a bigger battery in.

      • Rowan09

        The iPhone 6s is also thicker than the iPhone 6 as well. Plus the iPhone 6 is the same thickness of the S6 Edge. If you look at the S5 it’s thicker than both the S6 and S7 phones. Making phones thinner as I stated is not an Apple invention.

      • Benedict

        The point was after going thinner Samsung went thicker again. Has nothing to do with the evolution of phone-thinness over the years.

      • Rowan09

        And so did Apple. My point was going thinner is not an Apple invention and it’s true.

      • Michael Bemelmans

        3500 mAh and fast charging would pull me over to upgrade, otherwise Note 7 it is hahah. But I see your point.

      • jOn Garrett

        Apple didn’t increase battery size, didn’t increase cameras, didn’t put in any sensors, didn’t put more RAM, same battery, same display…..

      • Rowan09

        Dude it’s a S upgrade and neither did Samsung. Every year the current camera is better than last years camera, the S got force touch when the iPhone 6/+ didn’t, battery life stayed the same (no different for Samsung either), same screen (no different than Samsung), etc.

      • jOn Garrett

        Galaxy S to Galaxy S is always a much larger and noticeable leap than iPhone to iPhone S.

        Force touch isn’t an upgrade.

        When the iPhone 7 is released it will be practically the same phone from 2 years ago. Now compare the S5 to the S7 which are world’s apart.

        Even last year’s Note 5 to Note 7 is leaps and bounds apart

      • Rowan09

        The S6 Edge Plus and S7 are identical the only difference is bringing back the SD card, and made it like the active meaning water resistant. The iPhone 6 would have to be compared to the 7 and we don’t know what that will be yet. The Note 5 and Note 7 are not worlds apart they are identical, same screen resolution and size, etc.

      • jOn Garrett

        lol, the S6 and S7 are not identical. The i6 & 6S next to each other and you can’t tell them apart. Power them on and you still can’t tell them apart unless you use 3D touch.

        S6 & S7 next to each other and the physical differences are apparent, they’re refinements to improvements to the design. The edge is different, it’s noticeably thicker, camera hump is gone, IR blaster removed, SD card brought back.

        Then there’s the internals, better camera, more RAM, and TouchWiz with a few changes and edge panels bigger and better.

        The Note 7 now has an edge display, camera hump gone, is slimmer, SD card is back. It has 3 new pieces of hardware that no other phone in the world has; MIMO, Iris Scanner & Mobile HDR. S pen with even finer point, new S pen abilities like translator, GIF maker, app switcher/preview.

        The S will go all edge, no flat version, will have Samsung’s next gen SD slot, 8k display for better VR, the also have a new type of RAM, Battery and CPU that if ready will be in the S8 and definitely in the Note 8.

        Plus Samsung’s mystery device that will go under the S or Note brand.

        *Oh and the S7 is curved on both sides and has a bigger display.

      • Rowan09

        What a bunch of hog wash. Dude I owned a S6 Active and my wife owns the S6 Edge and I own the S7 Edge. The Edge plus and S7 are marginal differences. The S6 Edge plus and S7 has the same ram only difference is less mp camera with faster focus and better low light, and they brought back the SD card slot. Screen is the same, etc. The only difference with the 2 is that the S7 edge is more round on the corners than the S6 Edge Plus. You are reaching on this one by far. 8K display when they didn’t even do 4K yet? Next gen SD slot meaning what exactly (smh)?

      • jOn Garrett

        The S6 edge has a 5.1″ display the S7 Edge is 5.5, nearly a half inch bigger.

        The S6 edge has 3GB RAM, S7 Edge 4GB. 25% MORE.

        The S7 edge is more than just rounded corners, I already told you it’s curve slopes less Anna it curves front and back. You just named an awful lot for “marginal” differences and there are half a dozen noticeable differences in hardware between the S6 & S7 none for the i6 & 6S.

        8k yes, Samsung going from 2k to 8k while Apple offers 720p on the iPhone.

        Next gen is UFS Cards and Slots. If ready in time the S8 or Note 8 could have up to 256GB of storage with speeds the same as Solid State drives. Pretty amazing considering Apple is still selling flagship phones with only 16GB.

