Leaked video shows Camera app running on a working iPhone 7 prototype

iPhone 7 prototype Camera app GeekBar 003

Earlier this morning, we ran some pretty convincing photographs which appear to picture a functional, powered on iPhone 7 running Apple’s internal testing software, called SwitchBoard. Geekbar, the Chinese team who leaked these photos, has now published on Weibo video evidence to convince naysayers. The fit and finish of the claimed device shown in the photos and on this video screams an Apple product.

The 25-second clip shows the stock Camera app running in internal testing mode on what seems to be a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 (due to the lack of an iPhone 7 Plus-exclusive dual-lens camera feature on the back).

Here it is.

Is this really a working iPhone 7 prototype, do you think?

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Source: Weibo via TechTastic.nl (Google Translate)