iPhone 7 Plus leak dual cameras nand flash

French leaker Steven Hemmerstoffer yesterday republished an image of some claimed iPhone 7 Plus components, found on Weibo.

The photo appears to show an alleged dual-camera module said to be destined for the handset’s refresh, along with NAND flash chips which suggest that the iPhone 7 could include a new 256-gigabyte model.

The presence of both 16GB and 64GB memory modules on the photo might indicate that, disappointingly, the iPhone’s highly criticized low-storage 16GB model won’t be going away with the forthcoming hardware refresh.

Assuming it’s genuine, the image appears to corroborate a sketchy January rumor by Chinese-language Mydrivers saying a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus model would include a new 256-gigabyte storage option with a larger 3,100 mAh battery.

The Mydrivers report was followed by news in March than US-based SanDisk Corporation, one of Apple’s NAND flash suppliers, successfully designed a new, visibly smaller 256GB NAND flash chip that could be used in iPhones.

This morning, Hemmerstoffer also published a set of images, obtained from an Italian case manufacturer, which purportedly show off an iPhone 7 chassis with a four-speaker setup like on the iPad Pro and a vertically aligned rear camera module and LED flash.

Source: Weibo via Steven Hemmerstoffer

  • Alexander

    Really… 16GB  Apple ?

    • 5723alex .

      You can still buy new 4-8GB Windows Phone and Android devices, so 16GB is a blessing.

      • askep3

        While that is true, the iphone is a premium phone, without expandable storage, while those must be low end budget phones, and probably even have expandable storage

      • Bill

        A 256GB iPhone is a premium iPhone. A 16GB iPhone is just an iPhone. As a whole, iPhone is no longer premium. Especially considering the new SE and the old C models, targeted toward the lower end of the price scale.

      • askep3

        When I say iPhone I mean the flagship models not the se and c, and a 16 GB iPhone is still a premium phone, at $650, but it is not a premium iPhone, as you said.

      • Bill

        I said a 16GB iPhone is just an iPhone. It is not a premium phone, no matter what model it is. SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 10, whatever. If it comes with 16GB of storage, it is not a premium iPhone. Period.

      • askep3

        Wth storage doesn’t define if it’s a premium phone, price, quality, and hardware define it. The se is not premium, the 16 gb iPhone is a premium phone, it’s just the lower end in iPhones

      • igorsky

        So in your world storage defines quality.

      • Bill

        In the case of the iPhone, it does to an extent. You can’t claim iPhone as a whole is a premium device if you then say it has features that make it not premium, IE: small storage. So in this case, we must then conclude that the small storage iPhones are not in fact premium devices, as they once were when they hit the market almost a decade ago. Things change. This really is not a big deal, I don’t know why all the argument over it. Want more storage? There’s an option to get it. Again, not a big deal.

      • Things can still be inexpensive and be premium.

      • Rowan09

        They have cloud storage, external flash storage that plugs into the Lightning port, battery cases with storage, personal cloud storage with WD, etc. SD cards are not the only option for storage and while I do agree 16GB is not enough for someone that takes a lot of pictures and videos, those people should either consider those options or buy a 64GB.

      • askep3

        Yeah, most people only use their phone for social media, those people don’t need too much storage

      • Mike

        but… when you are paying $650 you should be getting at least 32gb… Cloud storage, battery cases with storage and etc. are dumb. The best storage is the one that is built it since it reads faster. Apple says it has the best app store but whats the point of an app store if you can only download a little apps then having to delete the old ones since you don’t even have enough memory. Another thing is that they show off 4k camera like its new but still offer 16gb memory… how are you suppose to shoot 4k videos + have apps installed + old pictures + iOS taking up space while all on a 16gb.

        I ditched iPhone for the Samsung Note 5. Even though they don’t have an expandable memory slot they offer 32gb starting and on top of that they offer 100gb cloud storage on Microsoft cloud for 2 years which it good since most people switch out phone every 2 years.

      • askep3

        Yeah, the minimum really should be 32GB

      • Samsung has another problem… The android and the huge bloatware that takes up so much space!!

      • Mike

        Just root the phone which takes like one minute and its a lot easier than jailbreaking. Then delete all those apps you don’t need plus when you get 32gb standard its okay if they take up 2-4gb in bloatware.

      • If you root a samsung phone don’t you avoid the guarantee? And I think you will have problems with the knox system.

      • They need for the their selfies!

      • askep3

        That’s why that camera is lower resolution!

      • I see, compare a flagship phone to a barebones entry level phone and call it a ‘blessing’. When there are born suckers like you, why would Apple even care of axing the 16GB?

