iOS 9.3 Night Shift mode teaser 001

Apple has just revealed at its ‘Let us loop you in’ media event when customers around the world will be able to download and install iOS 9.3. The third major update to iOS 9.0 since its September 2015 debut, iOS 9.3 will release later today, Apple has said.

The free software update for any iOS 9-compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad includes features like Night Shift Mode, which reduces blue light to avoid disrupting your sleep cycles, and the ability to pair multiple watches to a single iPhone.

In iOS 9.3, users can protect their notes with a passcode or Touch ID, enjoy an even more personalized News, take advantage of an enhanced Health app that integrates move, exercise and stand data, along with goals from Apple Watch apps, to mention just a few highlights.

CarPlay in iOS 9.3 includes Apple’s Nearby feature to help you find gas, parking, restaurants, coffee and other points of interest along with a much-enhanced Music app with your personalized New feed and a For You section with songs, artists, and albums handpicked by experts.

iOS 9.3 Classroom app teaser 001

It also provide support for the Wi-Fi Calling feature to Verizon customersunbricks devices affected by the January 1, 1970 bug, lets you see data usage numbers for Wi-Fi Assist feature, allows  third-party iPad Pro accessories to update their firmwares through the Smart Connector and much more.

Last but not least, iOS 9.3 sports pretty big new features for the classroom such as managed Apple IDs, multi-user support on iPads and more.

Stay tuned to iDownloadBlog in the coming days and weeks as we talk more about iOS 9 and focus on its headlining feature, under-the-hood changes and all the little improvements that make this a worthwhile iOS unapt.

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  • Troy

    Come on Jailbreak!!

    • Cristian B

      Please for the love of god

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      My thoughts exactly!!

  • pnh

    If I’m running the iOS 9.3 public beta, will it prompt me to upgrade to the general release?

    • VITICO

      i need an answer to this question too..

    • lemonhead

      in the past it hasn’t

      so i would say no..

    • 5723alex .

      Yes, it will.

    • Troy

      Most likely no unless they added some little stuff

    • pnh

      So, that’s 2 “no’s”, 1 yes, and an “I need to know too”.

    • Likely not if its the latest beta, the latest betas are often the same build as the official release.

    • pnh

      THE CORRECT ANSWER was “YES”. I just got the prompt.

  • Yarin Marziano

    When today?

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    Let’s jailbreak!!

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    I had all those features since iOS 8.4..

  • Please! Jaibreak now!

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    Jailbreak Jailbreak Jailbreak…
    I’m still on 9.02 Jailbreak

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      I’m still on 8.4 with my jailbreak…I’m ready to update…

  • Urgh I’m so conflicted whether to update or not

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    Alright Pangu and Taig, it’s your time to shine again.

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    Okay. I know it’s the middle of the night over there but somebody wake up our Pangu friends in China and tell them it’s time to open the floodgates.

  • Burge

    The jailbreak might not happen until the 5se/9.7 iPad pro is out. Would you release a jailbreak with a new devices about to launch? I’m sure they will want to make sure any jailbreak will work on these devices also.

    • pnh

      Those are already boxed and ready to ship.

      • Burge

        And no one has one. Can you say 100% any jailbreak that come out now will work on these devices.

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Where is the OTA?

    • VITICO

      the site says available now.. I dont see it on my end..

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    Should I download or wait for jailbreak?

  • Farid Ahmed

    so is it just me or 9.3 on iPhone 6 seems more fluid