iPhone 7 chassis The MAlignant 001

It’s still unclear if Apple’s rumored new iPhone 7 colorway will be a dark blue variant, as first suggested by Japanese blog Mac Otakara, or an Apple Watch-like Space Black. Today, Carrier China Unicom published an iPhone 7 teaser image on Facebook indicating Deep Blue colorway but now a more credible source has come forward with shots of claimed iPhone 7 components in a hue which appears markedly darker than Space Gray.

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long: prolific leakster Steve Hemmerstoffer has some strong words to say about The Malignant and his supposedly fake chassis image.

Pictured top of post: the claimed 4.7-inch iPhone 7 chassis showing a bigger camera hole on the backside, a tweaked antenna lines appearance and, of course, the new darker hue. The poster wrote in another tweet that GeekBar has confirmed these pictured parts to be genuine.

GeekBar is a well-known Chinese repair shop which last week posted photos and a 25-second video—which you can watch embedded below—that gave the world its first look at a supposedly working iPhone 7 prototype running Apple’s internal testing software, called SwitchBoard, and the stock Camera app.

The three other images The Malignant posted on Twitter show a bunch of SIM trays in the same hue as the leaked chassis. Design of the SIM trays pictured on the photos strong resembles the iPhone’s SIM tray.

iPhone 7 SIM tray The Malignant 001

A sketchy Weibo report from June claimed the iPhone 7 would include dual-SIM trays but that’s highly unlikely given the source’s non-existent track record and his claim that the headphone jack won’t be removed from the device.

How likely are you to pick up a Space Black iPhone 7 when the device arrives?

Source: The Malignant on Twitter

  • TornBodies

    i wonder if they figured out anodizing black yet scuffgate was real my iphone 5 was scuffed out the box had to swap 3 times to find a mint one and it still scratched up a week later

    • mrgerbik

      thats why I always get grey – the color of aluminum
      I had the black 5 as well and it sucked for scuffs on the corners (even in a good case)

      • John Smith

        But you have to admit. Even after it wore out from scuffs (which could be fixed with the touchup pen), it was the most beautiful craftsmanship attempted by Apple.

  • therealjjohnson

    These leaks seem to be really beating a dead horse. I’m sure on launch day we’ll read about how the unveiling was anticlimactic.

    • Lit

      Not sure if you’ve been watching the events, but it’s been anti-climatic for years now lol.

  • James G

    Even though it’s fake it doesn’t decrease the want-ness here.