iOS 10 concept iHelpBR image 001

I’ve been a huge fan of OS X’s dark theme which debuted with the release of OS X Yosemite back in October 2014. I also like to multitask on my iPad using OS 9’s new Split View and Slide Over modes because they definitely increase productivity for me. But how cool would it be if Apple brought Split View to the iPhone 7 and OS X’s dark mode to iOS 10?

A detailed conceptual renderings, created by Brazilian magazine iHelpBR imagine precisely this future playing out.

Here’s what dark mode would look like in stock apps.

iOS 10 concept iHelpBR iPhone screenshot 001
Left to right: Messages, 3D Touch on Home screen and Mail.

And another one…

iOS 10 concept iHelpBR iPhone screenshot 002
Left to right: Contacts and Podcasts.

Indeed, what if?

Going dark

An iOS 10 with an OS X-inspired dark theme and split-screen multitasking on the iPhone would be awesome. In terms of split-screen multitasking, Google is actually playing a catch up to Apple with Android N, which will bring iPad-like multitasking modes to Android devices when it’s released this fall.

Some Android phones already support this—namely Samsung’s Galaxy series—but that’s Samsung’s own innovation on top of stock Android. I’ve had a Galaxy S7 loaner for a few days while my iPhone was being serviced and I’ve grown to like the S7’s Split Screen View, more so on that stunning AMOLED display.

Source: iHelpBR (Google Translate)

  • Scotow

    That’s awesome. Apple, please.

  • Favna

    Yes please!

  • Ds

    Might as well let people use their Apple Pencil with iPhone 7+ or iPhone 7 Pro or whatever it’s going to be called.

  • hush

    Tbh I don’t see split screen coming to iPhone. Dark mode though looks lush… And I hope they do it. Since they’re not changing the design of iPhone 7 they should at least work on more ios features.



  • Gethro

    Since we’d like to have dark mode feature on iOS Apple isn’t gonna make it happen

  • Another one.

  • John Smith

    The best part would be if they didn’t restrict dark mode to the iPhone 7 and above

    • It’d be totally unnecessary to restrict to to 7 and above so I hope not

      • Norbi Whitney

        I’m sure they could make up some processor-necessary bullshit

  • Troy

    We will most likely get dark mode. I doubt apple adds split view to the iPhone. They treat the iPhone and the iPad as devices for different needs

    • Anonymous

      Now they do. Ipad was first just an over size iphone. But they need to be different or people are less likely to em. Thats not to say if they weren’t people wouldnt buy em. But share holder want to see the sold units of ipads increase.

  • Muntaha Temkar

    The jailbreak community has had these for years through eclipse and split screen view

    • Oscar

      I always found Eclipse a little complicated and buggy as much as I really wanted it to work. Just too many knobs. If Apple does it, I’m sure they will simplify and perfect it!

      • JustCause

        I agree, Nightmode definitely works way better than Eclipse.

  • Mark S

    Don’t care about either of these worthless features. Apple needs to bring the full ability of iblacklist to iphone 7 / ios 10 and real themes if you want me to stop jailbreaking.

    • Blip dude

      I hope you are speaking for yourself here. Dark Mode is much needed. Hell, I’ll say iBlacklist is actually worthless in my experience, but of course I only speak for myself. And no, people will always have a reason to Jailbreak. Otherwise it would’ve died down a long time ago.

    • Anonymous

      Agree i wants themes too. Its really the last feature that kept me jailbroken.

    • Anonymous

      Ps i do like both these features thou

  • I really hope we get dark mode in iOS 10. The only main reason I jailbroke before was to get a dark mode option.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      Exactly, and now there’s no JB at all

  • Cristian

    I feel like a lot of people will be mad if this is only exclusive to the iPhone 7. Why would it be a hardware limitation? At least give it to the iPhone 6 and above.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      6s and above, they’ve got more RAM

      • Anonymous

        Yeah that would be more possible. However, i doubt it would be much of a memory hog.

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        apple Introduced this on devices having 2 gigs of RAM, I doubt that It’ll run fluidly on devices having less RAM. Anyway, I’m sure iOS 10 is going to bring something new. iOS has grown stale after 8th iteration.

  • JustCause

    Ahhh come on, you fanboys aren’t enjoying the HIDEOUS WHITE flat look that iOS 7/8/9 has to offer? Shame on you for trying to change the look of such amazing work that Johnny Ive has done creating such a HIDEOUS looking iOS. lol

    All the fanboys can hope and dream that crApple will actually add cool features such as “Dark Mode” all they want. Meanwhile everyone else with a Jailbreak has been enjoying tweaks like “Nightmode” and “Eclipse” for years!

    It’s pretty sad to think that in all these years crApple hasn’t added some type of “Theme” options to iOS. Even my piece of shit $20 Nokia phone from 2003 had theming capabilities. Instead, crApple just puts morons like Johnny Ive in charge of making iOS look ugly and hideous with this terrible FLAT look! Like seriously, how is it 2016 and some weirdos think that going back to 1995 with this ugly “flat look” is somehow “new and innovative”??

