Just before the new year, I decided to take on Sprint’s promotional event of cutting an AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile bill in half. Being with AT&T for more than 6 years, and having always wanted to try another carrier for the heck of it, I was lured in by being able to save a few bucks on my monthly bill.

Their offer to pay my contract breaching fees up to $650 from AT&T just about sealed the deal as well.

Knowing that Sprint didn’t have the best service in the world, I was wary, but since I really only use my iPhone for social networking, phone calls, and iMessaging, and wouldn’t be doing things like streaming HD videos on the go, I was going to take the plunge anyway and see whether or not Sprint would be a good fit for my needs.

If you too were thinking about Sprint for your next carrier, then read on, because what I’m about to share with you could make or break your decision and save you a ton of time of cancelling agreements and wasting time and money.

Where was that better network Sprint was advertising?

After Sprint announced that they were launching LTE Plus in a limited amount of markets and I found that my area was one of the areas where I could pick up on the new LTE Plus signal, I was determined to give it a try. Sprint advertises that their LTE Plus network is faster than Verizon or AT&T “based on recent data from Neilsen,” but is that really the case?

Since I always knew Sprint’s network to be somewhat of a snail, I was weary of these claims from the beginning. I have friends who use Sprint and my AT&T service has always blown their performance out of the water, but never had I seen real-world performance from Sprint’s LTE Plus network; after all, it was brand new.

When I got my new iPhone, it was an iPhone 6s Plus; one model newer than my AT&T iPhone 6 Plus. So I knew I was getting the best of the best with the latest cellular radios and supported bands built in. I knew there was no potential for bottle-necking, so I was ready to test out the new network to its full potential. Two other lines were also present on my agreement – two iPhone 6s handsets.

Over the course of a week of testing, I had found the LTE Plus signal was very difficult to grab, and that for the most part, I was only getting Sprint’s basic LTE network. Perhaps the worst part about the whole thing was that Sprint’s LTE download speeds matched what I can achieve on AT&T’s EDGE (2G) network on a lucky day. Sometimes, Sprint’s LTE download speeds would match what I could achieve on AT&T’s 3G network, but it seemed less often that this would happen.

Here I compare Sprint’s regular LTE network to AT&T’s regular LTE network

In the app screenshots above, you can see an average day for me on Sprint and an average day for me on AT&T. The download speeds on AT&T are more than 45x faster than Sprint, and the upload speeds on AT&T are more than 12x faster than Sprint. The ping on Sprint’s network had left a lot to be desired as well.

The only time I ever connected to Sprint’s LTE Plus network was in a single place where I had least expected it – in the middle of nowhere on the same old highway each time – and even those speeds were slower, although marginally, than my average on AT&T, despite Sprint’s claims of being faster:

Here I sample Sprint’s LTE Plus network for the first time

Other days, Sprint’s LTE Plus network would linger between the 18-28Mbps range, and again, I only ever got an LTE Plus signal in the same spot – never anywhere else in my area.

With these results, I have to say I was rather dissatisfied with my service with Sprint, but even with these slower data speeds, I still held on. It wouldn’t be until additional matters continued to escalate my dislike for the Sprint network.

Internet problems seemed non-stop

On any carrier, and I mean Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or even one of the little guys, you should expect to be able to load a web page, or load your Facebook news feed when you have a signal. I had experienced non-stop drama with the Sprint network in this respect, where even when I was connected to the network, and had two or three bars of signal, I would get an error while trying to load my Facebook news feed and it would say to check my internet connection.

Sometimes while using the app, it would hang in limbo while trying to find my closest server, and I would have to wait up to 5 minutes for it to find one, only to time out and have the app tell me there was something wrong with my internet connection. Keep in mind, this was on Sprint’s LTE network with anywhere from 1-3 bars.

