If Apple brought dark mode and Split View multitasking to iPhone 7

iOS 10 concept iHelpBR image 001

I’ve been a huge fan of OS X’s dark theme which debuted with the release of OS X Yosemite back in October 2014. I also like to multitask on my iPad using OS 9’s new Split View and Slide Over modes because they definitely increase productivity for me. But how cool would it be if Apple brought Split View to the iPhone 7 and OS X’s dark mode to iOS 10?

A detailed conceptual renderings, created by Brazilian magazine iHelpBR imagine precisely this future playing out.

Here’s what dark mode would look like in stock apps.

iOS 10 concept iHelpBR iPhone screenshot 001
Left to right: Messages, 3D Touch on Home screen and Mail.

And another one…

iOS 10 concept iHelpBR iPhone screenshot 002
Left to right: Contacts and Podcasts.

Indeed, what if?

Going dark

An iOS 10 with an OS X-inspired dark theme and split-screen multitasking on the iPhone would be awesome. In terms of split-screen multitasking, Google is actually playing a catch up to Apple with Android N, which will bring iPad-like multitasking modes to Android devices when it’s released this fall.

Some Android phones already support this—namely Samsung’s Galaxy series—but that’s Samsung’s own innovation on top of stock Android. I’ve had a Galaxy S7 loaner for a few days while my iPhone was being serviced and I’ve grown to like the S7’s Split Screen View, more so on that stunning AMOLED display.

Source: iHelpBR (Google Translate)