Live Photos on iPhone 6s Steph Curry

Apple has posted a brand new ad to its YouTube channel to bring attention to the iPhone 6s’ Live Photos feature. The 15 second spot, entitled Half Court, features NBA star Stephen Curry of the World Champion Golden State Warriors.

In the ad, Curry takes a difficult to make half court shot and immediately turns to look at the camera before he sees if the shot is successful. Right after the shot, the cameraman takes a photo using his iPhone 6s.

The spot then cuts to the cameraman, the just-taken shot on his iPhone, using 3D Touch to review the Live Photo. Given Curry’s “in the gym” range when it comes to shooting, you can probably guess what happens next…

As the cameraman reviews the shot, we see a Live Photo playback of Curry taking the shot, the shot going in, and Curry glancing at the camera with confidence. The ad does a good job of showcasing what makes Live Photos so fun. It’s a still shot that can immediately come alive with just the press of a finger.

Apple has been aggressive with its advertising campaign as of late, and has also kept its YouTube channel updated with plenty of new ads, how tos, and informational segments. In fact, it was just yesterday when Apple posted three new iPhone 6s ad spots to its YouTube channel.

What do you think about the Live Photos ad? Do you think it does a good job of helping the public appreciate what Live Photos can do?

  • M_Hawke

    Yah, I’d say it does.

  • nyangejr

    In the previous camera ad apple posted, i thought this was a Slow-Mo video

  • Michael Sweeney

    It’s a gif reinvented.

    • Rahul312

      Live Photo is more of a Gimmick feature.

      • Francisco farias

        How and why? I see Live Photos as a fun feature.

      • Rahul312

        As michael said its a gif reinvented technically we had it for now over a decade and no one used to talk about it, apple polishes it and names it LIVE PHOTO and all of a sudden people talks about it everywhere without realizing that we had it over a decade but didn’t care. Thats just my thought, I personally won’t be using LIVE PHOTOS much.

      • arsenal6

        I think the fact is you could never make gifs on the fly… people are forgetting how hard it is

  • diggitydang

    This ad isn’t bad, but it’s WAY better than the crappy ones on the green-screen-like backgrounds they’ve been using. I have the 6s now and the Live Photos aren’t anything to be truly desired. It’s not as useful as the burst mode, and the two can’t be used together. I’d also like it alot better if I could somehow pause a frame within the Live Photo to save that shot as a photo, but that pretty much becomes like Burst Mode, I guess… hahaha…

    Another gripe (going back a few generations) is that slow mo is always at a lower picture quality. I hate that I have to choose between feature and quality.

    End rant… I still love Apple though! hahaha…

  • Joonyaboy

    Took an awesome photo of my son laughing and my wife said “how’d you make him laugh that hard”. 3D Touch revealed the method. It was pretty neat. The story behind the photo

  • Jayy

    I personally keep my live photos turned off, what would make me turn in on is pictures with loved ones/ friends