It would be a complete relief when I would get home and connect to my Verizon FiOS Wi-Fi network. For once, I could sit down and actually digest internet content. It made me miss the speed and reliability of my AT&T network, and slowly, the nostalgia would set in, but I still hung on to Sprint because I wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Phone call quality was poor

The next major problem that I noticed was how poor the call quality seemed. The voices were clear, but they sounded so flat in comparison to what I was used to on the AT&T network. Without a doubt, AT&T’s voice over LTE (VoLTE) had been programmed into my ears, and hearing anything different was like nails on a chalkboard. AT&T’s sound quality is richer and had many more dimensions of sound than Sprint’s flat call quality.

Since I often talk on the phone when I’m driving, and I drive a Jeep with really loud tires, loud and clear phone calls are a must for me, and it was a complete disappointment when it was difficult to hear the other person on the other end of the phone call throughout the entire ride.

I kept telling myself that I was saving a few dollars every month and that the sacrifice in call quality, slower data, and not-so-reliable service was a side effect to be expected from the cheaper price tag, and so I still continued to hold on.

But it wasn’t until the reason below that I couldn’t do it anymore.

Customer service did anything but serve

Indeed you must be thinking that I was crazy to stick with Sprint for so long after dealing with the problems above, and I would agree with you! But I just needed to save a few dollars.

Somewhere near the end of my week of trying the new phones on Sprint’s network, a hairline fracture appeared on one of the iPhone 6s units that was on my agreement. The phone had not been dropped, and had not even been taken off of a table the entire week. It turns out that it was a manufacturer defect, and a hairline stress crack had developed in the display that went from the right side of the iPhone to the left side.

I figured, “okay, no big deal, I’ll just take this to the Sprint store and explain the situation.”

As if – Sprint literally looked at the phone, called the store manager up to explain the situation, and then placed it back in the box and slid the box back in my direction over the counter. The associate told me, “there’s nothing we can do for you.”

Fortunately, Sprint offers a 14-day grace period where you can completely return everything and cancel your agreement before you have to pay any fees to discontinue service. The only trick would be getting the store to return the broken phone, which they clearly weren’t going to do as per store policy.

My next step was taking an hour drive to the nearest Apple Store to see what they could do for me. They confirmed that the display was indeed a defective display. Since the display repair machine was apparently broken that day, they opted to give me a brand new iPhone 6s handset to replace the busted one at no charge. This also meant having a new serial number from the original, so Apple gave me a work order showing that they exchanged the handsets and it listed the two serial numbers.

With the merchandise in hand, and the paperwork supporting the replacement, it was time for round two of trying to initiate a return at the Sprint store. Even with the iPhone having been repaired, Sprint was still hesitant, but they finally agreed to return the merchandise and cancel service, which is when I went right back to AT&T and activated my old iPhone 6 Plus again.

Needless to say, it was an awful experience for me from start to finish; using the phone on a far inferior network, and even trying to get a problem resolved, were met with issues that prevented me from being able to go about my everyday routine and get things done.


Sprint’s ‘cut your bill in half’ promotion sounds good at face value, but when you lock yourself into a two-year agreement, you may be signing away your good service for poorer service at only a slightly cheaper price. This is because your monthly bill won’t actually be 50% of what you were already paying; instead, only the cost of the data itself is 50% of what you were paying, so I was really only saving about $40 per month off of my original $180/month AT&T bill for 20GB of shared data.

Have you used Sprint before, or are you currently using Sprint? If so, then we’re very interested in seeing your data speed results too! You can download the app for free from the App Store.

Share your experience in the comments below!

  • Merman123

    If you’re going to switch from AT&T, you should probably do so for T-Mobile. Sprint is terrible.

    • Julio Hernandez

      Agreed. I may have a little bit more spotty coverage in my area but I still get fast LTE speeds and great service overall. Sprint is the worst.

    • Anonymous

      I second that. I have been with AT&T and they whete great but over the past year ive been happy with tmoblie.

      Wow didn’t realize how terrible sprint was.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I third that. The only thing sprint is good for is freedompop and my lil sis has been using it for 2 years on the galaxy s4 with no probs.

    • Seba

      I have AT&T and I live in NJ. I switched to T-nobile and after couple of days with “no service” I went back to AT&T. Both T-mobile and Sprint suck at lest where I live. Only 2 carriers u can count on are Verizon & AT&T and I am with AT&T since it’s cheaper then Verizon …

      • Mary

        T mobile is horrible in my area. Talking with 2 cans on a string
        quality. And the data…omgosh sometimes it connects. But they areally very effective at billing you! A lot.

