Siri iOS 9

Apple has big plans to step up its game in the field of intelligent assistants, reports The Information. Citing sources familiar with the plans, the outlet claims the company is preparing to introduce a Siri SDK for third party app developers at WWDC next month.

Additionally, the report says that Apple is also working on an Amazon Echo-like device with a speaker and always-on microphone that people can use to do things like turn on music, get news headlines or set a timer. Google unveiled a similar device last week.

Opening up its Siri voice assistant to outside app developers is the more immediate step. Apple is preparing to release a software developer kit, or SDK, for app developers who want their apps to be accessible through Siri, according to a person with direct knowledge of the effort.

If true, the move would help calm fears that Apple isn’t concerned with its lack of progress in the field of AI. The sentiment has been spreading quickly in recent weeks, following Google’s AI-focused I/O keynote and this product demo by former Apple employees.

In addition to a Siri SDK, Apple is also reportedly bringing the digital assistant to Mac. So if this all plays out correctly, by the fall, Siri will be a lot more useful and available on more devices. This means far more usage, which will in turn help improve the feature.

Source: The Information

  • zebonaut

    SIRI can get so much smarter. “Welcome home; (user) ; shall I set the thermostat for 70 as usual? Oh; by the way its Thursday. Linda called. I put her in VIP box. Its currently 71 degrees.

    • Sounds like how I had my jailbreak tweak, WakeWithWeather. Oh how I miss it so much.

  • Yay, Siri SDK/API! This will make it so much more useful, depending on the limitations.

    • Melvco

      honestly, any third-party support is better than none. But yes, I worry where Apple will draw the line between user privacy and convenience.

      • Agreed Cody. They’ll probably let apps like Spotify have their music controls in Siri, but they may disallow something such as sending money to people through Square Cash.

    • Guy

      I agree

  • That device is what my Apple TV 4 should have been.

    • Oscar

      Bring HomeKit to ATV4

  • Aman kapoor

    siri send james a happy birthday message via whatsapp
    siri search for eggplant recipes in jamie oliver
    siri get me my two factor code for facebook from authy
    siri search barefoot world atlas for india
    siri make a skype video call to nathan

    endless possibiities

  • Anonymous

    Sdk yeah, siri terminal not somthing i care about… Especially if the mac gets it. Lol i already have enough devices to handel my Siri inquiry’s.

  • Shankar Dasika

    previously world used to follow apple and it became the king of the jungle now look at it following other brands like google,amazon its really pathetic and embarrassing in a way lol.I hope someone as crazy as jobs replaces someone as useless as cook.

    • Burge

      Cook doesn’t come up with the ideas he approves them. Whereas with Steve Jobs was a visionary and a innovator.