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Spotify may currently be running circles around Apple Music with the more than 30 million paid accounts versus about 13 million paying customers on Apple’s music service, but that doesn’t mean they’re standing still.

In an attempt to make its service more competitive with Apple’s, Spotify said today that families of six can now subscribe for just $14.99 per month, or appropriate local pricing, effectively price-matching Apple Music’s family plan.

There was no six-person plan available before today. Spotify’s old family plan supported families of five, not six, and it used to cost twice as much at $30 per month.

“The upgraded Spotify Family Plan offers the same world-class music experience as before, but now provides even more family members with access to over 30 million songs for just one low price payable on a single bill,” said the Swedish company.

Family Plans on Spotify include separate accounts so that family members can crate their own own playlists, save music and receive personalized recommendations.

Everyone on the Spotify Family Plan gets the same experience as individual Premium accounts, including the ability to stream any song from Spotify’s catalog of more than 30 million tracks, without restrictions or ads.

The upgraded Spotify Family Plan is available globally where the service is available starting today. To add additional family members and get the same $14.99 per month pricing if you’re already on the Family Plan, simply visit your Account Page on Spotify.

Curiously enough, the new Family Plan pricing is unavailable in Canada.

Will Spotify’s price change make you reconsider their service over Apple Music?

Source: Spotify

  • BenjamimDaniel

    Sweet! Me and a friend of mine pay 6.99€ (premium account) + 3.50€ (family member added… which makes 10.49€…. this new plan is 10.99€.. so basically, we can “put” 4 new people on it and reduce drastically our costs! Nice!

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Still enjoying Apple Music and not looking back.

    • websyndicate

      Its still bothers me that apple music only streams 256 bit rate and im tied to only my apple Devices. Spotify gives me multi platform support like my PS4.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        you can’t get apple music on PS4 coz PS4 is shit and for peasants (PS4 = PeasantStation4)

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        I use apple music on my 6s plus and in itunes on my top of the line Mac pro and it’s fine I’m on the free trial till August 11 then it’s $4.99 a month coz I’m a student

    • Guava Angel Rosas

      It’s really good actually. Wish it had customizable UI.. But besides that it’s really really good!

  • Jayy

    Out of all the streaming services, I personally believe that Spotify is the best one! From quality down to having every song I search for Spotify is my #1

    • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

      But Spotify looks ugly Apple has a way better UI and it’s better to a lot of people coz it’s native a lot of people including me prefer as many functions to be native as possible

      • Jayy

        Well something looking aesthetically pleasing or not is highly subjective. Case in point, I think the Spotify app looks good. In my opinion the only option I wish they had were one click lyrics for the song you are listening to if available.

      • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

        I much prefer the look of apple music it looks cleaner I love clean UIs and I never really liked the black and neon green of Spotify I used Spotify a little bit I just couldn’t bring myself to like it

      • Jayy

        Well to each there own, and good thing we have a variety of choices so everyone is happy!

  • Julio M.

    “…that family members can crate ” heads up.

  • :D

    I don’t get why people hate Apple Music so much that they wished it never existed. The same goes for things like iPhones and iPads. Competition drives the best in other companies too – it’s not like anyone’s forced to buy/use these things anyway.

  • websyndicate

    Finally this is a big win just one more reason why Spotify is better. They just need an apple watch app.

    • Chloe Elizabeth Wade

      Spotify isn’t better it’s UI is so ugly I used to use it I couldn’t stand it and I also prefer apple music because it is native and not 3rd party I like a lot of people prefer as many functions to be native as possible

      • websyndicate

        If you like lower quality music then you are good enjoy the 256 bit rate

  • nouseforaname

    Unavailable in Canada eh; but that Apple Music is tho and that’s where I’ll stay. 😛