    • n0ahcruz3

      I… Fourth that lol

    • Nex

      Yes, I agree. I have my phone bill at $30 per month.
      Unlimited text
      Unlimited data (5GB at LTE)
      100 calling minutes per month
      By far the greatest deal in my mind.

  • Walcy Carroll

    I guess it depends on the area that you live that used to be a AT&T customer no issues switch to sprint my speed has always been great and LTE not using the latest sprint service either but download speeds are pretty awesome streaming videos no issues for the past two years

    • Briggamortis

      Unlimited data with AT&T starting tomorrow!!!!

      • mdrglz

        I’m selling my grandfathered att unlimited data.

  • Alex Graham

    I also took on the cut your plan in half plan. I live in Phoenix and in my own home I only have 2 bars as compared to T-Mobile when I had about 4. Half the time I’m on 3G! But I’m locked in for two years. Luckily I have wifi at my house and job so I can live with it.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      If it wasn’t for Wi-Fi, I’d have gone mad.

      • Alex Graham

        Literally the only reason why I’m sticking with sprint is because of nba league pass lol

    • NewDCFan

      Phoenix won’t be fully ready until end of april according to FCC documents

  • rolando castro

    Best I got out of my network with 2 bars

  • David Levy

    If you’re going to wary of sprint then avoid them. If you are going to be weary then you won’t have the energy to write the article.

  • James G

    This is why I love the T-Mobile test-drive offering. Find out if it works for you before going through all that contract switching stuff.

  • David J Delgado

    Sprint has been garbage for a while now. As a former Sprint employee I can attest how most people keep Sprint because it’s marginally cheaper than most anyone else but still give you that “big company” feel. I had Sprint back in like 2011/2 when WiMax was still a thing and back then it was meh, coverage stunk and unless you had a WiMax enabled device your speeds barely got to 1Mbps at off-peak times. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5 I never EVER got LTE signal, just good old 3G. They’d even charge you the $10 for 4G access or some nonsense like that, it was absurd. Fast forward 4-5 years later and things have actually gotten WORSE. I’ve had T-Mobile for 2 1/2 years now (also worked for them and loved it) and I can say their service has yet to disappoint me. I’ve had a handful of dead spots but those were all in very middle-of-nowhere locations anyway. I drove down to Tampa and only lost signal in the boondocks of Virginia and SC, but in Tampa I had LTE up and down the bay same with Orlando. In NYC they just lit up Band 12 and it’s gotten even better and faster. Went to Canada? LTE speeds, South Korea? LTE speeds, Mexico? mostly LTE speeds (thanks for the free roaming, T-Mobile). Sprint is really not heading down a good path and aside from some patches of densely populated areas where you CAN get OK to marginally OK signal, they are useless. I chuckled when I read how their network was faster on average than VZW and AT&T because even back in 2013 VZW was pulling close to 100Mbps on an iPhone 5/5s and I know that it’ll be a cold day in hell when Sprint can average those speeds.

  • Noelix

    Sprint is awful. Got locked into a 2 year agreement between 2012-2014 and it never really got better. LTE was hard to find in Phoenix and wasn’t terribly reliable or impressive when it did pop up. In general using anything with data was an exercise in patience and frustration. I remember shouting multiple expletives at Siri over the yearswhenever i tried to talk to her and she’d take 20- 30 seconds to think and tell me something was wrong. The voice calls dropped in 3 specific places on my commute home (read: major highways) and I had learned to expect them and tell as such to people I was on the phone with.

    Switched to Verizon as soon as I could and you get what you pay for. In the case with Sprint, you barely get anything.

    • BJ

      I don’t know, Sprint sucks bad in many areas, but Verizon seems even pricier than AT&T for a network that doesn’t justify the price. When I tried VZW I was paying $150 a month for a single line just because i dared to use data. What good is a network if you can’t use its fast data because of price? As much as I think AT&T’s customer service sucks (and boy does it blow bad), since you aren’t calling a service centre agent 99.99999% of the time, I’d take AT&T’s slightly more competitive rate over VZW, you get as good as or better network quality for a slightly cheaper price.

