FCP X 10.2

During its normal Thursday update, Apple issued a new version of Final Cut Pro X. Version 10.2.2 is primarily a bug fix update, but it does usher in a few new features.

Users of Final Cut Pro X will benefit from the addition of new camera support, new export options, and improved compatibility with third-party asset management apps. As you might expert, it’s recommended that all Final Cut Pro X users update to this latest version at your earliest convenience. 

Here is the full change log for version 10.2.2 of FCP X

  • Native support for Sony XAVC-L and Panasonic AVC-Intra 4:4:4 up to 4K resolution
  • Import Canon XF-AVC 8-bit video files with Canon plug-in
  • Export interlaced H.264 video
  • Asset management systems can include a library backup file when sharing from Final Cut Pro
  • Fixes render errors that could occur when using reflective materials with 3D text
  • Improves stability when swapping materials on 3D text with published parameters
  • Improves performance when loading text styles
  • Motion Title templates with published text layout parameters now export correctly
  • Fixes an issue that could cause 3D text to appear dark when rendered
  • Addresses issues with timing on certain animated effects

I personally use Final Cut Pro X on an almost daily basis, and can highly recommend the app. I’ve tried several times to switch to Adobe Premiere, but, at least on a moderate machine like my MacBook Pro with Retina display, I find that Final Cut Pro X is more stable, smoother, and just overall better optimized for Apple’s machine.

Of course, there’s also the matter of learning curve, and while it could be argued that Adobe Premiere is more of a pro level app at this point, Apple has begun to build out the feature set in Final Cut Pro X incrementally. Since the initial version 10.0 release, which was met with mixed reactions due to the absence of several pro-level features like multicam editing, Apple’s added that back along with many more features.

In fact, we did a video overview of the 10.2 release, which brought several significant new additions to the table.

iMovie is great, but Final Cut Pro X is the obvious next step if you’re serious about editing videos on your Mac. I love this app, and frankly, I can’t recommend it enough.

Do you edit videos? If so, what app do you use?

  • Rob Matthews

    FCP X 10.2 is seriously a bummer, Color correcting took a big step back. I can no longer paste color balance between clips, which is a HUGE problem for my workflow, and there are no work arounds that I can find. The project library redesign is also horrible. Apple is slowly killing FCP X and it sucks to watch.

    • VertexWolf

      Must be new to video editing.
      Get Hawaiki Auto Match or Auto Grade. And if you want a pro level color tool, get Color Finale, which is what big boys use.


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