        If you and your wife are S7 users (which I doubt) why are you so defensive of Apple? As a Galaxy user I would think that you would be excited and pleased with all the hardware & software Samsung’s Galaxies come with as opposed to the bare bones minimum Apple gives.

      • Rowan09

        I said the S6 Edge Plus not S6 and they are identical. I’m defensive because what you are saying is like a Samsung commercial. A SD card slot is an SD card slot if Apple is using DD4 RAM you won’t hear anyone brag about it. I own the S7 Edge and iPhone 6S Plus, my wife didn’t like the S7 Edge so she kept her S6 Edge.

      • Mike

        All you have to do to see which phone is better is just turn on the screen and look at which one looks better. 🙂 You will be looking at that screen for the next 1-3 years.

  • Kattman

    I think they will have Wireless charging to make up for the fact headphone jack is removed, and it will have a lightning headphone jack port instead. So charge while listening to music.

    • Rowan09

      I agree this would be the only logical thing to do if you ask me.

  • If they also add fast charging, that’d be great. I just wonder if they’d go with their own standard over either Qi or PMA. The watch charger is essentially Qi, right?

    • jOn Garrett

      They would use their own so you can’t buy chargers from others.

  • jOn Garrett

    But, but…. Fast charging is a Samsung gimmick right?

    • Rowan09

      Huh? How is charging your phone faster a gimmick and now a Samsung invention? They are not the only ones on the market with it.

      • jOn Garrett

        Because everything the iPhone doesn’t have is a gimmick. Read any post on this site. Widgets, notification shade, multitasking, quick settings, NFC, Power Saving, App Data sharing and 60–yes, 60 other things i can name that iFans dismissed as gimmicks until Apple poached them.

        Apple is rumored to have a curved display, wireless charging, fast charging and water and dust resistance on the iPhone 8, all things currently available and roundly criticized because Apple doesn’t have them

      • Rowan09

        Notification shade, multitasking (which was on the iPhone since I believe the iPhone 4), app data sharing, quick settings, etc are gimmicks? Now with multitasking maybe people spoke of video in video on a small screen and I understand but the others are insane. I’m interested in seeing Apples version of curved display because I hope you know LG did it first and not Samsung. The current version made by Samsung is great for looks, but not much for usability. Wireless charging in its current form is pretty useless because no one is going to speak on the phone holding a pad. If Apple is rumored to have some form of wireless charging it won’t be any less of a gimmick, but they will have to implement it if they get rid of the headphone jack. Water and dust resistance isn’t a gimmick, but I own the S7 and I was recently back home in Jamaica and I wouldn’t dare bring it to swim or in the pool without a water pounce. 30 minutes at no more than 6 feet is for accidence only. Samsung version is pretty useless unlike Sony’s version of waterproofing.

      • Mike

        Well…. wireless charging isn’t useless… My car has a wireless charging pad built in and that means I don’t have to carry around wires like I see my family do because all of them have an iphone.

      • Rowan09

        So your wireless pad isn’t plugged into anything?

      • Eric Bartoszak

        cars are starting to come out with them built in to the center console or arm rest

      • Krishan Patel

        All the things you listed in the first paragraph, the iPhone has for two years. And App Data Sharing is software not hardware, and its in iOS

      • jOn Garrett

        iOS has it after it was pillaged from Android. iOS 7,8,9 & 10 have over 60 features straight from Android. Everything “new” in iOS is just years old features copied from Android.

      • Rowan09

        Lies. Notification Center reply was on IOS first and so was PIP before Android and that’s 2 I can name right off the head.

      • jOn Garrett

        You just won d&$##head of the year award.

        iOS never had a notification shade until iOS 7 and it never had picture in picture.

        Now I know you’ve never even owned an iPhone to say something so stupid.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t even care about whatever notification shade is, but when you call people names make sure you are correct. PIP is on the Pro devices, but you wouldn’t know since it seems obvious you know nothing about IOS. Android just included PIP after IOS did along with replying from the notification center. Apple got some things from Android and vice versa. A lot of Apples additions were also from the jailbreak community as well. Who cares where it comes from by the way as long as it’s available should be all that matters. Why so butthurt man?