  • Michael Giskin

    My family and I have had Sprint since the 90s and I personally am satisfied with Sprint overall. It might be because I’m in one of Sprint’s “focus” cities where faster speeds and better coverage usually rollout first, but the service for me is usually pretty good. With Sprint the speeds are usually either really good or really bad. I have had download speeds less than 1 Mbps and speeds over 60 Mbps – it’s a total mix. For the few times I’ve had to call Sprint customer service, I’ve been connected quickly and the problem has been resolved. For unlimited talk, text, and data, it’s pretty good value.

  • Manuel Molina

    For people like us, who use our phones all the time, Sprint is not the best option because of data speeds and call quality. For those who don’t care about speed, want to do basic stuff and just want a cheap plan, Sprint isn’t so bad.

    • KillerNukes

      IF you can deal with dropped calls. Almost every time daughter calls from Denver on Sprint she connects and then has to call back after the first call drops in 120 seconds. She previously had ATT for years. Absolutely NO PROBLEMS running the same commuter route.

  • Mike M. Powell

    I only got sprint cuz of the $60 unlimited everything for iPhone 6, no contract, might go for something else when the ip7 drops :/

  • Sprint is horrible to begin with.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      I absolutely agree!

  • iByron

    Context and the fact that the switch was a new thing suggests that you were “wary” of Sprint. “Weary” would be what current long-time Sprint customers are.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      Thank you 😉

  • blu

    Sprint in my area sucks. My sister has it and always has connection and speed issues.
    T-mobil is not much better. My brother has it and while better than Sprint, AT&T is still the best for coverage and speed compared to those 2. No idea on Verizon, don’t know anyone off hand with it to compare to.

    With the end of subsidized phones, I am going to look into AT&T MVNO’s to see if cost will be better with them since I have to pay full price for phones.

  • The Guy

    Posts like what you made here is full of ignorance. Cellular service and quality varies everywhere, for example I had horrible AT&T service pretty much every where I went nearby and Sprint here is superb. But why would I bad mouth a company because its not great where I am, when others have a much different experience.

    You lost a lot of respect with this irrelevent post.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      There are multiple points with this post that I made regarding why I left Sprint to go back to the company that worked for me. If you read it, you’ll find that I would have stayed if it weren’t for the terrible customer service experience that I had – that was honestly the moving factor and despite the service, if the company won’t help when you need help, why keep them?

    • Merman123

      Did you even read his title. It clearly says why “I” left sprint.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Did you read the summary?

      • The Guy

        What? He’s talking about a company, not an individual.

    • KillerNukes

      ” But why would I bad mouth a company because its not great where I am”

      Because shows how bad Sprint is and how spotty the coverage is. Still no guarantee in a particular location as you pointed out, as rootmetrics showed Sprint to be in a tie with AT&T in Denver – but iPhone 6S experience has not turned out that way. If you want third world wire-line type service – Sprint will probably fill the bill. IF you want your cellular phone to just work with no second thought, AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile are the choices in most places.

      • RonCouturier

        T-Mobile is not the choice to work in most places!!! That’s funny!!! AT&T and Verizom are the choice for most places…!

  • Tony

    Just wondering, why do you test speed with one server for Sprint and another server “Hosted by AT&T” when testing AT&T? I’m not suggesting that the conclusions would somehow be markedly different, but the methodology is questionable. Do you think AT&T might have some reason to juice the results for their customers?

    I just tested my iPhone 6 on Sprint LTE with two servers. One was 2 mi. From my home and had an abysmal 1.20 down, 7.42 up with 69ms ping. On a server 66 miles from my home I had 24.60 down, 9.70 up, with 78 ms ping. The server you use matters. Compare speeds to the same server. Compare speeds across multiple servers. Consider averaging them.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      Hey Tony, sorry about the screenshots showing a different server for each. I know what you’re saying. This post is by no means based off of a single speed test from each carrier, but rather a series over the course of a week, and with varying servers used, it’s unfortunate to say that the results were relatively static.