    • Mike M. Powell

      After all the years n still allow that geeesh. Since my first ip4-6 bout to make that transition to 64Gb when the 7 drops >_<

  • Corey Hawkins II

    As I posted on the other article about the four speaker setup that surfaced, I would like to see components to back the claim of a dual camera device. The dual camera component shown in the photo looks sketchy, however. If this is to be included then I would imagine seeing the flash component below the camera on the frame. Also, the motherboard of the phone itself would have to be able to include space for an extra camera component connection and I just cant imagine that.

    • Bill

      Makes sense if it’s an iPod though, maybe.

  • eXoguti097

    It seems to me like they want the price differences to look even better with every $100 more having 4x the storage.. f***** up.. but smart

    • Mike M. Powell

      I member ppl saying them droplet the 32GB so it’s 16 then 64 was the best thing well $$ wise o.o

  • Valinor

    All I’m hearing is iphone plus this, iphone plus that……
    And 2017 this and…….
    Basically the normal iphone wont have anything special this year.

  • Storage options should be: 4, 8, and 256GB. What is Apple thinking?!

    • Rowan09

      Smart. People with 16GB always complain about space and either buy cloud storage or upgrade to the 64GB. Apple is in no way shape or form suppose to worry about customers not buying what works for them realistically. I was happy when they got rid of the 32Gb (which I always bought) and made the 64GB the only option instead.

  • Rook HD

    makes perfect sense. another $100 and you get 256Gb. darn Apple

  • It’s so dumb how you’re forced to get the iPhone 7 Plus if you want a better camera.

  • XenonKilla

    16 GB STILL?? What a joke! I swear it’s all the lame ass fanboys and their sheepish behavior that allow crApple to get away with the crap that they do. I can buy a damn 32GB microSD card on Amazon for $10 lousy dollars!!! Clearly it doesn’t cost that much more to just have 32GB as the base model. This is 2016 for fvcks sakes!! SMH.

    Hell even Samsung was smart and brought back the SD Card slot on the S7 after they foolishly took it away. But that’s because Android users aren’t a buncha pushovers like the majority of crApple users out there who will buy whatever crApple sells them.

    • Mike

      I had to go to the apple store to fix my sisters phone and I saw people walk into the apple store and buy a $50 case… you could go on eBay or amazon and get that for $10. A company that still offers 16gb in 2016 doesn’t care about the customer rather it cares more about the money.

      The funny thing is that apple fanboys will say stuff like:

      “They have cloud storage, external flash storage that plugs into the Lightning port, battery cases with storage, personal cloud storage with WD, etc. SD cards are not the only option for storage and while I do agree 16GB is not enough for someone that takes a lot of pictures and videos, those people should either consider those options or buy a 64GB.”

      Like if you are buying a $650 phone why would you settle for a 16gb or pay $100 more just for more storage. I have the Samsung Note 5 and sadly my memory slot went away but instead I at least got a 100gb cloud service by Microsoft for 2 years.

      • UHS 1 SD card writing speed is arround 90mb/s I think.. iPhone’s 6 flash storage is arround 200mb/s. And btw yes I agree with what you said for 16gb model and the people who buting it… The last 16GB phone I have bought was the iPhone 4s back to 2011. Yes is ridiculous to buy a $650 device to have only 16GB.. The 16GB iphone model is invisible for me…

    • The built in storage is much faster that a $10 SD card…

      • XenonKilla

        See it’s comments like this right here that just goes to show how UNEDUCATED people really are!

        Here you go, a SanDisk Extreme 32GB “UHS 1” micro SD card, $15 on Amazon!

      • XenonKilla

        OMG bro it doesn’t matter, crApple has connections to all kinds of suppliers, you really believe that they couldn’t sell a 32GB base model and still be making a profit? Give me a break, this is 2016, hard drives, memory, and SSD’s are very cheap to come by these days!

      • Yes I know that.. Apple doing it for money, because people who uses their phone for something else except social media, they need to pay for 64GB.

      • Too late bro. Apple will get buried after the release of the i7. Samsung better up their production, because a lot of people are gonna switch. No headphone + 16GB will kill the i7. For sure.

      • Isn’t sure if won’t have headphone jack.. And 16GB why? You can buy 64gb. The biggest negative of iPhone 7 the lack of new features.

      • You really think people will consider the i7 with
        – same design
        – no headphone
        – no differentiating ‘killer’ feature

        And hey, thanks for the suggestion to buy the 64GB. That never crossed my mind yo, seriously.

      • That’s exactly what I said… The biggest negative of iPhone 7 will be the lack of new features (and the same design too). The 16GB storage I don’t think it will be affect it because if someone wants more storage there are available. But yea, if the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a killer new features and the only new was a better camera and a faster processos it will be a problem for apple.

