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Following the first developer-only preview of iOS 10 which was issued following the June 13 WWDC keynote, the Cupertino firm today pushed iOS 10 beta 2 (build number “14A5297c”) to the members of the Apple Developer Program. The new software is available as an over-the-air download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices that run the first beta. A beta of iOS 10 will be made available to public beta testers in July.

Changes in iOS 10 beta 2

For the complete overview of what’s new in iOS 10 beta 2, check out our running list of changes and tweaks discovered in iOS 10 beta 2.

Other developer updates

Apple today released the following OS-related updates for developers:

iOS 10 highlights

iOS 10 includes a plethora of new features for both end-users and developers, including a huge update to Messages that delivers more expressive and animated ways to message friends and family, like stickers and full-screen effects, third-party support for Siri, overhauled Maps, Photos, Apple Music and News apps, an all-new Home stock app and more.

With iOS 10, Apple is taking advantage of the extensions architecture that debuted in iOS 8 to open up additional aspects of the operating system to developers, including Siri, Maps, Phone and Messages.

iOS 10 availability

iOS 10 is available to members of the Apple Developer Program and will launch to public beta testers signed on the Apple Beta Software Program in July ahead of public availability this fall.

System requirements for iOS 10 are the same as those for its predecessor, but the iPhone 4s, original iPad mini and iPad 2 are no longer supported.

  • Vasu Chawla

    hey IDB folks, i found something weird, i got this post’s notification 10 mins ago on my mac, but the post wasn’t visible on website until now,

    maybe rss feed got updated, is that something intentional ?

    • we had some weird server issue which explains what you saw. Sorry about that. Everything should now be fixed.

      • Vasu Chawla

        don’t be sorry, thinks happen 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ve been seeing that with the iOS app too. Notification led right to the article but in the cards view, the article didn’t appear. How weird.

  • Zack Morris

    sweet. yay!

  • Riley Freeman

    for those that used that beta profile that was install OTA and dont have actual developer accounts, please let me know if this screws anything up. I am not willing to risk it on my main device while i am at work.

    • RedSymphony

      Works fine on my 6s without developer account

      • Riley Freeman

        thanks man 🙂

      • Y2J

        Have you updated yet? Any issues with the profile?

      • Riley Freeman

        i did update and no. Takes a while to start after the update is complete but its all good. I had been dying for this update since i drive uber in my spare time and they released an update that wouldnt update. I deleted the app to reinstall it and it would never work. I knew a software update would fix my problem and it has.

        already noticed the notification show up slightly different with darker text for the notification and lighter text for the heading/app name.

        personally i hate the way notification centre clears EVERYTHING out when you press ex. i preferred the old way where you could group by app. not sure if thats changed with this update as im at work and dont have time to play with it yet.

      • Y2J

        I updated my girlfriends 6 without issue but I updated my 6s and it died during and wouldn’t turn back on. It eventually got worked out tho.

        I also liked grouping notifications by app a lot better, and I liked being able to choose a limit for certain apps. Disqus comments is also horrible right now and drops me to the bottom of the page every time I try to comment.

      • Riley Freeman

        that used to happen to me (the disqus thing) back on one of the IOS version but it stopped. Cant remember if it was initial ios 9 or initial ios 8.

    • Sabhay Sardana

      It was the most stable beta I have ever used
      iOS 7 was the buggiest of all

  • Jeiivy

    What’s new on this beta 2 and fixed?

    • Troy

      Give them time to install the beta

      • techfreak23

        Or just read the fixes and known issues in the release notes if you’re actually a developer…

  • Briggamortis

    So I go to update software and it says its up to date 10.0. Anyone else getting this issue?

    • Wayne Wilson

      Same here

  • leart

    the best and the “worst” idevices that can update to ios 10 😀

  • Tried just now and seems to works fine on Air 2, they finally fixed the bug with control center (the music tab appeared darker )

  • jalexcarter

    jeez finally! been waiting for beta 2 for awhile now. didnt apple used to update betas every 2 weeks like clockwork??? wonder why the change.

  • techfreak23

    It’s about damn time. Still too many known issues to install on my main devices so I’m going to wait for the beta 3s, but they did fix quite a bit from the first betas. I wonder why they switched to a 3 week cycle for beta updates…

    • [RECON1]

      Interesting. Enabled it but it does nothing. Maybe a bug still

      • techfreak23

        Enabled what?

  • TornBodies

    In Accessiblity if u go down to home button u can click the rest to unlock tab and be able to unlock the phone without pressing the home button the old way pre ios 10 i’m happy for this feature

    • RK

      Thanks for the information 😉

    • john snow

      WHAT? I still need to press home button to unlock after raising my phone

      • Will Mero

        Yeah I still need to click the home button as well.

    • Hendo27

      Doesn’t work. Still have to u push the home button.

  • iOS Kush

    The 3 Week cycle is odd but glad Beta 2 is here for both iPhone & macOS Sierra

  • john snow

    Old keyboard sound returns

    • Omar D. Plumey

      Which sound did you prefer?

      • john snow

        From the 1st beta. Anyway I will disable it

      • englishmike

        Same! 🙁

      • Will Mero

        LOVED the beta 1 sound 🙁

  • Omar D. Plumey

    Any public beta release date?

  • Troy

    Where did you get those wallpapers?

  • Hussain Alsanona

    App store spilt view it works on my iPad Air 2 as well.

  • Matt

    Why did they remove the soft clicks?, they are a lot better.

    • englishmike

      Totally agree

  • OkieFF

    I updated to beta 1 without a developer account and I’m not showing beta 2 in software update. Anyone know what to do?

  • disqus_6bcHVmKl86

    The ‘Locked’ / ‘Unlocked’ animation doesn’t seem to appear for me in my iOS 10 Beta 2 version? I’ve already tried changing the language from ‘Dutch’ to ‘English’, but it still doesn’t show up whenever I wake up the phone. Anyone else having problems with this ?

  • iBanks

    Anyone running into an issue where hitting the delete or back arrow button on the Smart Keyboard of an iPad Pro 12.9 sends them to the very bottom of the page of the website?