      • KillerNukes

        And I try to test on the native server to see how good the speed COULD be with the deck stacked toward the provider. But most of us who have done extensive testing using the FCC speedtest, as well as dslreports and know WTF we are doing. Quite a bit of naivete to tackle us on something so mundane.

  • Gabezz

    Sprint is a terrible network, my past two jobs have both used Sprint mobile devices. I had a Samsung Galaxy S4, loved the phone, but poor phone quality, and my recent job, we use Samsung Tabs. It is so slow downloading documents and websites. I actually use my iPad Air 2 on Verizon LTE as back up when Sprints network fails, which is often. Just terrible.

  • Zachary Sloane

    I had the same exact issues. Internet pretty much only worked in LTE areas. If I was on 3G it never worked at all. Then when I cancelled the service after 14 days they said they’d send me a bill for prorated service which I argued over. Alas they said they’d mail it to me and I could call customer support and complain to them and see what they could do. The bill never came but 90 days later the calls from a collection agency came calling on Sprints behalf. $60. 90 days. Collections. No phone call, no second notice bill, nothing. Bitch move Sprint.

  • AnoNymouz

    I’ve been with sprint for 6 years now. I can honestly say they come a long way. Here in Chicago I pick this up. Sometimes better in suburbs or worse. But still better than paying so much for gb limit. I wouldn’t of gotten it if was fairly new in your area as the service will drop with LTE enhancement/expansion.

    • Anthony Bouchard

      That’s a very nice LTE Plus connection.

    • Leo Wesley

      Chicago is seemingly the only city in which Sprint focuses on improving service. Everywhere else, you’re screwed.

  • ekb55

    At my work those with AT&T and Verizon must turn their phones off due to the battery draining because of no signal. Sprint on the other hand has full signal hence the reason we have 52 lines through them. Coverage has gotten tremendously better. Bottom line is all the networks are good as long as you are in their service area.

    Comparing Sprint to AT&T with an admitted broken phone that had to replaced is not much of a test. Interesting this article was published on the day of AT&T’s promotion for unlimited (but throttled) data offer. Just say’n

    • Leo Wesley

      You must have a Sprint tower on top of your building.

  • cotty

    Well I live in Oshkosh WI and I get about 12 gb in buildings and 28 gb downloads outside of buildings and no t-mobile where I work and can’t afford at or the broadband carrier so I use my phone to tether and it I think that is decent speed for me 60 unlimited and my phone cost about 17 dollars per month so I’m paying 87 dollars total with taxes and fees can’t complain

  • Mark Petrovic

    HA! You spend $180/month for 20G’s of shared data! The jokes on you buddy! $75 for unlimited data, talk & text with my plan on Sprint. Which by the way has a very strong network here in Chicago, never do I run into dead zones or have my signal drop on me. Plus the HD voice during phone calls is super clean! I’m completely satisfied with my Sprint experience, 15 years and counting. Good luck with that limited data plan that they’re raping you with. HA!

    • Anthony Bouchard

      $180 for three handsets with rollover data, but if I had what you have on Sprint, then I would only have 1Mbps down most of the time, which isn’t what I’d like to pay for at all.

      • Mark Petrovic

        Is that why when I turn on my Wi-Fi hotspot I could connect my xbox one to it and run multiplayer games no problem. I’m doing that on the Sprint network… the connection speeds I get are more than enough for what I need it to be, plus I never have to worry about going over data limits. I’m two days into my monthly cycle and I’m already at six gigs used, you would be sweating balls right now worried about how much data you’ll have by the end of the month. No reason for rollover data… its just not needed.

      • TJ

        Is Sprint still doing you right?

  • Garrett Norman

    I’ve been with every carrier in the last 12 months. After moving to the Orlando area, I’ve come to find weak spots with every single one of them. I thought AT&T was near perfect except in two areas, Millenia where I couldn’t get more than 0.2 Mbps down on LTE and Universal Orlando where some days it seemed that AT&T’s LTE was so congested I would have to switch down to “4G” to get data to work. T-Mobile was spotty indoors but anywhere outside was super fast. Sprint is just hit or miss everywhere right now. My best experience has been on Verizon, where I’ve come to find that their LTE in Orlando has greatly improved because I have yet to drop a VoLTE call.

