Spotify price-matches Apple Music’s $14.99 per month family plan

Spotify Family Plan teaser 001

Spotify may currently be running circles around Apple Music with the more than 30 million paid accounts versus about 13 million paying customers on Apple’s music service, but that doesn’t mean they’re standing still.

In an attempt to make its service more competitive with Apple’s, Spotify said today that families of six can now subscribe for just $14.99 per month, or appropriate local pricing, effectively price-matching Apple Music’s family plan.

There was no six-person plan available before today. Spotify’s old family plan supported families of five, not six, and it used to cost twice as much at $30 per month.

“The upgraded Spotify Family Plan offers the same world-class music experience as before, but now provides even more family members with access to over 30 million songs for just one low price payable on a single bill,” said the Swedish company.

Family Plans on Spotify include separate accounts so that family members can crate their own own playlists, save music and receive personalized recommendations.

Everyone on the Spotify Family Plan gets the same experience as individual Premium accounts, including the ability to stream any song from Spotify’s catalog of more than 30 million tracks, without restrictions or ads.

The upgraded Spotify Family Plan is available globally where the service is available starting today. To add additional family members and get the same $14.99 per month pricing if you’re already on the Family Plan, simply visit your Account Page on Spotify.

Curiously enough, the new Family Plan pricing is unavailable in Canada.

Will Spotify’s price change make you reconsider their service over Apple Music?

Source: Spotify