      • Bufonse

        I hope they take the headphone jack away without any new feature and continue to have 16gb as the base model because then those idiots that go and buy $50 case that costs $1 to make probably won’t buy the phone. Once those wealthy business people stop purchasing whatever Apple makes they’ll have no choice but to do exactly what the consumer wants and has been asking for. On top of not giving us what we want hardware wise they never give us what we want in regards to software. It almost took a decade to integrate flux into iOS which is bull$hit. Everybody I talk to is considering leaving apple after this phone so it won’t be long til their sales drop

      • rmaganti

        Apple has made a death wish. Incremental hardware upgrade is not going to cut anymore. Unless Apple makes something radically different from 6S and 6S plus, it is game over.

      • Yep, this year they’re in deep s hit already. The S7 does better in every department except for the OS and lots of people are now doubting if Apple really is the sane company that wowed them with cutting edge tech. Now it seems Apple is just getting geared for the iPhone 8 launch in 2017. Can’t believe that they’re gonna lie low for nearly a year and half with just an incremental update.

      • rmaganti

        Someone made a poignant observation, that Apple is going down the path of Blackberry. The writing on the wall is too clear to miss. Why would Tim Cook who until recently was trying to dump refurbished trash into India, visit India?

      • Whoa, down the path of RIM? Thats ludicrous. RIMs death was being predicted for years. Yet they never gave a damn about Apple, even as sales charts kept plummeting every quarter. They simply ignored eroding sales, just like how Microsoft has now ditched their brand. They had specific pockets where people still cared for the Lumia, yet they still gunned for US sales and now they’ve written the whole brand off. Just like that.
        Tim Cook wasn’t dumping refurbished trash. I bought a refurbished iPhone 5 from the US and it was as good as new. New screen, new body. Do I care for used internals? Hell no. The phone still works fine. I saved $250 in the process. Sold the phone 3 months back in India for $200. If I’m not mistaken, refurbished phones undergo a 65 point check. You are truly getting a new phone, and very rarely do you find scratches, and you’d have to hunt for them. Refurbishment would’ve been an ideal step for Apple to slowly move to setting up manufacturing units. But the govt aimed way too high by asking them to manufacture in India itself. From heavy machinery to simple car manufacturing, the fit and finish of Indian products are yet to catch up with global standards. It’s a very tall order to manufacture in India, for a brand whose #1 USP is reliability and quality. Im happy Cook spoke about compounding taxes. But our media ignored that statement.

      • rmaganti

        When we say Apple iPhone 7 with a modest hardware upgrade is likely to not succeed, in my opinion that upgrade is trash. A refurbished iPhone 5S, which was being sold until recently in India in my opinion is also trash. The reason being the old hardware will struggle to run the latest iOS update and within an year of purchasing the phone, it will more or less be useless. Why go through the process of buying an old hardware refurbished iPhone, which will last a year. I don’t get it. Apple are living in their own gaga land. I have been an Apple customer since iPhone 3S days and I am disappointed to say that they are unable to entice me into buy their latest iPhone as the specs upgrade don’t simply feel adequate.

      • I got a refurb 5S for my dad a couple of months back. Surprised to see it performed nearly identical to my 6. The camera is virtually the same on both. Runs the latest iOS with no hurdles whatsoever. The 5 starts to show its age, and only this year with apps like twitter – but not the 5S. The 5S is still a great device, but with the SE around, its better to pay a little more to get 6S performance in a small form factor.

        I do agree that Apple lost it with the 6S already. Samsungs AMOLED tech dazzles with the colours on the display popping out (most reviewers always fail to mention that Samsung has the clear advantage in the display department). And the S7 Edge reminds me of the iphone 4 for some reason. Awesome solid build, the edge tech is not a gimmick anymore and every colour suits the phone really well. And best of all, the camera is killer. Samsung’s silent killer has already pushed down 6S sales and they’re even bundling the VR headset with amazing discount.

        I am so tempted to jump ship. Really tempted.

  • Fuckin F uck, 16GB AGAIN?????? I swear I’ve had it with this stinginess. This is going to hurt Apple big time. Samsungs the clear winner for sure. 16GB will NOT cut it for 2017.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I hope the dual camera model has 128GB option and not just 256.

  • Jim Hart

    Why does a 16GB model bother people so much? Just don’t buy it. If Apple didn’t sell any 16GB phones then they wouldn’t offer them.

  • Bufonse

    I can’t wait for apples sales to decrease so they can finally start listening to the consumer. If it wasn’t for such loyal customers like us iPhones would’ve died out after the 2nd iPhone they been slackin hard these past few years. Hold this L apple

  • Ryan

    should be 32, 64 and 128. who could possibly need 256gb on an iPhone?!?