  • Damian

    holly shit $180 a month. Don’t you think it is extreme?
    I felt bad i spend $35 for Wind, which offers unlimited but slow data. Not anymore.

  • flash713

    I am from Houston Tx and have lived in San Antonio since July 2014. This experience that you write about us exactly the experience I had with T-Mobile and I was with Sprint July 2014 came to SATX and decided to give Tmo I shot and it was so bad I returned my flagship device in just 4 days and went back to Sprint. I believe its all about where you live. For me and my experience tmibike is the worst phone service ever made here in Texas with dropped calls and not true LTE speeds. I never get dripped calls in Houston or SATX with sprint while my data speeds are under what they should. be at times they are far better than T-Mobile. I plan on trying at&t out soon as my contract is up in 8 mo. My gf has at&t and I look very forward to switching and being able to get all the cool gsm phones like the One Plus.. And I know at&t has great speeds on their network. For now Sprint will have to do as I have a FAM plan but I’ll def be switching soon as its up. 🙂

  • ViTo

    My experience was the complete opposite. I own my own business, and we decided to purchase AT&T service. It was awful! we were regularly getting speeds of .29 mbps – but paying a pretty penny, of course. We switched to Sprint and we get speeds of up to 20mbps, and we’re paying less than half the price. I will never go back to AT&T, their service is awful, and they’re very dishonest.

  • Laron Casey

    I will say just about everything you have said is a lie. I used sprint since 1995 and yes there service was bad back then. I now have att and sprint and can say they are on par in most every place I go. On top of that there store service people work with you if you are a sprint customer. I moved two phone from sprint only because they do not give you options of phones such as windows phones. I have tested my phones in new York , new jersey and pa I have found the service to be very good. So again the only problem I see with sprint is there lack of os they are hell bent on android and iPhone. Soon as I saw you say they gave you the phone back when you said it was cracked and that is still under warranty made no since at all. I don’t work for sprint or like any of these greedy wireless carriers but its not good to lie about them. Sprints customer service is amazing and call quality is very good also. I will say again they dont give the customer a choice of what phone they want.

    • I have no motivation to lie about Sprint. I shared my experience with them. They sucked.

  • Morgan Freeman

    It just depends on where you are at. As I have said numerous times before, if there is a good Sprint signal where you are, then go for it. If not or if you have no idea, don’t bash them.. that’s ignorant.

  • Ry Hill

    sprint sucks hands down

  • Sprint, despite all their claims, is still not as good as AT&T or Verizon, or even T-Mobile for that matter. It’s probably why Sprint seems to have the most churn of customers while T-Mobile has climbed to #3 on the amount of customers on carriers. Some of my IT clients have been on Sprint and after I recommended T-Mobile, they have never been happier. Sprint’s still got a long way to go before their network is really good.

  • Robert Fagnant

    There is a reason why sprint stock is so cheap. Customer service at the Sprint store in North Providence, RI, is a joke! They treat customers like jerks and they can barely speak English, the bottom of the barrel employees that barely graduated from High School!

    They loss all my pictures and data because their network destroyed it all or they did in the store restarting the phone from scratch without regard of my data.

    They lie and joke around because working at Sprint, to them, it is just one big joke. They know network is terrible but it’s just a job for them. The technicians at this one store know nothing.

    I went to Verizon’s and never looked back… real happy with the speed and service.

  • Joseph Rich

    The 15mb was at my work, every other one is in my home. Gotta love watching Youtube videos in 144p and still get the loading spin every 10secs or so.

