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Registering more than one finger with the Touch ID system is a sure-fire way of improving the overall accuracy of fingerprint recognition on your Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad.

If you have registered  multiple fingerprints, it’s also helpful to name them (i.e. index finger, right thumb, etc.), as one of our recent tutorials explained.

Naming a fingerprint is super useful, for sure.

But in its typical fashion, Apple’s gone one step further: though most people will be aware of this, novice users may be oblivious to the fact that they can easily highlight in the list of registered fingers a finger that Touch ID matches.

How to quickly identify saved Touch ID fingerprint

1) Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

2) Tap Touch ID & Passcode and type in your passcode to access this section.

3) Touch the Home button with one of your enrolled fingers. The matched fingerprint in the list will be highlighted briefly, as shown top of post.

Tip: To rename a saved finger, tap its default name in the list and then type a new one.

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Aside from registering multiple fingerprints with Touch ID, you can actually use this feature to improve the accuracy and reliability of fingerprint recognition on a Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad.

Though not a documented feature, if you keep touching the Home button with one of your enrolled fingers at a slight angle, or curve the finger to the side or slide it up a bit more on the Home button so that the Settings app barely highlights it, iOS will use that data to enhance your fingerprint profile, improving Touch ID accuracy as a result.

And if you want more quick tips like this, check out our complete tutorials archive.

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Speaking of Touch ID,  make sure iTunes & App Store is turned on under Settings → Touch ID & Passcode if you want to use your fingerprint instead of your Apple ID password for making purchases in the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store.

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  • Moonbeam Jim

    It is possible to register all five prints in one go. You just alternate fingers during the identification process.

    • no

      • James G

        You can do at least two effectively. Once it asks you to adjust your grip, change to another finger. This is how I get Touch ID to recognize more than five fingerprints since my wife often uses my phone.

  • Bill

    Touch ID hardly works at all for me unfortunately because my fingerprints are always changing. Not the actual print signature, but the skin on the pads of my fingers and thumbs. I work with my hands a lot and rarely wear gloves, so no Touch ID for me. 🙁 Works for about two or three days then the damn thing always fails.

    • DevXav

      Your finger prints are all over your body, maybe you can try using another part of your thumb closer to it’s joint, some lateral outer part or something like..

      Works for me.

      • Bill

        Yeah I know, you can use anything that will register on the TouchID sensor. Hell you could use a banana if you wanted. But we use our fingers or more often our thumbs to press the button, so it would make sense to register the thumb (or finger) for TouchID. But as I said, it rarely works for me, so I’m out of luck. I’m not going to register something that’s so inconvenient. It’s more convenient to just type in a passcode than have to press the button with some other object every time I want to access the device.

  • Luke Per

    If you want to slightly speed up your touch id, you can register the same finger more than once. I have my right thumb registered three times and my left thumb twice.

  • ProllyWild

    Random story, but I had a friend who’s suspicious wife used to access his iPhone while he was asleep by using his finger to open the phone via Touch ID….

    It was then that he found out you can actually register your knuckles. So….that’s a thing…registering a body part people wouldn’t think of.