iOS 10 Lock screen widget management iPhone screenshot 001

Two days following the developer-only release of iOS 10 beta 3, Apple today released iOS 10 Public Beta 2 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software is now available to public beta testers who are signed on the Apple Beta Software Program.

For those wondering, iOS 10 Public Beta 2 and developer beta 3 offer the same features.

Folks on the first public beta with an appropriate configuration profile installed on their device should see an over-the-air download in Settings → General → Software Update.

NOTE: the second public beta and the third developer beta offer the same features.

What’s new in iOS 10 Public Beta 2?

Here’s our own Andrew O’Hara with a walkthrough video detailing changes in iOS 10 Public Beta 2, which corresponds to developer-only beta 3.

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iOS 10 Public Beta 2 contains fixes for 3D Touch and replying to texts from the Lock screen, a softer keyboard clicking sound, a new Rest Finger to Open switch in Accessibility settings allowing you to correctly revert the unlock behavior to iOS 9, subtle haptic feedback when locking the device manually, Notification Center and Music app tweaks, App Store for iMessage Apps and other goodies.

iOS 10 beta 3 Settings Rest Finger to Open silver iPhone screenshot 001

For detailed overview of the above changes in iOS 10 Public Beta 2, see our write-up.

iDB’s iOS 10 previews

iOS 10 Public Beta 1, which corresponds to developer-only beta 2, packs in more than three dozen new features, tweaks and refinements that we detailed in our hands-on article—our video highlights them all.

Check out our iOS 10 previews:

For smaller changes in iOS 10, see our iOS 10 Tidbits series.

iOS 10 availability

iOS 10 is available to members of the Apple Developer Program and, as of July, to public beta testers signed on the Apple Beta Software Program. The operating system will release as a free update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch this fall.

System requirements for iOS 10 are same as those for iOS 9, with the exception of the iPhone 4s, original iPad mini and iPad 2 which are are no longer supported.

Your thoughts on beta 2

We’d like to hear from people who have installed the latest public beta on their iOS device. Are you satisfied with the progress Apple’s made vs. the previous beta?

What’s your favorite new feature in iOS 10 Public Beta 2, and why?

Hit us in comments!

By the way, macOS Sierra Public Beta 2 also released to testers today.

  • amarioguy

    Public Beta 2 == Developer Beta 3

  • amarioguy

    Please change iOS 10 beta 2 to Public Beta 2. If public is not mentioned, people usually assume that its the Developer Beta.

  • Chindavon

    About time. So many bugs in Beta 1.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Beta 1 won’t remember my last NC view. I use NC for widgets and I’d like it to always be in widgets view and not the useless (in my opinion) notifications view. I hope it’s fixed now.

    • Burge


  • Article suggestion: how to migrate from developer beta to public beta (many users install iOS 10 beta without proper dev account)

    • John Smith

      The public beta is essentially the developer beta released the day before. Literally no difference software wise.

      • Many users are afraid if apple on some way take measures to prevent updates for that type of users (stop signing the update) and the only alternative is to force restore iOS (a very annoying situation)

  • Mikael

    Beta 1 was said to be very buggy. Any comments on beta 2? I would be ready to deal with some funkiness, but not with frequent crashes.

    • Y 195

      no problems. Maybe 2-3 crashes a day but thats rarely. If you want to, feel free. Beta 2 not testet, yet.

  • Omar D. Plumey

    My Bank of America was not working. Had to downgrade. The only app I needed to work. Lol

  • Yazdan Khazeni

    any body has app switcher hang and lag problem? (beta 3) iphone 6S

    • Framboogle

      Yup, but its not as frequent as in the first 2 betas.

  • Chris

    I still see a lot of people complaining about app crashes, lag and so on. It’s called a beta for a reason, if your device is your daily driver then I suggest you run the latest – stable release – otherwise you will continue to face the same issues.

    Also, if you are on the beta, report these issues to Apple. That’s the whole reason for the program.

    • iByron

      And don’t talk about specific problems in public.

  • Andrieux Querido

    My ios 10 beta 3 just stoped showing emoticons as suggestion. How i can fix that please

  • QP

    mail widget is useless, a nonsense … couldn’t they let me see my last 5/6 mails instead?

  • Farid Ahmed

    Snappier on iPhone 6 for anyone?

  • bln

    is rich notifications for non 3D-Touch devices available in this beta?