  • KR

    Ah Sprint. You are pathetic. The lease on my iPhone 6 ended 3/19/16. There was a “Purchase Option at End of Lease Term” in the amount of $360. I paid my final lease payment and did not exercise that purchase option and entered the extended lease period. My intention was to pay the month-to month amount during the “Extended Lease Period” until a new phone that I wanted was introduced. This monthly amount was quoted in a notice that was sent out about 60 days prior to my lease ending. Once you are in the “Extended Lease Period”, you may purchase you phone at fair market value as stated on Sprint’s website. My lease clearly stated this and the website began popping up this offer when I would log in. The amount was $200. I contacted Sprint customer service to verify the offer. It was confirmed and I was directed to a store. I arrived at the store and was directed to customer service. Finally, the sales person took my money and said we were done. At home, I checked my account and had an outstanding balance of $175. I had been billed as if I had exercised the Purchase Option at End of Lease Term. I will forego the gritty details, but it got nasty. However, I do advise, if you are in the right, know that Sprint will bully, but will back down when cornered properly with facts. My lease was clear and I had no intention of backing down. When someone said “no” to anything, I hung up, called back, and started over with a new poor soul. It took hours, but in the end, I received a $175 credit, I own my phone, and I have an incredibly cheap unlimited everything plan. Well, until they decide to increase the price. Remember, with Sprint, don’t ask. Demand.

  • SneakySkin

    I got buyers remorse with the galaxy 6edge on tmo. After a few months the 7edge dropped and I was drooling. I fell for the sprint promo as a $40/Mo saving while getting the new hotness i craved. Well, the phone is phenomenal on wifi, but nearly unusable many times a day as I travel up and down the I4 corridor. Now I just got cleared on my gift cards to cover the severance from tmo, and I can’t wait to go back… Smdh. Live and learn. Sprint should just go out of biz. They are the worst factually and are false advertisers.

  • Bill Nobles

    Downtown Boston.

  • ray,r

    I have to agree – if anyone is thinking about switching – just don’t do it. Its not worth it. If you been with your carrier long enough, Tell them they will give you what you want. Its a pain to switch.

  • Lex Luthor

    Sprint is by far the worst wireless company. They are right up there with Comcast. For all of its short comings, Comcast tends to work. Sprint does not. Absolutely terrible below 3rd world standards network/customer service!

  • Ashley Walden

    Neilsen’s marketing research is all bull shit . I worked for a company that Neilsen was a client of and I can guarantee you that most of their “studies” and “surveys” and “research” is mostly lies and bull shit . Made up by the poorly paid recruiters in a shit mall just trying to meet quota so they don’t get fired.

  • BJ

    Busted isn’t a word, btw. Anywho, I used Sprint for years, TMobile for years, and I’ve used AT&T and Verizon both for long stretches before my wallet got tired (usually cancelled after the half year mark, luckily i’ve been using unlocked phones so i am not bound to contracts, except for VZW which I gladly paid $300 to get away from after spending $150 a month on overpriced fluff service) and I did a little test of my own in 2015 while I was still in the US (I’m now working abroad and loving it). I switched from Tmobile to Sprint just so I could try an iPhone out. What you are reporting about the speeds I found true. Sprint’s network was slow, even in areas where they have the touted Spark service, it doesn’t always lock onto the higher speeds, and likewise Sprint seemingly has a harder time penetrating buildings and getting signal where you typically use it most. That’s absolutely true. Where I have a difference of opinion is that I’ve had some terrifically horrible customer service with AT&T in the past. I mean atrocious to the point of calling the service line repeatedly for weeks and escalating it and reaching contacts that are ‘high up’ in the company with absolutely horrible results. I find all four providers, VZW, TMo, AT&T, and Sprint have customer service roughly the same: its all about if the person you reach actually wants to help you or not, and their willingness to go above and beyond or be idiots. I wouldn’t place AT&T anywhere on a list of good when it comes to service calls, but that doesn’t defend Sprint’s craptastic record either. Meh, I do think Sprint offers a competitive service for its price. If you want cheap, it is far cheaper than VZW or AT&T, but Sprint’s problem isn’t really AT&T or VZW, it is TMobile. Sprint doesn’t offer enough of a competitive advantage over TMobile’s prices to make its network attractive. The only thing Sprint competes on is a rock bottom price, so you have to pick and choose the network in your area. TMobile has a better network if you are in their footprint, but Sprint still has a larger network overall than TMo… But the data quality just sucks in so many areas. You have to pick your poison. If you want cheap prices, just stay away from AT&T and VZW, but test it out and see if Sprint or TMo have a network accessible where you live and play and work. Then choose accordingly. Even TMobile’s marketing fluff touting itself as the new saviour of the industry is largely bullshit. They just decided to offer some competitive plans and actually speed up their existing network. TMo still doesn’t cover half the spots AT&T does. So… again, pick wisely based on your local needs and local coverage.