    Now in a couple more years crApple will make iOS 12 look like it did back in iOS 6 and all the lame ass fanboys will cheer and praise them saying how amazing it looks and how innovative they are. SMH

    • Anonymous

      Well boy was that one hell of a comment, i dont think you’ll get much out of iDB. But hey thats just me. 😉

      • 9to5Slavery

        He’s angry because he can’t do anything about it. Excuse his manners on how intrusive he is to another company’s goal in innovation. I’d say he doesn’t own a single share and his voice is probably. I mean ignored. Little peon

      • JustCause

        Actually there are a lot less fanboys here than you would think. I’ve been quite surprised at how many iDevice users on here feel the same way about many different topics I’ve posted about. It’s nice to see other iDevice owners who aren’t little bitches and can actually speak their mind rather than just bow down and act like the almighty crApple can do nothing wrong like all the fanboys do!

        Now if this was a lame ass site like modmyi or something, then yeah, that’s they breed is little bitch fanboys over there lol.

      • 9to5Slavery

        You need God, lol

      • JustCause

        No thanks, I leave all the believing in fake shit to lame ass sheepeople like you. I bet you believe in Santa Clause too don’t you? SMH

      • Anonymous

        I’ll agree Apple is not perfect, nor is any company for that matter. There is aleays room for perfection. (And i try not to talk in asbolutes) but im sure you could get your point across less aggressively, e.g. name calling, and vulgar terms will turn off many audiences. Ive notice below a comment has been removed. Im assuming it was from you but i am aweare its only an assumption. My point is yes iDB tries to find the balnce of what apple has got right and wrong. With that said your comments can come across differently than you perhaps ment and it seem, well as if your just trolling the site, rather gaining and giving it.

      • JustCause

        Bro, you should probably worry more about yourself than other people. You can start by focusing on your terrible grammar and spelling.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it’s not my best attribute.

    • 9to5Slavery

      I’m not a fanboy, but it’s getting old whatever you’re saying. Can you go back to the android forums where you can talk about modding and innovation and see how much google listens to you?

      • JustCause

        Well the jokes on you dumb shit because for one, I OWN AN IPHONE! And two, I have NEVER owned an Android device! So clearly your remark proves what a typical lame ass fanboy you are! At least I’m not a little bitch and can speak my mind when I think something is lame. You just bow down like the little bitch you are and take it up the ass!

        No wonder you chose that as a username, fits you PERFECT! =)

      • 9to5Slavery

        Cool story bro

      • JustCause

        Yeah of course, tried to play the typical fanboy “go back to the android forums” card and got called out like a little bitch! Then the only dumbass retort you could come up with was “cool story bro”. SMH. The only “cool story” around here is an obituary with your name in it!

      • 9to5Slavery

        lol “smh”

        You’re always coming with something nonsense. Not a big deal to call someone else another name. You should go back on working on your homework.

      • JustCause

        Homework? Uhh no bro homework is for lame ass squares like yourself who waste all your money on college so that you can graduate only to realize you can’t find a job then you end up working at the Mall or even worse, McDonalds. Unlike you, I actually have a hustle that pays me well, but that’s something you clearly know nothing about being the lame ass “follower” that you are. And this is why you will ALWAYS suck at life!

        But it’s all good, people like me need people like you in this world. Somebody’s gotta be there to bring me drinks and wait on me while I’m playing the tables =)

      • 9to5Slavery

        Thanks for making my night full of laughter and joy.

      • JustCause

        Oh don’t mention it. You squares do so much for me it’s the least I can do for you little bitches. =)

      • 9to5Slavery

        I hope your parents are proud that they gave birth to a egotistical little rugrat you are, young man. You’re a disgrace to your family lol.

  • Stuart Lombard

    Error with the second set of pictures. I believe the second photo is of the News app.

  • tariq

    My s7 edge has split screen. Tbh, I have never used it.No matter how big the screen is on a phone. Having an app split in half just makes it almost useless. But dark mode? Idk. I’d give it a shot

    • Rowan09

      Pretty much. On my iPad Pro it’s amazing and on an iPad it would look great, but not on a phone screen

      • 9to5Slavery

        I love my iPad Pro!!! 12.9

      • Abhijeet Gupta

        I second that, split screen on my 6p is useless as well, used it when the preview was released first, but now I don’t even use it. Also, I’ve used a JB tweak on my 6 plus for split screen, wasn’t that useful.

    • Mike

      download Nova Launcher which has a dark mode built in and on top of that download material dark theme from the samsung theme store. 🙂 looks a lot better. Thats what i did to my Note 5

      • tariq

        i use nova but for a different theme that i love. Thanks tho

  • 5723alex .

    Dark mode is horrible and unreadable.

    • JustCause

      Great, but there are MANY people out there who would disagree with you! The point is that not everyone likes the same things! So would it be so hard for crApple to give it’s users “OPTIONS”???

  • Jose Rivera

    Ever since the dark keyboard in those iOS 7 betas a while back, I’ve been looking forward to a dark mode in iOS. They fact that it was never included broke my heart (not literally but you get what I mean). I want a dark mode on iOS! I have it enabled in my Mac, so now for iOS! It’ll make the Space Gray iPhones look better and it’ll match!

  • BobNation

    i think you mean Contacts and NEWS app Christian

  • Jayy

    Aw that’s cute, now people on stock iOS can have dark mode like me lol ☺️

  • I’m waiting for this since forever. instead the night shift mode they should’ve done this long ago.

    I hate using my phone at night with the white background light burning out my face and also my iPhone is black so it would be a more cohesive design.

  • Gadget Guru

    Damn I wouldn’t feel so bad not having jailbreak

  • John Smith

    I just changed my 6S housing from space gray to black and gold logo. I would love to have dark mode along with it. The tweaks either work halfway, or cause apps to crash here and there.

  • Smegmatron

    Once you go dark….