Siri for Mac icon leaks ahead of WWDC

Siri for Mac Dock icon OS X screenshot 001

9to5Mac claimed back in January that Siri would be finally coming to the Mac via the forthcoming OS X 10.12 software update this fall. Today, MacRumors published a genuine looking image that purportedly shows a colorful Siri icon sitting in OS X’s Dock, adding fuel to the Siri for Mac rumors.

Another screenshot appears to show a Siri icon sitting in the Mac’s menu bar at the top. The publication says that these screenshots were sent to them by a source “who has provided us with reliable information about Apple’s software plans in the past”.

The claimed Dock icon for the Siri app can be seen top of post.

The menu bar entry for Siri, pictured below, shows a monochrome icon with the word “Siri” surrounded by a box. “Clicking on either of the icons brings up a Siri waveform to give users a visual cue that the virtual assistant is listening for commands, much like on iOS devices when the Home button is held down,” as per MacRumors.

Siri for Mac Dock icon OS X screenshot 003

The report claims that the “Hey Siri” wakeup command is also supported.

It’s disabled by default at the current time, according to the source, but users can turn on ‘Hey Siri’ functionality in System Preferences. Because Siri for Mac is still in the early stages of development, the look and feel of these icons, along with end-user functionality, could change as we inch closer to WWDC.

Apple may also opt to drop this feature in the last minute.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is taking place from June 13 to June 17, so it shouldn’t be too long until Tim Cook and his lieutenants give us a demo of Siri, running on OS X 10.12.

Who’s excited about the prospect of conversing with Siri on their Mac?

Source: MacRumors