    • JG

      Unfortunately, the statement that sprint has a larger network than T-Mobile is very incorrect. T-Mobile’s network is a lot larger than sprint’s. If You actually look at sprint’s coverage map without roaming you will see that it pretty much only covers major highways and cities. They pretty much roam everywhere else.

      • RonCouturier

        Hate to disagree but I’ve had both and Sprint for me had a lot more coverage areas than T-Mobile!

  • snake11minfuel

    9:41 for all tests, according to the stamp on the top of the phone…but the other times don’t match up at all.

    Why is that?

    • I used an app called “LongScreen” to clean up the Status Bar. It does that.

  • Cody

    You didn’t notice your AT&T speed test was using an AT&T server? That’s not exactly scientific. You’re using different servers in those screenshots for testing! They just aren’t different servers but you’re using a different location as well. This has nothing to do with being on Sprint or AT&T. You can select the server you test with in that app.

  • Matt

    I have freedompop which rides on the sprint network. I live by a midsize metro area and my phone hits 4glte sometimes but a lot of times on 3g, and a lot of dead spots in the area. My att phone rarely has dead spots. 10 miles east and for at least the next 175 miles, the sprint phone has no service. Speed isnt an issue, just that i have service. Checking email and websites uses little data, as long as i have signal, they load fast. If i was paying for sprint, i would have dropped it long ago, but as a free spare phone, i can live with the flaws

  • chris722

    THIS. All of the above. I was on a MVNO (TextNow) and Sprint’s service is absolutely abysmal. Particularly in Florida where the author shows test results. Ironic that I was in Orlando on a vacation, and I was also on a vacation from Sprint’s network, which isn’t a good thing.

  • Jeff Griffith

    This is exactly my current dilemma aside from the fact I’m using my own previously bought sim free iPhone 7+ from when I was on At&t a few weeks ago.

  • Michael Nunley

    I’ve been with At&T since before cell phones existed. People ask me why I pay more for service and this is why. I’ve never had any problems that weren’t solved in a quick and timely matter. Any questions were answered by the person I ask without having to call another person to find out. Always had no problem with equipment and when I upgrade it’s fast and painless. I just switched to unlimited everything and I get very good service. Sometimes a video will freeze but only for a very brief time. I live in a tourist area and still get good service both calls and data. As a long term customer I’m offered huge discounts when I buy a phone or iPad also. I recommend At&T to anyone who needs reliable service. This goes for everywhere. I was a truck driver for 20 years and my service was very acceptable anywhere in the us. It may cost more but you get what you pay for nowadays.

  • Robert Stross

    I got tired of being raped by AT&T and decided to switch to Sprint. What a mistake! Sprint has less coverage and the data rate is so slow. I just ran Speedtest and it said my download speed was 0.15 mbps. Not a typo – 0.15 Mbps. I travel the country for a living – going to large cities. This has been my experience. I also now have dropped calls and calls where only one party can hear. The call quality isn’t as good either (article is correct). J am outside of the grace period sadly. I’m in Tucson right now and my phone barely works at all. Pathetic!

  • urrl

    Very odd to do your speed tests in two very different locations and yet compare them.

  • Daniel Here’s my speed test don’t laugh since I have to deal with guys till next year

  • Molly Sullivan

    sprint is terrible. They credited the 650 to my SPRINT account which is totally unnecessary and now i have to come up with 650 dollars on the spot to pay off my ATT bill. Totally mislead. I am a college student so need not say this is money that is difficult to come up with. Really want to switch back to ATT and have good service again.